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This is where I put my My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfiction series.
Also other artsy-fartsy stuff on here as well.


Station Square Patrollers Poster by BigDream64
Station Square Patrollers Poster
Remember when I told you peoples that I am in progress of making my own Sonic Fan Fiction series? Well here it is. I mostly got inspiration from Charlie's Angels, Bat Man: The Animated Series, and Mighty Switch Force. The story/episodes are still in post-production and will probably be available to be seen soon enough even though most of it has been pretty much planned out.

Hope to see big things with this new idea!

Sonic Characters are owned by Sega and Sonic Team.

Sonic the Hedgehog has always been the hero around Station Square. Amy Rose and her friends are getting tired of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles holding them down just because their girls. Cream stumbles upon a flyer hiring anyone willing to join the Station Square Patrollers which Amy thinks is a fraud. Until they find a hidden lab right under the city. The SSP is led by a mysterious young kind woman named Lilian and now she shall train Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit and Rouge the Bat to become a patroller, put criminals in their place, and show what girls can really do.
Justice shall be served!

A beautiful typical morning in Ponyville. Rarity was just about done sewing together a dress for a client.

Rarity: Perfect! Absolutely perfect! It’s a good thing I was able to manage my time carefully! Now I must make the perfect dress for Twilight’s birthday! (She starts sketching on her sketchpad.)

Out from her open window… a pink bubble floats in and pops near Rarity’s ear emitting a sound.

Sound: Yoo-hoo!

Rarity: ??? (Looks around) … Hm. (Continues drawing.)

Another bubble floats in and pops near Rarity’s ear.

Sound: Hellow!

Rarity: !!!! Is it just me or am I hearing things? (Another bubble floats around and pops.)

Sound: AY!!!!!!!

Rarity: AAAUGH!!! Who’s there??! Show yourself! (Quickly puts on her sewing glasses) You wouldn’t hurt a lady with glasses, would you?? (Another bubble floats in… This time with a piece of paper.)

It pops as it slowly floats down to Rarity.

Rarity: Huh. Obviously must be the new way of sending messages. Children these days. (She picks up the paper with her magic and reads aloud) “Hi, Rarity. How long has it been since we last talked? I’ve recently made some new friends and wish to bring them to your town. Love Stella.” !!! Omigosh it’s from Stella! I haven’t seen her in quite a while! … But why is her writing so… (It turns out… the writing was barely readable) … SLOPPY? … (Looks on the bottom of the paper) “PS. This is my first time writing in your language so I’m… (Tilts her head right to see the words going down.) sorry…” Fair enough. (She neatly folds the paper)

Rarity: Stella’s bringing her new friends! How exciting! But wait… What if they take too much of my time?? I hafta make Twilight’s dress for her birthday or else I’m DOOMED to repeat the mistake of what happened LAST TIME! ... And yet… it went so well for some reason. … No matter! I’m pretty sure they won’t be TOO much of a distraction! (Another bubble floats in. When it popped once more, it emitted one more sound. It was Stella’s voice)

Stella’s voice: Thank yew!

Rarity: !?!?!?!?

Chapter 1:

Near the center of Ponyville as the citizens were just as busy as every day, Rarity was pacing around in a circle.

Rarity: Oh… Where ARE they? I despise those being late, ESPECIALLY my friends! Even working on Twilight’s surprise is taking longer than they are.

Twilight’s voice: What surprise are you talking about?

Rarity: (She noticed Twilight and Spike were right near her!) AAUGH, TWILIGHT!! I mean, uh… TWILIGHT! How funny seeing YOU here!

Twilight: Rarity, how long have you been out here pacing?

Rarity: Pacing? Me? How did you know I was doing such a thing?

Spike: (Points to the ground) THAT pretty much proves it. (Rarity notices that her pacing made a huge rut in the ground.)

Rarity: … Oh right… (Steps out of it) I’m terribly sorry. I’m just waiting for a friend of mine to come by.

Twilight: So who it is, Serena?

Rarity: No.

Spike: What about DM?

Rarity: She’s in one of Mr. Ansem’s meetings. She IS the dragon master after all. But she did say that she would come back soon.

Twilight: Then who is it?

???: Hai!

At first, the group seemed confused on who made that sound… But when they looked down, they saw something blue. It appeared to be a little blue bird.

Twilight: Aww… How did you get here, little fella? (All of a sudden, Fluttershy flies in out of nowhere!)

Fluttershy: (Sniffs) My cuteness radar is going BONKERS! (Spike: Cuteness radar?) (She looks down at the blue bird) !!! It’s YOU! (She kneels down to his height) Oh you’re just so ADORABLE!!!! Where did YOU come from little birdy wirdy? (However, the blue bird gets scared, he scurries off and hides behind Rarity!)

Rarity: Fluttershy, you MUST calm down! Can’t you see this little boy’s only a baby?

Bird: !!! NAO!!!

Twilight: … Looks like he’s in a state of denial. Thinks he’s a big boy, isn’t he?

Fluttershy: Oh it’s ok, little blue… (She nuzzles him) You’re just a little baby boy! It’s nothing to be so angry about!

But the blue bird grew so angry he shrieked so loud the ponies’ manes spewed up!!! Fluttershy collapses on the ground!!

Rarity: Fluttershy!! (Fluttershy gets up) Fluttershy, are you ok??

Fluttershy: (Comes to… but couldn’t hear because of the bird’s screech!) … WHAT?

Rarity: … I said are you OK??

Fluttershy: There’s a new sale TODAY?

Rarity: NO! I said are you OK!?!?!

Fluttershy: Buy some vegetables right AWAY? … OK! I CAN DO THAT! BYE! (She flies off)

Twilight: (Brushes her mane back to normal) Wow… That little tyke sure can scream… (Bird: HMPH!)

Rarity: (Brushes her mane back to normal) I’m TERRIBLY sorry for that, Twilight. I’m just trying to wait for Stella to come back and bring… new friends.

Twilight: Oh, Stella? You mean that pink bird with no wings and no talons? (Rarity: That’s the only one!) … Maybe she has something to do with the baby- I MEAN UH… the tough boy here! (Bird: (Laughs))

Something pink flashes by!

Spike: Whoa! What was that??

Some pink flash was bouncing off of walls, darting off trees, and bounces off a cloud which flings off RainbowDash!

RainbowDash: WHOA!!!

This figure landed on the ground near the group… Out from the dust… it was Stella!

Stella: Hah ha! (She hops up to Rarity!)

Rarity: Stella! (She hugs her) Oh you finally came! It’s so great to see you again! By the way, is THIS little boy one of your friends?

Stella: !!! (She was pretty mad at the blue bird.) (He hops to her but she scolds at him. It looked like he was about to cry…)

Twilight: Makes me think he wandered a bit too far from her.

Rarity: Oh don’t be mad at him, Stella. I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean to wander off. He’s only very young! (Bird: NAO!!) Don’t talk to your elder’s like that! Just give him a chance, he’s probably just happy to see new friends.

Stella: … (Laughs and whistles loudly)

Just like that, something teleported near Spike. (Spike: WHOA!!!)

It was another of Stella’s friends. This one looked more like a brown owl as she was happy to see them. Another one whirled in like a tornado, landing near the group. This one was yellow and was crazy to see them!

Another one was coming… except it looked like a little hat… slowly crawling on the ground.

Stella: … UGH… (She hops up to it and moves the hat to reveal another blue bird. This one seemed to be very shy…)

Twilight: Looks like the gang’s all here.

Rarity: And just in time! I may need assistance from them.

Spike: What kinda assistance are we talking about?

Rarity: Oh it’s uh… it’s… It’s a SURPRISE for somepony! Telling you would RUIN the surprise!

Prairie Dawn: (Walking by) Hi, Princess Twilight! Happy Birthday! (Scurries off)

Rarity: !?!?!? Prairie Dawn, you’re such a BLABBER MOUTH!

Twilight: !! Oh that’s RIGHT! Today’s my birthday! I’ve been so caught up trying to finish my royal duties I completely forgot!

Rarity: Oh… Well… Surprise! (Giggles. The birds giggle with her too.)

Twilight: By the way, Rarity… You said you have a surprise for me, right?

Rarity: I’m terribly sorry, Twilight, but I cannot show it to you because… I’m not FINISHED with it! Yes, that’s it! I’m not finished! … YET!

Twilight: … Um… Alright then… Why don’t you… take your time on it? I have to make sure I’m up-to-date on my work back at the castle. I’ll see you around, Rarity! (She and Spike leave)

Rarity: Goodbye! … … Oh that was a close one. (Turns to Stella and her friends) If she were to find out what I was making, it would ruin the surprise! … No matter, I can finish it on my own. Why don’t you have Stella give you the tour while I work on Twilight’s masterpiece!

Stella and her friends were conversing with each other, and they turned to Rarity, all excited!

Rarity: Alright then! Have a great time! Who knows? Maybe you can make presents to give Twilight for her birthday! (She leaves while Stella and her friends hop off, excited)

Meanwhile, nearby the road to Ponyville… Those bad pigs were carrying a dark palanquin on their backs. They stop to catch their breath, sweating.

???: (Exclaims loudly)

The pigs stood still. The curtains flew open to reveal another bird with a violet color, wearing an attractive crown. She hops down on a couple of pigs as she touches the ground. She seemed a bit confused about this new place she was in. She saw a couple of fillies playing around as they run off. She asks the pigs what area they’re in.

The pigs were a little confused as they didn’t know how to explain, but they got an idea and dragged her off into the forest. They quickly swopped her onto a wooden desk and a piggy with a graduation cap was about to tell her about this world they’re in. This bird didn’t seem to care, but had to.

The piggy started drawing on some paper taped to a blackboard. It looked like a crude drawing of Twilight and her friends.

Pig: (Points to them) BLEEEH!!!

Bird: … (Raises an eyebrow)

The pig then draws a crude picture of the piggies getting beat up by Twilight and her friends. The bird seemed quite surprised and concerned. As he continues drawing more, the bird hears something.

Filly’s voice: Come on, Princess Twilight! Just one more trick, please! (The bird hops off to figure out where that sound was coming from.)

The pig just finished a crude drawing of DM and one in her dragon form… But he notices that the bird was gone. The evil bird peeked from the bushes and saw Twilight talking to some children.

Twilight: I’m sorry, kids. I know you all like my magic, but I’m really busy with an errand I hafta finish. You all know I don’t like showing off. (Stella and her friends were with the children as well.)

Bird: (She recognizes Stella and her friends.) !!!!!! (She growls, but turns her attention back to Twilight.)

Foal: Come on, Princess Twilight! Just ONE magic trick??

The kids: PLEASE?? (Stella and the others were excited!)

Twilight: … Well… Ok. But only ONE magic trick. (Her horn starts glowing as Stella and her friends started floating around! Twilight started magic juggling the birds around! She then made them disappear! The kids gasp!)

Filly: ??? Where’d they go???

???: Yoo-hoo!

They look up to see Stella and her friends posing gracefully on a cloud!

Filly: That was amazing!

Foal: Hooray for Princess Twilight! (All the other kids cheered)

Twilight felt a little embarrassed, but felt happy she was entertaining the children. The evil bird looked confused about Twilight. The pig who drew DM was trying to get the bird’s attention; however, she ignored him and looked at Twilight again. She was then floating Stella and her friends around like astronauts with the baby bird wearing an astronaut helmet!

The evil bird thought of something… Watching Twilight’s magic… She then took out a scepter, smacking the pig by accident. She grins evilly as she gets a nasty, naughty idea…

Back in Rarity’s house, Rarity was frantically trying to put together Twilight’s birthday dress, but to no avail…

Rarity: This is just NOT working! How am I going to top Twilight’s present LAST YEAR with something so extraordinary?? Oh this stress is just too much for me! … NO! I must not hold back! I will make WONDERS on this dress even if it KILLS me!

RainbowDash, Thor, and all the others (Except Twilight) walk in.

RainbowDash: Hey, Rarity! What’cha workin’ on!

Rarity: It’s nothing! I’m VERY busy at the moment! Go away and come back tomorrow!

PinkiePie: But we wanna know what you’re working on NOW!

Applejack: It would be nice for us to help you with what you’re working on.

Rarity: Absolutely not! This one I can handle all myself!

RainbowDash: (Takes the picture Rarity sketched) Whoa… Don’t you think this seems a little… … MUCH?

Rarity: (Snatches it) Don’t underestimate me, RainbowDash! This may seem hard, but I’ll get to it! (She tries sewing something, but misses a stitch) DOH…

Fluttershy: Uh… Rarity, we know you wanna make this gift for Twilight from the generosity of your heart, but I think it would be very helpful if WE could help you out. After all, strength’s in numbers, right?

Rarity: … I’ll need time to think about it. I hafta focus now.

RainbowDash: Well, tough beans. We’re gonna give the birthday girl some attention today. She’d be BUMMED if you didn’t show up and introduce us to those new birds. (They leave)

Rarity: … (Sighs…) I guess I was working a bit too hard… Maybe just a short intro and BACK to work! (She leaves)

Chapter 2:

Near Twilight’s castle, Twilight’s friends were being introduced to Stella’s new friends.

Rarity: Alright, let’s go over roll call. We all basically know Stella. (Stella: (Laughs)) And these are her new friends. The brown one is Dahlia. (Dahlia: (Hoots)) This one is Poppy. (Poppy: (Spazzes happily)) The hat one is Willow. (Willow hides under her hat but peeks out.) And the baby-! (Bird: NAO!!)

Rarity: … (Sighs…) I mean the BIG BOY… is Lucca. (Lucca laughs)

Applejack: Well they sure are bundles of joy, aren’t they?

Rarity: Oh they ARE! They certainly are!

Spike: Wait, how is it that you got their names if you don’t understand them?

Rarity: What?

Twilight: Well I’m glad you brought some new friends to have around, Rarity. The more the merrier! (Stella was trying to get Rarity’s attention.)

Rarity: ??? Oh that’s right! While Stella was giving them a tour of Ponyville, they took the time to make some gifts for the birthday pony!

Twilight: Oh, Rarity, they didn’t have to.

Rarity: Oh but they WANTED to! Lucca, you want to go first?

Lucca gave Twilight what looked like a blue blanket.

Twilight: … It’s a… blanket.

Rarity: It USED to be a blanket, but now it’s been made into a scarf! See? (She wraps it around Twilight’s neck.)

Twilight: Oh, I see! It’s soft and warm! Thank you, Lucca! (Lucca giggles)

Stella gave Twilight a tiara with some pink feathers.

Twilight: Oh this is so pretty! How’d you get the feathers? (Stella’s back was bare from the feathers she plucked from herself…)

Willow nervously goes up to Twilight and uncovers an easel she pushed in. She then starts painting a masterpiece of Twilight and her friends! They were so amazed!

Fluttershy: Oh Willow this is beautiful! (Willow covers herself with her hat…) … Oh… It looks like I’m not the only shy one here! (Willow peeks out and laughs)

Dahlia pushes in a pot with a tiny plant.

Applejack: Huh. A tiny sprout. How nice.

Dahlia: Mm-mm. (She dons some goggles and takes out a small dropper. She then drops one drop of liquid onto the plant…)

Thor: I got a bad feeling about this…

Just like that, the plant started growing so fast and so high up into the sky! Some pegasi ponies resting on clouds got caught by the plant as it grew thousands of feet high in the air!!! The pegasi were screaming for help! Stella scolds at Dahlia while she groans disappointed.

RainbowDash: Looks like even THEY have an egghead in the group! (laughs) (Twilight stares at Rainbow.) Uh… no offense. (Poppy was bouncing up and down, anxious to share her gift!)

PinkiePie: (Bouncing up and down with Poppy) It’s Poppy’s turn! It’s Poppy’s turn! What’cha got for the birthday girl, Poppy?? What’cha got???

The birds quickly set up what looked like… a band! Stella and Lucca had electric guitars, Dahlia had the bass, Willow had the tambourine and Poppy was on the drums!

Rarity: How lovely! Poppy must’ve put together a music number for Twilight!

RainbowDash: Oh really? What’s it gonna be, sunshine and lollipops?

Poppy: ?!?!!?!?! (She gets determined as her friends start playing a loud rock and roll theme!)

Twilight and her friends were so amazed!

Spike: I hafta say, Poppy’s got good taste in music!!

While they were rocking out, the evil bird and the pigs were spying on them.

Bird: … (Squawks at one pig while he takes notes) … … (She turns back to the piggies… Only to find them rocking out in tune with the music. However, she glares at them to stop… The same pig with the drawing of DM failed to get her attention…)

Stella started rocking out like a superstar! And then, as the song came to an end, she smashed to the guitar on the ground!!

Stela: AW YEAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Panting hard)

Twilight and her friends… cheered!

RainbowDash: That… was… amazing!

Richard: Who knew that birds can rock out??

PinkiePie: That was so AMAZEPENDOUS!!!

Fluttershy: What’s “amazependous”?

PinkiePie: It’s a combination of “amazing” and “stupendous”!

Twilight: Well, that was wonderful. And thanks for making me smile today. (Stella takes out an album and a camera.) … What’s going on here?

Richard: Looks like they wanna take some photos.

Rarity: If that’s the case, everypony get ready! It’s time for some selfies!!!

Twilight, Stella, and her friends had a blast taking pictures of each other! Twilight, Richard and Dahlia all had big glasses, Fluttershy and Willow were TRYING to look at the camera, PinkiePie, Applejack, Thor, and Poppy were drumming on some pots and pans, Rarity, and Stella were FASHION DIVAS, and Spike and Lucca were… dressed as babies. They didn’t like that… Rainbow was laughing at them. Stella puts the last picture in her album and was pleased.

Twilight: That was wonderful, Stella. Thank you for a really happy time! That actually helped me feel better about the important errands I have to do.

PinkiePie: Oh yeah, you never told us! What IS your errand anyway?

Twilight: Oh just writing a five to six page essay about the history of Starswirl the Bearded. !!! I didn’t even finish the ROUGH DRAFT!!!! I gotta go! I wasted too much time! (She runs back into her castle) Thanks anyway!!

Twilight’s friends were stumped, but they understood.

Rarity: (Looking through Stella’s album of photos showing her and her friends.) My, you have quite the library of your and your friends in different styles! It’s enough to make me jealous!

Rarity flips through some of the pages until… She notices Stella with a different bird.

Rarity: ??? Stella, who’s this? (Stella looks at the photo… But seemed a bit saddened by it.) … Is this one of your other friends? (Stella nods sadly.) (Rarity sees the bird’s name under the picture.) ??? “Gale”… What a pretty name. I wonder where she is now? (Stella sighs…)

Meanwhile, in Twilight’s castle… Gale, Stella’s betrayed friend leads some of the pigs into the castle. The one who drew DM STILL tried to get her attention. Gale and the pigs roamed around the castle until they heard Twilight’s voice through a door.

Twilight’s voice: Finally! I got the rough draft done, now onto the final draft! Princess Celestia will be so amazed!

Gale: ??? (She smiles evilly. She then knocks on her door.)

Twilight: ??? Who could that be? (She walks over to the door, opens it… and is greeted by Gale.)

Gale: (Exclaims “innocently”)

Twilight: … Oh… hi! Haven’t seen you before. Are you friends with the pink bird named Stella?

Gale: !!! (That name fazed her for a minute… But… she exclaimed something.)

Twilight: ??? (Out of nowhere, one of the pigs came behind Twilight and knocked her unconscious with a frying pan! Gale laughs evilly…)

Later, at Rarity’s boutique…

Rarity was still struggling with Twilight’s new dress…

Rarity: I can’t believe that I Rarity of Ponyville invented something that… that… THAT I CAN’T EVEN BRING TO LIFE!!! … Maybe… Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to ask for… SOME help… !!! NO! This is from me! I can do this all by myself! I don’t need anypony to help me with something I can’t achieve because I KNOW I can achieve it! … And now I’m starting to sound like Applejack which is scaring me…

Her door opens as Richard walks in.

Rarity: !! Oh, Richard! I thought you were Twilight!

Richard: Yeah… About that. Have you seen Twilight around here?

Rarity: Isn’t she supposed to be in the castle?

Richard: Well when I came back to the place, she wasn’t there.

Rarity: That’s odd. Maybe she’s still around Ponyville. You look on the west side and I’ll look on the east. Perhaps she’s at Sugarcube Corner.

Later, at Sugarcube Corner…

Rarity: (Walks in through the front door) PinkiePie, dear! (She walks up to Pinkie, stirring some cake mix)

PinkiePie: Hiya, Rarity! Does Twilight like strawberry or… vanilla cake? I can’t decide which one she likes best!

Rarity: I was just gonna ask if she was here.

PinkiePie: … Nope! I was busy introducing Lucca to the Cake Twins. They’re having a blast!

They see Lucca setting up a tower of blocks for the cake twins. However, one block hits him on the head and he starts bawling. And for no reason, the Cake twins start crying too.

Rarity: … I see you got your hooves tied up for the moment.

PinkiePie: Really?? How’d ya know?? (Her hooves were LITERALLY tied up)

Rarity: I’ll just be on our way. (She leaves.)

Somewhere else outside of Ponyville, Twilight comes to…

Twilight: (Groans…) What… What happened? (She finds herself in a wooden cage.) Huh?? Hey, what gives?? (She sees a green piggy mocking her.) !! Of COURSE. It’s THEM again. I assume King Pig’s at it again?

Then, all of a sudden, flashy lights fill the area as Gale makes her grand appearance to Twilight! Her name appears in lights! … One of the lights burns out.

Gale: !?!?!?! (One pig fixes it quickly as it returns to normal)

Twilight: Gale? You’re the bird I met at my castle! How is it that these pigs listen to YOU? (Gale smiles smugly as her crown shines.)

Gale: Hah hah… (She shoves back the pig still trying to show her that DM picture) (She instructs a pig who looks like Einstein to unravel a huge machine.)

Twilight: What the hay? Is this gonna be one of those inventions that usually bugs out? What do you plan on doing to me? What do you want from me anyway?

Gale: (Chuckles)

The pigs take out a hose with a nozzle from the machine and stuff it onto Twilight’s horn!

Twilight: Hey!

The pigs activate the machine and it started working like a wonder! Little by little, Twilight felt something inside her being pulled out!

Twilight: What-! … What’s going on?? (Gale laughs evilly) Are… Are you draining my magic??? Wow, I can’t believe this invention actually works. (She tries to break loose but it was stuck onto her horn!) AAUGH!!! I can’t get it off! It’s glued to my… my… horn… OH… (She starts feeling weak…) Oh man… I don’t… I don’t feel so good… (She kneels down, trying to keep her composure)

Meanwhile, Rarity was still searching for Twilight.

Rarity: Twilight! Twilight, are you around here? … Hm… Where could she be? (A group of the bad pigs were hopping by unaware of Rarity’s presence!) !!!! Those naughty pigs again! Whatever they’re up to, it’s certain they’re up to no good as always!

The pigs were still hopping until… they bumped into Rarity.

Rarity: So, you have the NERVE to come BACK here, didn’t you? (The pigs: …) I don’t know WHAT you naughty swine are up to, but it must come to an END NOW! Leave now or I’ll FREEZE you in your tracks!

The pigs: … (They quickly take out a bunch of scary weapons!!)

Rarity: !!!! Don’t you think it’s a bit HARSH??? (The pigs started chasing Rarity!!) AAAAUGH!!!!!!

Rarity finally lost them and tried to catch her breath…

Rarity: Those… pigs are ALWAYS prepared for SOMETHING… Wait a minute. I cannot let myself be controlled by those swine! I’m practically BIGGER than them! I must track them down and figure out what they’re DOING. (She storms off)

Meanwhile on the outskirts of Ponyville, Rarity witnesses the pigs heading towards something. Rarity gets a closer look and notices…

Rarity: !!!! TWILIGHT!!! (Twilight’s magic from her horn was still being drained by the odd machine. She notices… Gale…) !!! Why that bird looks awfully familiar… Is that… GALE?? But… But HOW? Isn’t she and Stella FRIENDS!? … No matter! I’m NOT going to let that bird take control of my friend! (She storms in!) Alright, YOU!!!

Gale: ?!?!?

Rarity: Just who do you think you are?! And what are you doing to my friend?! (She notices Twilight still getting weaker…) !!! Are you… draining her MAGIC?? How’s that even POSSIBLE?

Gale: (She notices Rarity’s horn… and smiles smugly)

Rarity: What? What are you looking at? (Looks up at her horn…) Oh no…

Gale: (Squawks loudly!)

The pigs started to attack!! Rarity tries her best to squeeze out, but the pigs’ filth and stubbornness were getting in her way!

Rarity: Augh!! When was the last time you all BATHED?!?! Get off me this instant! (She teleports away from them and onto the wooden cage! She jumps off of it and looks at Twilight!) Twilight, wake up, it’s me, Rarity!

Twilight: Mff… Rarity?

Rarity: !!!! (The pigs still gave chase to her! They started throwing mud at her trying to slow her down!) Ugh!! Dirt, dirt, dirty dirt, and MORE dirt! (She stops for a moment and tries to use her magic, but one pig throws mud at her face, blinding her face!!) AAAUGH!! IT STINGS, IT BURNS, I CAN’T SEE!! (By the time she wiped her face, a huge horde of pigs surrounded her!) !!!!! Oh dear Celestia…

Gale was on top of a tower of pigs as she laughs evilly. Suddenly, the machine turned off and the nozzle pops out of Twilight’s horn… Twilight was still weak…

Rarity: What have you DONE to my best friend? (One of the pigs gives Gale a purple perfume bottle.) … Perfume? (The Einstein pig shows Rarity a picture of the invention using Twilight’s magic to convert it into perfume for Gale…)

Rarity: You turned her magic into PERFUME?? That’s outrageous! (Gale chuckles as she sprays a little bit on her scepter! It started glowing purple as Gale shot out powerful magic from it!) AAUGH!!

Rarity dodges the magic attacks!

Rarity: She’s using Twilight’s magic AGAINST me! (The pigs were getting closer to her as Gale was charging up one last attack.)

Gale shoots out a powerful magic beam from the scepter, and at the last minute… Rarity teleports away with her own magic!! Rarity was gone, leaving Gale alarmed and angry! The other piggy STILL tried to show the dragon picture to her, but to no avail.

Gale was scolding at the pigs, planning a war on the ponies… and to bring down Stella and her friends!

Chapter 3:

Rarity made it back to Ponyville… and was crying and complaining about the dirt and filth she was covered in. Stella was hopping by until she notices Rarity crying.

Stella: !! (She hops up to Rarity) (Squawks in concerned)

Rarity: What’s wrong? I’ll TELL you what’s wrong! Those naughty pigs made a MESS of me…

Stella: (Gasps) (Squawks in concerned)

Rarity: Am I HURT?!?! I’m hurt and HUMILIATED!! Those pigs came by the DOZENS!! I couldn’t save poor Twilight from Gale!! (Stella was so shocked to hear that Gale was here…) Now I don’t know what to DO anymore! (Wailing and complaining…)

Stella: … (Sighs and hops off)

Rarity: Some FRIEND I am! Leaving Twilight alone with those filthy pigs! I thought I could take them on my own but… I’m just as messed up as Applejack WAS… What am I gonna DO?? (She sees Stella came back.) … (Sniff) What are YOU looking out?

Stella takes out a white glove and SLAPS Rarity across the face!

Stella: (Scolds at Rarity)

Rarity: Who are you calling “prissy hooves”?! (Stella scolds angrily at Rarity) Why did I not ask YOU for help?! Well if you insist on knowing, I thought I could handle those pigs on my own! And why shouldn’t I? Size matters, doesn’t it? (Stella slaps her with the glove again!)

Stella: NO!!! (Squawks angrily at her.)

Rarity: “Strength in numbers”? How is THAT supposed to help me get all my friends together to fight those naughty pigs and rescue Twilight? … !!!! Oh… … I get it now. (Stella slaps Rarity again.) OW! Stop that!

Back in the center of Ponyville… Rarity finished explaining to her friends…

Rarity: …And that’s what happened.

The group, Stella, and her friends were not happy.

Applejack: Why in tarnation would you pit yourself against them?

Thor: Call me a nerd, but the odds of you against those dozen pigs are not good.

RainbowDash: And I thought I do reckless things all the time.

Rarity: ALRIGHT! I GET IT!! I should’ve known that working with more can be better than working alone! … I should’ve thought of that earlier for Twilight’s present… Look, I need your help in fighting off these naughty pigs and rescuing Twilight. Her magic’s been drained out by this bird named Gale… (The birds gasp)

PinkiePie: Those pigs made a machine that actually WORKS?

Rarity: I know. I’m scared too… (They hear some chuckles)

They turn around and notice a pig was spying on them. Realizing he was spotted, he tried to hop away, but was caught by Rarity’s magic.

Rarity: (Brought him closer) Alright, swine! You WILL lead us to Twilight or I’ll be forced to do something NASTY to you! On account of all the DIRT your kind has thrown at me!

Pig: … … !!! (He takes out a sheet of paper and pencil. He quickly draws something and drops it to the ground. Stella picks it up.)

It looked like a crude drawing of Gale and the pigs declaring war on Ponyville and destroying Stella and her friends!

PinkiePie: Oh no! This bad birdy’s using those bad piggies to destroy Ponyville!

Fluttershy: OOhh… They oughta call her “Bad Princess!”

Applejack: If they’re trying to bring Ponyville down, we’ll hafta get Twilight back so they won’t stand a chance! Let’s go, ponies! (Only Rarity, Stella, and her friends were left behind by the others!)

Rarity: No wait! They may have a bigger… Army… (It’s too late… They were already gone…) You were right, Stella. Strength is better in numbers… My pony friends won’t stand a chance against her! What do we do??

Stella: … !!! (She gets an idea!)

Meanwhile at the outskirts of Ponyville, the pigs were preparing for war! Gale sprays more of Twilight’s magic on her scepter. Twilight was still weak and trapped in the cage…

The Mane ponies run in!

Spike: Stop right there, Bad Princess! (Gale: !?!?!)

Applejack: We know what you’re doing, Gale! And those pigs have already caused ENOUGH trouble in Ponyville.

Richard: Let my wife go right now!

PinkiePie: You won’t put us down! Cuz there’s a few of YOU and MANY of us!

But… more piggies started preparing around Gale, smiling smugly.

PinkiePie: Wait, there’s… six… seven… eight, nine…

Fluttershy: Did you count that one?

PinkiePie: I… I think so… (But the pigs started to charge in!!)

RainbowDash: Oh pony feathers! RUN!!! (They were being chased by the pig army! Gale laughs and casts magic from her scepter! It traps Twilight’s friends in a magic cage!!)

Richard: Oh that’s just SWELL! (Gale and the bad pigs were closing in on them.)

Spike: There’s too many of them!

Applejack: I should’ve listened to my own advice on strength in numbers…

RainbowDash: Well you DIDN’T!!!

Gale laughs more until…

???: (Whistles loudly)

Gale: !?!?!? (They witness Rarity, Stella and her friends!)

Rarity: Did we miss any pig popping?

The ponies: Uh… no?

Fluttershy: You’re a little early.

Stella takes out a whistle and blows loudly on it! And just like that… all the citizens of Ponyville young and old marched in!!

Male unicorn: Give us back Princess Twilight!

Filly pegasus: Get those pigs!

Citizens: (Chanting) Get those pigs! Get those pigs! (They continue chanting!)

Gale knew she was in trouble…

Rarity: Whoever said there’s FRIENDSHIP in numbers?

PinkiePie: Testify, girlfriend!

Stella and Gale stare angrily at each other…

Stella: YAAAAAH!!! (All the citizens of Ponyville charge forward! And so do the army of pigs!)

The citizens of Ponyville were thrashing the pigs as if they were balloons!

Rarity uses her magic to counteract the spell to free Rainbow and the others!

Rarity: Richard, go help, Twilight! The rest of us will handle things here!

Richard: Right! (Flies forward.)

Gale notices Richard and was about to stop him… But Stella stands in her way! The two stare angrily at each other. Gale strikes some magic attacks but Stella dodges like a pink flash! Unfortunately, Stella accidently falls on her face! Gale sees that as an opening! She was about to fire magic again… but her scepter has run out.

Gale: ?!!? (Shakes it) … UGH… (She takes out the perfume with Twilight’s magic) Hah hah! (Unfortunately, Stella swipes it in the blink of an eye!) HUH?!

Stella holds it up, triumphantly!

Richard managed to free Twilight and hold her up on his back.

Richard: Come on, we’ve gotta get you outta here…

Gale signals the pigs to surround Richard!! The pigs were just about to attack… only to be burned by something with fire! All of them were charred up.

Rarity: Well, it’s about TIME she showed up! (There was a brilliant flash and DM lands on the ground.)

DM: *Whew*… Here I am hoping I made it in time for Twilight’s birthday, only to end up in a warzone.

Gale: !?!? (She turns to the pig with the drawing of DM and scolds at him like she doesn’t know what’s going on.)

The pig just gave up, ripped the paper in half and hopped off.

Gale picks up the drawing and puts it together. It was a crude drawing of DM and her dragon form. Gale knew she was in trouble as DM was right in front of her, staring angrily at her…

Gale: (chuckles sheepishly) (She frantically signals the pigs to retreat!)

One of the piggies takes out a box and it opens up into an air-balloon! Gale and the pigs frantically jump in as it takes off in the sky! Some pigs were hanging on to each other for dear life on the balloon!

Everypony cheers! Stella was happy too… But seemed concerned about Gale… Gale looked back at Stella… and felt a little sad at first… But turned her back to them as the air-balloon leaves the field. Stella sighs...

Rarity: It’s alright, Stella dear. Perhaps someday she’ll make amends. … Oh! TWILIGHT! Stella, do you have that perfume? (Stella takes it out and hands it to Rarity!)

Rarity: (She walks over to Twilight, trying to stand up) Twilight! I have your magic back! Still good as new!

Twilight: Oh… Thank you… Rarity…

Rarity: Now just hold still for a moment. (She sprays every single drop of the perfume magic all over Twilight until the bottle was empty!)

Twilight was coughing in the dust, but then her horn started to absorb all the smoke as she regained her strength!

Twilight: (Sighs with relief) I feel like my old self again! Thank you so much for saving me, everypony…

RainbowDash: Hey, don’t thank us; Rarity’s the one who planned it all!

Fluttershy: Don’t forget Stella and her new friends. (They laugh and cheer)

DM: So… What happened while I was gone?

Rarity: Um… Well… It’s a long story…


Back in Rarity’s house, she was still working on Twilight’s birthday dress. Stella and her friends walk in.

Rarity: Oh… Stella. ... Um… (Looks at her dress) I know this may seem much, but… is it ok if you can give me a hoof with this dress? (Stella and her friends agreed to it!)

As they all worked together, we hear Rarity’s voice.

Rarity’s voice: I’ve always thought I was superior enough to handle things on my own. But I got some sense slapped into me and the mark to prove it… I know now that there IS such a thing as strength in numbers because the more friends you have…

They finish Twilight’s dress!

In Twilight’s castle, Twilight was wearing her new dress with her friends in awe!

Rarity’s voice: The stronger your friendship is!

Twilight: I absolutely LOVE it, Rarity! This one must’ve been extremely hard to make!

Rarity: Well, I had a little help. (Stella and the other felt proud of themselves.)

DM: I say this is Twilight’s best birthday yet.

They all laugh… And they noticed… a green piggy laughing with them wearing a party hat.

He knew that he was in trouble and stopped laughing… They all starred at him angrily. He was about to excuse himself until Lucca confronted him…

Outside the castle… SMASH!! The pig was tossed out through the window!

Rarity’s voice: Oh Lucca, you’re such a BIG BOY!

The End!

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Ep. 279 Numbers in Strength
Another episode! Oh boy... REALLY sorry for not uploading in a while... College and working on my first machinima.

Twilight's birthday is coming up and Rarity seems to have trouble putting together a new dress for some reason. Stella comes back to Ponyville to introduce her new friends. But while that's happening, a certain Bad Princess wanders in this land of friendship...
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The project is NOT cancelled! But I decided to change plans to make music for this film. In order to avoid copyright strikes, I have requested the musician of this film namely :iconclashwolf3: to make original tunes. I'm only doing this to avoid being thrown in jail or get my video removed.
Sorry, dude... =(

But anyway, the remaining voice actor lines will be in probably on Tuesday which I will put together and start recording as soon as possible.

Again, it's just to avoid copyright stuff... This is actually the ONLY reason why I didn't want another YouTube Channel.
But what am I gonna do? Might as well hafta go with it...

But on the bright side, I did get permission from :iconthelivingtombstone: to use his original Five Nights at Freddy's song in the video. =)
Yes, I asked him about it in email form.

Still... Oh well...
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Well it looks like Scott Cawthon has finally made a trailer for the expected sequel of Five Nights at Freddy's.
You can check it out here.

Now that things are REALLY starting to get freaky, there are lots of things about this sequel that are gonna raise a couple of red flags for my machinima.
Now I guess I REALLY hafta get crackin' on it by the time I get the remaining voice actors. Luckily this game won't come out until 2015.
And yes, my machinima MAY take place before the events of said second game. Well in my head cannon of course. I MAY try and write a sequel using elements from this but I would appreciate waiting to have someone try and make said maps for this new game in Gmod.

Either way, I'm excited but... There is NO WAY I'm playing ANY of these games. Not in a MILLION years.
Anyone remember Three Little Words? Unfortunately it will be remade in the near future, but I will uploaded what scene could be done on my YouTube Channel!


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The project is NOT cancelled! But I decided to change plans to make music for this film. In order to avoid copyright strikes, I have requested the musician of this film namely :iconclashwolf3: to make original tunes. I'm only doing this to avoid being thrown in jail or get my video removed.
Sorry, dude... =(

But anyway, the remaining voice actor lines will be in probably on Tuesday which I will put together and start recording as soon as possible.

Again, it's just to avoid copyright stuff... This is actually the ONLY reason why I didn't want another YouTube Channel.
But what am I gonna do? Might as well hafta go with it...

But on the bright side, I did get permission from :iconthelivingtombstone: to use his original Five Nights at Freddy's song in the video. =)
Yes, I asked him about it in email form.

Still... Oh well...

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