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This is where I put my My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfiction series.
Also other artsy-fartsy stuff on here as well.


Original Chracter (Sonic)
Tithy is in the house! by BigDream64
Mama, are you there? by BigDream64
SSP Ally - Sapphire the Rabbit by BigDream64
I can draw your original Sonic character for a good price in my sort of anime style. =)
Two or more Sonic original characters
Let's keep it to ourselves, ok? by BigDream64
I can even draw two original Sonic characters for you! The reason why the price is slightly higher is because hands are hard to work with.
Original Pony Characters
The Star of the Show by BigDream64
REQUEST: Blazing with pride by BigDream64
Cherry Heart by BigDream64
I can also vectorize your original pony character for a good price as well!
Two or more ponies
My Singing Angel by BigDream64
You'll get far! I know it! by BigDream64
You got paint on your face! by BigDream64
Price is a tad high, but I'll be willing to draw two original characters in the same pic for you. =)


A peaceful night at Station Square. At the docks, the night was quiet, cool, brisk, and the sky was full of stars… Sitting on the pier was a big purple fat cat with a frog sleeping right next time him.

It was Big the Cat, slightly dozing with his fishing lure in the water.

Big: Zzz…

The lure calmly moves in the water until… bubbles starts popping on top of it. The frog Big named Froggy was alarmed and quickly jumped behind Big. Big slowly stirred to awake.

Big: ??? (He looks down in the water and sees the bubbles.)

He decided to reel in his lure to see if he caught anything. But then, the lure starts pulling him! He tried with all his might to pull the fishing pole using all his strength until…

Something huge rose from the water and splashed water all over the entire pier! Big was soaking wet… He and Froggy looked up and quivered in fear as a huge shadow looms over them…

The next day… At the Station Square seaside beach, most people were out and about swimming in the ocean, playing volleyball, enjoying some barbecue cooking and tanning out in the sun. The Patrollers were no exception.

The girls cheered as they entered the beach area dressed in their swimsuits.

Amy: (She inhales the sea-filled air) Ahh! I love going to the beach!

Cream: Me too!

Rouge: Nice of the boss to give us a day off. And a perfect time with no Pink Craze attack. (Turns around) Yo, boys. How you holding up there?

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles were struggling to hold up most of the girls’ beach supplies.

Sonic: Mff… Do we have to answer that?? (They get crushed by most of the stuff…)

Tails pops out of the pile while holding a floaty.

Cream: (She walks up to Tails.) Are you ok? … Mr. Tails? (She helps him out.)

Tails: I thought for sure you were gonna leave me crushed.

Cream: I wouldn’t do that!

Amy: Thanks for offering to carry our things, boys.

Sonic: Yeah, yeah. That seems to be all we’re good for when you’re around.

Amy: Oh, Sonic! (She laughs.)

Minutes later, the group was having a blast at the beach. Tails was helping Cream swim in the ocean with Cheese at her side, Sonic was lounging under an umbrella while wearing sunglasses next to Amy while Rouge was playing volleyball with Knuckles.

Amy: (She looks at Sonic.) Sonic?

Sonic: (Moves his sunglasses down.) Hm? What’s up?

Amy: Do you think my bathing suit makes me look… Fat?

Sonic: EH-! … N-n…No?

Amy: You stuttered there.

Sonic: N-No I didn’t! I think you look cute in it.

Amy: Mh-HM. (Lays down) I’ve heard that little gimmick before.

Sonic: Aw come on, Amy. I do admit, red looks cute on you.

Amy: … (Blushes) R-Really?

Sonic: Eh… Yeah.

Amy: (Embarrassed) You’re just saying that… It’s a little too tight on me to be honest.

Sonic: Aw come on, tight can be so… … Tight. Heh heh.

Amy: (Giggles) Always a jokester, huh?

Meanwhile, Rouge and Knuckles were playing volleyball.

Knuckles: (Jumps up) And intercept!! (He bashes the ball!)

Rouge: Gotta try harder that that! (She bops the ball past Knuckles!)

Knuckles: Aw, what?? No fair!

The ball hurled in the air until… It landed right in someone’s arms. It was apparently someone the girls knew very well!

Rouge: Well well. If it ain’t the wizard girl.

Amy: (She gets up) !!! Hi, Sapphire!

Sapphire: (Happy) Oh, hi!

Sapphire was dressed in an orange midriff cut tank-top with beige shorts and orange sandals.

Sapphire: (She walks up to Amy, Sonic, Rouge, and Knuckles) I didn’t expect to see you here! What’cha doing at the beach?

Amy: We got some time off today. Oh boys, this is Sapphire.

Sapphire: (To Sonic and Knuckles) It’s nice to meet you!

Sonic: Same here. Name’s Sonic. And the red lobster’s Knuckles.

Sapphire: Hm… (Looks at Knuckles closely all pokey-like.) He doesn’t really look like a lobster.

Knuckles: That’s because I’m an ECHIDNA. (Sonic smirks.)

Sapphire: Ooh. (Steps back)

Sonic: (To Amy) So how do you know this girl?

Amy: She helped us fight against Eggman one time.

Knuckles: Oh really? Did she end up being in distress?

Rouge: No, that would actually be Tails.

Knuckles: Wait wait wait, are you serious? That know-it-all had to be saved from a buncha chicks?

Sonic: (Annoyed) Let it go, Knuckles.

Cream: (She, Cheese, and Tails walk in.) Hi, Ms. Sapphire!

Cheese: Chao chao chao!

Tails: Quite a coincidence seeing you again.

Sapphire: It’s nice to see you all too! I finally got a chance to try out my new summer dress! Whatta ya think of it?

Knuckles: Meh, I’ve seen better.

Sonic: In translation, he thinks Rouge is hotter than you.

Knuckles: WHAT?!

Rouge: Well he kinds does have a thing for me.

Knuckles: And when exactly did I have a “thing” for you, huh?!

Rouge: (Puts her hands behind her head.) Well since you always seem to have trouble looking at where my eyes are supposed to be.

Sapphire: Um…

Amy: (Rouge continues pissing off Knuckles) Just ignore them. So, you wanna catch some rays from the sun? They’re easy to catch cuz… well… They’re always around us! Heh heh!

Sonic: Leave the comedy act to me, Amster.

Amy heard some ringtone from not too far.

Amy: ??? (Turns around to see her duffle bag under her umbrella.) Is that my cellphone? (She walks over to the bag, opens it up and rummages through it.) My phone… Where’s my PHONE? Tanning lotion, no… Sunglasses… Camera, No… Whoa, didn’t remember packing that.

Sapphire: She’s a bit messy, isn’t she?

Tails: That’s nothing. You should see Sonic’s room.

Sonic: Pfft.

Amy: (Pulls out her cellphone!) Found it! (She answers it.) Hello, Amy Rose! … Oh, Ms. Lilian! Hi! … Yeah, me and the others are having a great time!

Sapphire: (To Cream) Who’s she talking to?

Cream: She’s talking to Ms. Lilian. She helps us out when we’re tracking the Pink Craze.

Amy: (Talking on the cellphone) W-what? What do you mean we have to cancel our day off??

In what seems to be a small fitness center, Lilian was talking on her cellphone.

Lilian: (Talking on the cellphone) (There was a small TV connected to the wall depicting a news report.) The news I’m currently watching depicted a gigantic sea creature damaging the docks last night. I have a strange feeling that the Pink Craze is at it again.

Amy’s voice: (On phone) AWWW! And just when we thought we had a break, SOMETHING has to pop up all of a sudden, doesn’t it?!

Lilian: (Talking on the cellphone) Amy, if you and the girls don’t take care of it, this beast could kill a ton of innocent people.

Amy’s voice: (On phone) UGH… Fine… So, what kinda… sea creature are we dealing with here?

Lilian: (Talking on the phone) Well… (Looks at the news report on the TV) I’m not sure. Those who spotted it the night before didn’t get a clear glimpse of it. … (Squints her eyes at the TV.) But it sure did some damage on most of the piers. And I have a feeling that it may strike at the beach.

Amy’s voice: (On phone) How can you be so sure about that?

Lilian: (Talking on the phone) It’s just a hunch. You girls prepare yourselves. I’ll have Dr. Blyner deliver some vaccine straight to you ASAP.

Amy’s voice: (On phone) Wait, Dr. Blyner? Why can’t you do it?

Lilian: (Talking on the phone) Yeah, I’m sorry… but I have to attend this little get-together and I won’t be able to assist you or the other girls. You’re on your own for now.

Amy’s voice: (On phone) Oh sure, our boss gets a day off from work but NOPE, not US! May I ask WHY IS THAT?!

Lilian: (Talking on the phone) Because. YOU, PATROLLER. ME, BOSS. Get it?

Amy’s voice: (On phone) UGGGGH… Yes, Ms. Lilian…

Lilian: (Talking on the phone) Good. But just remember. Although you have all the assistance together, sometimes help can come from unexpected places.

Amy’s voice: (On phone) W-what does THAT mean?

Lilian: (Talking on the phone) Oh I just thought it up from the top of my head. Helps me remember things easier. Don’t die on me. (Ends the call)

Back at the beach…

Amy: (Her phone beeps…) … Right… Don’t die on her. Swell. (Closes her phone and turns to her friends.) Girls, got word from the boss. We have to cancel our vacation day.

Sonic: Overtime?

Amy: Overtime…

Cream: Aww…

Rouge: Figures.

Tails: Did something come up?

Amy: Lilian told me some weird sea creature attacked the docks last night. She said it might be a Pink Craze attack.

Tails: A sea creature?

Cream: Pink Craze Attack??

Sapphire: What do you think we should do?

Amy: What do YOU think? We have to take it down before anything bad happens to the other people!

Rouge: Yeah, I’m mostly here for my day off, so you can count me out.

Amy: What?! You’re not seriously ducking out on us, are you?

Rouge: I only focus on one thing at a time, sister. And that’s catching some good old R&R.

Meanwhile, a young boy and girl were splashing around in the water.

Girl: (She laughs as she splashes water on the boy!)

Boy: Hey, cut it out! Hah hah hah!

As they continued playing around in the water… some bubbles start bubbling nearby.

Boy: W-What’s that?

Girl: Is… Is there something in the water?

All of a sudden, something bursts out of the water forty feet tall! Everyone looked up and screamed in horror!! It appeared to look like a huge green eel-like monster!

It roared ferociously as everyone screamed in fear trying to escape the beach!

Rouge: Ugh, can’t ANYTHING get in my way…


Sonic: Not sure, but it doesn’t look happy to me…

It roared ferociously once again! Some police officers rushed into the scene!

Policeman: (Shouting through a megaphone!) Everyone evacuate now! Please head straight to the exit immediately!

Some of the policemen tried shooting at the monster with their pistols but that only made it more angrier as it lunged towards the officers. They managed to run off as the creature delved it’s head in the sand.

The group couldn’t fight for themselves this time…

Amy: So… Any one of you prepared to fight this beast?

Rouge: Does it LOOK like we’re prepared??

Cream: We didn’t bring our watches…

Cheese: Chao…

Tails: Huh… That creature looks… so familiar.

Sonic: No time for observation! Let’s skedaddle!

Amy: Right behind you!

They had no choice but to run as the beast slammed it’s body into the sandy ground, destroying some beach objects left behind. It roared once again until it sank into the ocean…

As the group stopped near a building to catch their breath…

Sapphire: (Panting) What… What the heck WAS that?

Rouge: Just another day in Station Square. Trust me. We deal with these things all the time.

Amy: Lilian was right. There’s no creature that can be four or five time’s it normal size… I mean, have you seen how huge it was?

Knuckles: Yeah. You don’t have to remind us.

Tails: Judging by the color of this particular creature, I think I can confirm it to be a moray eel.

Amy: A moray?

Tails: They’re perfectly harmless. Unless you provoke them and they electrify you. I know they span up to almost ten feet but that one was HUGE!

Sonic: You think the Pink Craze must’ve infected the poor guy?

Tails: Seems so. I can theorize that the Pink Craze must’ve found its way in the water and somehow infected it.

Rouge: Well, say goodbye to that day off. We have work to do, ladies.

Cream: She’s right. We have to stop that eel before other people get hurt.

Knuckles: And how are we supposed to do that?

Rouge: Maybe Sapphire can freeze that eel up with her powers?

Sapphire: Are you kidding me? My powers can’t freeze up a monster THAT big! … Besides, I don’t wanna hurt the poor thing…

Amy: As soon as Dr. Blyner shows up with the vaccine, we’ll have to think of a way to tame that beast.

Sapphire: Who’s Dr. Blyner?

Tails: He’s a scientist who works in this city. He’s the one who’s helping Amy and her friends out. He’s a brilliant scientist, even though he doesn’t look like it.

Cream: How did this all happen so fast?

Cheese: Chao chao?

Rouge: This craze is getting smarter. I’ll give it that.

Amy: Isn’t it scary? I mean… The Pink Craze is not only alive… It’s moving and thinking faster than we could comprehend before…

Sapphire: (Slowly walking backwards.) I hate to see what would happen if that eel was around here… Out of water… (She bumps into something huge…) YIP… (It was fluffy and big…) WAAAH!!!! (Turns around the cat-slaps the fuzzy thing.) Get away from me! Leave me alone!!

Amy: !!! Hey, isn’t that-??

Sapphire: (She stops fussing.) HEH?

It was Big the Cat! Froggy was on top of his head.

Amy: It’s Big!

Cream: You’re right! It really IS him!

Cheese: Chao chao chao!

Rouge: … (Not caring) Meh…

Big: Amy! Cream! (They run up and hug him, laughing.)

Amy: What are you doing here, Big?

Cream: Have you come to visit us?

Big: Uh-huh! (Froggy jumps on Cream’s head.)

Cream: (Laughs) It’s so nice to see you too, Froggy!

Cheese: Chao CHAO!

Sonic: Uh, yeah. I’m glad you girls are having a nice… “Big” reunion here, but we have some important things to talk about?

Amy: Huh? Oh, right! (She and Cream get down.) Sorry, Big. We have important things to take care of.

Cream: We’re sorry. We’re really busy.

Big: Is it about that scary eel?

The group: Scary eel?

Tails: Y-You actually SAW it?

Big: Uh-huh. I was fishing last night when me and Froggy saw it! It was really scary!

Amy: You’re not hurt, are you?

Big: No, we’re ok! (Froggy ribbits happily.)

Sapphire: Well, it’s nice to meet you, uh… Big. I’m Sapphire the Rabbit! It’s such an honor to meet-! (He hugs her tightly) WAH!!

Big: Oh yay! I like meeting new friends! Any friend of Amy is a friend of mine!

Sapphire: AAH!! You’re… You’re squeezing me too hard! Mf! Ok, I think I have enough love now! P-Please lemme go! AAH!!

A car drives in and Dr. Blyner comes out to greet the group.

Blyner: Oh, girls! I finally found you! (Walks up to them.)

Tails: Hello, Dr. Blyner!

Blyner: Nice to see you again, Tails. (Big Drops Sapphire.) Lilian alarmed me about this situation so I’ve been asked to deliver some vaccine. (He holds a small briefcase with vaccine syringes.) Weren’t you picking up the Craze’s signal?

Amy: We… Didn’t bring our watches. It was supposed to be our day off.

Blyner: Well, can’t say I blame you since it happened so fast.

Amy: Ok, now that we have the vaccine, we need to think of a plan to cure that eel before it does any more damage.

Big: Can me and Froggy help?

Amy: … Um… Well… We’d love to have you assist us, but um…

Cream: It’s just that we… Uh…

Rouge: (Cuts the girls off) Sorry, Big. Only we girls are trained for this mission and seeing how much weight you have on that big kitten gut of yours… (Big looks at his tummy) You might get hurt. Or even worse, that eel might eat you alive.

Big: Like a meatball?

Rouge: … If your NAME was meatball.

Amy: Rouge! Don’t be rude to him!

Blyner: Well the only way we can tame it is to lure it to us and then use the vaccine to turn it back to normal. Go home and get your watches. I’ll meet you at the beach.

The girls: The beach??

Blyner: Don’t worry, I have everything under control.

Amy: If you say so. Come on, girls! Station Square needs help! (They run off.)

Sapphire: … So… What do you need me and the boys to do?

Blyner: Uh… Ok, I need all of you to head to the park and… Dig up some worms.

Sapphires: WORMS?? EEW!!

Tails: Well, certain types of eels do eat worms.

Knuckles: Oh sure, the girls go off to save the day while we have to look for WORMS. Are you kidding me?! I’d rather tie that eel into a double knot and beat it down!

Sonic: You know, I heard you echidnas have a craving for earthworms. So… (Chortles) Don’t try and snack on some while we dig em’ up, ‘kay?

Knuckles: (Gritting his teeth) WATCH IT, SPIKEY. (He storms off as Dr. Blyner follows but gives him space.)

Sonic: Hah hah ha… Knuckle head. (He and Tails follow.)

Big: … … …

Sapphire: (Looks at Big)(Then realizes she has to help her friends.) Um-! W-wait up! (She runs after the group.)

Big: … … … (Froggy croaks sadly…)

Meanwhile at the fitness center, Lilian walks up to the front desk and talks to the female secretary.

Lilian: Excuse me? I’m here to enroll in the… (Looks at a sheet of paper) Anger Management Releasement Society?

Woman: Oh yes. We’ve been waiting for your response, Mrs…

Lilian: Elanora. Lilian Elanora.

Woman: Mrs. Elanora. We’ve been wondering why you turn down our offers to accept you in this club.

Lilian: Wondering why-? (Scoffs angrily) Gee, it really IS a wonder considering the fact that I keep getting phone calls from this stupid place twenty-four seven, ISN’T IT? I didn’t even WANT to sign up for this club because I’m totally in control of myself and leaving a ton of messages just so you can make a quick buck DOES NOT MAKE MY DAY ANY EASIER YOU KNOW! (Panting)

Woman: … Ma’am, I just file paperwork. I don’t dish out calls to random household owners.

Lilian: … (Sighs awkwardly.) Sorry… Guess I kinda flip out sometimes.

Woman: I can imagine. You’re twelve o’clock class begins in ten minutes. Walk down the hall, then take a left at Room Ninety-Four B.

Lilian: Alright, thank you. (She walks down the hall…) … Guess I do get a little steamed… Kinda like my daughter. Feisty. (She approaches the door with 94-B printed on it and opens it.) Well… who knows? Maybe this class would be good for my self-esteem. (She saw something she now regrets.)

Her teacher was a hippie named Ms. Sala. She’s a brown hair woman in her twenties wearing glasses, a blue-ish white midriff shirt with a brown leather vest, baggy jeans and blue sandals.

Sala: Well hello there, sugar. My name’s Ms. Sala. And welcome to Ms. Sala’s Purification and Satisfaction Anger Management class.

Lilian: (Spooked) I… think I’m in the wrong classroom.

Sala: (Approaches her.) Oh don’t be so mellow, sister. I can sense from deep down you have an enraging animal waiting to come out from hiding.

Lilian: L-Look, I’m not too keen on any tree-huggers. No offense. But I don’t think I-…

Sala: It’s ok, sweetheart. As soon as today’s session is done, you’ll be able to wallow in your own calm and sweet serenity of bliss filled with nature’s own goodness.

Lilian: (Desperate to get away.) That… makes me… feel uncomfortable.

Sala: Now let’s get started, we have more students on the way, so let’s get a chance to know each other. (Holds up some teabags.) Fresh herbal tea?

Lilian still felt uncomfortable around Ms. Sala.

Meanwhile near a hotel not too far from the beach, Amy, Cream, Cheese, and Rouge (The three of them are in their patroller uniforms.) arrive just in time.

Amy: Well we’re all prepared… At least I hope we are…

Cream: Why couldn’t Big come with us? He seemed worried about our safety, don’t you think?

Cheese: Chao.

Rouge: Look, he’s too much of a dunderhead to get involved. I wouldn’t count on that. Besides, he’s not skillful in combat as we are. He could get hurt. Or worse. … Also, all he does is fishing and no one likes that.

Amy: … Well I guess you’re half-right.

Cream: What’s the other half made of?

Sonic’s voice: Hey, Amy! (Holds some worms up to her face.) Want a snack?

Amy: No thanks, I’m not hungry right now-. (She notices Sonic was right next to her and was holding some worms in front of her face.) EAAAAUGH!!! (Sonic holds the worms back.) (Annoyed) SONIIIC!!

Sonic: (He laughs) Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

Dr. Blyner drives in his car with Sapphire (Who was in her normal clothes), Tails, and Knuckles.

Blyner: S-Sonic, put those worms back in the bag, we need them to draw the creature out!

Sonic: Heh heh, ok ok, I was just having some fun. (He walks up to Blyner.)

Amy: Yeah. (Annoyed) FUN.

Blyner: (Sonic puts the worms in a bag.) Alright. All we have to do is drop them in the water and it’ll attract the eel. When it shows up, we’ll inject it with the vaccine before it can attack.

Rouge: Yeah, that seems plausible and all. (The group peeks from behind the hotel building to see the entrance to the beach being guarded by policemen.) But those two donut stuffers might stop us in our tracks. Maybe we should-.

Sapphire: Ooh ooh, can I help too? Pretty please??

Rouge: Sapphire, we have our Flash Memory Emitters. It’s totally under control.

Sapphire: But lemme help this once? Pretty PLEASE??

Rouge: I said to leave it to us, kid.

Sapphire: (Whining) But I wanna help! I wanna, I wanna, I wanna!

Knuckles: Sheesh, and I thought Cream acts all whiney.

Cream: (Annoyed) Hey!

Amy: Come on, Rouge. Let her have her fun.

Sapphire: Yay! Sit tight, everyone! I’ll BRB! (Runs off)

Blyner: … BRB?

Tails: Not even my knowledge can translate that.

At the entrance to the beach…

Policeman 1: So did you hear about that gigantic sea monster that attacked the other officers?

Policeman 2: Yeah, can’t tell if I should believe ‘em or not. Things always are array around these city parts. I don’t look like it but I’m shakin’ on the inside.

Policeman 1: B-But why did the chief ask US to stand guard HERE, right near the BEACH, where that EEL could possible slither up onto the sand and probably eat us ALIVE?

Policeman 2: Maybe it’s punishment for us flirting with his wife at the high school reunion party last week.

Policeman 1: Hah hah hah! Ahh… It was so not worth it…

Sapphire: (Walks up to the policemen.) Hi, Mr. Policemen! Can you please lemme in to the beach? I think I left my favorite floaty back there!

Policeman 1: Little lady, we’re authorized to close off the beach until further investigations.

Policeman 2: We advise you to be on your way, please.

Sapphire: (Whiney) Oh come OOON! You wouldn’t turn down a helpless little girl, would you? (Starry eyes) Pretty please?? (Amy and the others were watching.)

Policeman 2: Again, ma’am, we are authorized in the closure of this park. We’re gonna have to kindly ask you to please escort yourself away from the perimeter before we will resort to-.

Sapphire uses her ice abilities to freeze policemen. Amy and the others walk in.

Sapphire: (Cheery) We’re in! (Rushes down to the beach.) Come on!

Sonic: … That girl is so weird.

Rouge: Tell me about it.

The group makes it to the beach at last.

Blyner: Alright. We all know the plan?

Amy: Drop the bait in the water, wait for the eel, (Holds a vaccine syringe in her hand.) and try not to die while we jab it with vaccine. (She twirls it around.) We got it. (She almost drops it!) Whoa-WAH! (She puts it away for now.)

Knuckles: Why do we have to wait out here? Can’t we just take a boat and lure it out to sea?

Tails: Well, eels normally live around coral reefs. And some beaches like ours can be home to at least a dozen or so sea creatures. That means if there’s a moray eel then there’s a coral reef nearby.

Rouge: … Sorry, I don’t speak nerd. Never was too keen on science.

Amy: You’re not good in math, either.

Sapphire: (Ditzy) I’m not good in ANY subject!

Amy and Rouge: WE KNOW.

Blyner: Focus, ladies. Even if the eel is infected it’s instincts to return to the reef should suffice an advantage. So let’s not waste any more time and lure the beast to-…

All of a sudden, someone fired some bullets!!

Blyner: AAH!!

Cream: LOOK OUT!!

Sonic: What’s up?!

Someone landed a few feet away from the group. It was… Honey the cat…

Amy: !!!

Honey: (Points to the group) Station Square Patrollers, you’re under arrest!

Sapphire: Oh, hey! (Zips up to Honey) You must be a friend to the patrollers! It’s nice to meet you! My name’s Sapphire! What’s your (Honey shoves her to the side) Na-wha-! HEY!!

Honey: It’s time we end this, Patrollers. (Holds out her pistol.) Surrender and I’ll go easy on you.

Cream: (Worried) Honey…

Cheese: (Worried) Chao…

Rouge: Sorry, fur ball. We’re a little busy saving the city from some killer eel.

Honey: You expect me to believe that?

Amy: Honey, please! We don’t have time for this!

Honey: I’m on a bit of a time crunch myself. Just put your hands up!

Sonic: In the air like we just don’t care? Need some deets here.

Tails: (Annoyed) Sonic…

Sonic: Heh heh! Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

Blyner: L-Listen, kid. It’s too dangerous out here. We need to put this creature to rest before-.

Honey: So you have an accomplice, don’t you? Looks like it’s more things on my plate to attend to. (She fires her gun at Blyner but Amy jumps in front of him and activates her shield to protect him from the bullets!) GRR!

She rushes towards Amy and tries to punch her! Amy kept blocking her attacks…

Honey: Come on, put it up!

Amy: Honey…! I don’t…! (She continues blocking) Wanna…! Fight you!

Honey: You got yourself into this! (Suddenly, something shocked Honey!) AAH!! (She was slightly charred as she turned to see Sapphire who cast it.)

Sapphire: (Trying to sound mighty) Leave my friends alone, you… you big bully!

Rouge: (Sarcastic) WOW, how THREATNING.

Amy saw her chance to snatch away Honey’s gun and elbow her down in self-defense.

Amy: You need to stop this! We’re only trying to protect this city!

Honey: (She slowly gets up.) Heh. Irony. We’re doing the exact same thing.

Amy: But why are you stealing the craze instead of trying to destroy it??

Honey: Every ounce of craze I recover GETS destroyed.

Amy: What??

Rouge: How do YOU know that?

Honey: Well, I-! … Um…

Sonic: Hey, uh… Honey? I know this isn’t a good time for a “Long time no see” gig, but can you explain what’s going on?

Knuckles: What’s the deal with working for G.U.N.?

Honey: It… It-It’s none of your concern!

Cream suddenly hears something and turns around to see the water. Some bubbles were popping…

Tails: Hey… Didn’t you used to be a famous fashion designer?

Honey: !!!!

Sonic: Oh yeah! I remember now! Amy was your biggest fan back then.

Amy: Um… Well, not technically your biggest fan…

Honey: (Trying to hide her feelings) I don’t know what you’re talking about!

Cream: (Worried) Um… Guys?

Amy: You used to be so popular! I was so inspired from you! And now… You’re THIS?

Honey: Why do you even CARE?

Cream: (Getting more anxious) G-G-…GUYS…

Amy: I CARE because we used to be best friends! Just tell us what happened!

Honey: It has NOTHING to do with you!

Amy: We just wanna know what’s going on!

Honey: You wouldn’t understand!

Amy: We would if you just TELL us!

Honey: I… I…

Cream: (Freaking out…) G-G-G-GUYS!!!

Rouge: What do you WANT, squirt?!

Cream: (Petrified) The eel’s right in front of us.

Indeed it was. The giant eel roared at the group!

Honey: (Terrified) W-wha… What the heck IS that?!

Amy: Come on, ladies! Let’s bring this eel down!

It then started to hurl it’s huge body towards the group!!


Everyone jumps as the beast lunged itself into the sand!

Honey: What’s going ON here?!

Sonic: This eel’s infected by the Pink Craze.

Blyner: Quick, girls! Pull out the vaccine! Hurry!

???: WAAAIT!!

The group: Who’s THAT??

It was Big the Cat, running in with Froggy clinging to him!

Big: Wait, wait! I wanna help!

Sapphire: Is that BIG??

Big quickly takes out his fishing pole and casts the lure as hard as he could!

Knuckles: What the heck is he DOING?!

The eel saw the lure that was being cast towards it and quickly chomped on it.

Big: Hold on everyone! I’m here to help! (He tries to pull the eel, but the eel pulls him up in the air with Froggy along with him!) WHOAAA!!

Rouge: Apparently he’s signing his own death warrant.

Amy: Big!! (She rushes towards the beast!) Cream, gimmie a boost!

Cream hovers up in midair as she grabs Amy’s hand and uses all her strength to toss her up!

Amy: Rouge, gimmie a BIGGER boost!

Rouge: (Flies upward) Right behind ya, girlfriend! (She grabs Amy’s hand tosses her up even farther.)

Amy summons her WD hammer!

Amy: Hold on, Big!! (She managed to get close enough to the eel and smacks it with her hammer! It roars in pain as the lure falls out of it’s mouth!)

Amy held onto Big’s shoulder as they fall from the eel’s height! Cream and Rouge flew in and tossed them a few feet to the ground!

Amy: (They land on the ground!) (To Big) Are you ok??

While Amy was tending to Big, the eel began to throw it’s huge body straight in her direction!!

Honey: !!!! AMY, LOOK OUT!!! (She shoved Amy and Big away as the eel smashed into the sand!!)

Amy gets up to see Honey’s ankle under the beast’s body!

Honey: Aah-!

Sapphire: !! Oh no!

The beast lifted upwards once again and roared ferociously! Amy ran up to Honey and helps her up.

Amy: Are you ok??

Honey: Mff…

Amy: We have to retreat! This eel’s too much for us!

Blyner: Maybe trying to cure it on foot isn’t such a good idea anymore.

Knuckles: No, ya THINK?!

Tails: (As the group makes their getaway) Man, this eel’s stronger than we thought!

Sonic: Ya think we’ll come up with a much SMARTER plan?!

Amy: I hope so!

Sapphire: HOPE SO?!

The eel roars ferociously as the group gets away before it delves back into the sea…

Meanwhile back at the fitness center, Lilian was sitting in a circle with other people while Ms. Sala instructs them.

Sala: Very well greetings, my friends. Today we will channel our aura and nourish it to sooth the angry beast dwelling in our souls. To start off, we’ll each talk about what makes us angry and share what solutions we can accomplish to sooth the beast inside.

Hippie girl: My husband hates the fact that I grow flowers inside and drags them out in the backyard. But I learned to control my anger and remain intact with my nourishment to good Mother Nature.

Lilian did not understand a word.

Sala: Excellent. How about you, new girl?

Lilian: … W-Who, me?

Sala: Do you have anything that makes you angry inside?

Lilian: Eh… Well… I kinda have three girls who throw me off balance once in a while.

Sala: I see. Daughters can be such a hassle in an unbalanced body such as yours.

Lilian: T-They’re not really my daughters. They’re my… students I guess?

Sala: Oh, apologies. So what solution do you have to let your anger go?

Lilian: Um… I… I don’t really have a solution.

Sala: … (To herself) This always happens with the new ones. (She stands up) Students, I believe this young woman needs a small treatment before we continue. Please remain seated until we return. Come, Lilian. (Lilian stands up.) We have much work to do.

In another room next door, the two were behind what looked like a changing screen

Sala: Now in order to complete this treatment we must let the pure water filled with nature’s flowers soak into your body.

Lilian: (Feeling uncomfortable…) I… Don’t like where this is going…

Sala: Now let’s get you all ready for your treatment.

Lilian: W-wait, what are you doing? What are-? WAAAH!!

Sala: Oh my… Your body seems so natural. Don’t fret. It’s all goodness, child. (She hangs Lilian’s clothes up.)

Lilian: Give me back my clothes, you sociopathic tree-hugger!!

Sala: Oh dear. You seem to be heating up. Let’s fix that. (She drags Lilian out and dumps her in a tub filled with water and flower petals.)

Lilian: Waah!! IT-IT-IT’S S-S-SO… C-C-COLD…

Sala: We put ice cubes in the water to make the flower petals fresh and nourishing…

Lilian: T-T-This… Isn’t going well for me…

Sala: Oh don’t worry, child. You’ll feel fresh and renewed as the scent of nature revives you and releases your anger from your inner self. You may seem to get a little lonely, so…

Lilian is traumatized by Ms. Sala undressing herself to join the tub…

Lilian: (Petrified) I have officially lost control of my whole life… I bet the girls are doing better than I am…

Back in the city, at the park, Blyner was tending Honey’s ankle on a bench.

Honey: Mmf! Ow!

Blyner: Hold still. (He wraps it with some bandages) This will stop the swelling. You may need to take it easy for a while. (The Patrollers and others were conversing.)

Amy: Ok, obviously we can’t bring it down on foot. But we have to vaccinate it before it does any more damage.

Rouge: You got any bright ideas. Ms. Smarty-pants?

Amy: I’m thinking, ok?? Don’t PRESSURE me!

Tails: I may have a solution. What if we hold up a bunch of nets in the water, take a boat and lure that beast in the net?

Cream: That’s a great idea!

Rouge: And just how are we supposed to find a boat at this time and day?

Tails: (He thinks for a minute…)

Amy: !!! Wait a minute! The speedboat!

Cream: Speedboat?

Amy: The one that we used to rescue Sonic and the others! Remember?

Cream: Oh!

Cheese: Chao!

Sapphire: You girls own a speedboat? That’s so cool!

Amy: Well it’s not really ours. Ms. Lilian’s the one who bought it.

Tails: That’s perfect! You girls can lure the eel with bait and we can trap it in the net!

Rouge: So we’re literally going to risk our lives to lure a gigantic killer eel or probably die trying. … What’s the worst that can I happen?

Big: Um… Can’t I help??

Rouge: … Look, we told you we got this under control.

Sapphire: We don’t wanna see you get hurt.

Sonic: Besides, you were almost that giant eel’s lunch. So that’s a no go.

Big: But… I wanna help…

Knuckles: How about you help us by NOT helping us?! As soon as that stupid eel eyes you, it’ll eat you alive! Don’t you get it?! You’ve been a hassle to us anyway, so beat it, tubby!

Big: …

Cream: Don’t be so rude, Mr. Knuckles. Big was only trying to be nice…

Cheese: Chao…

Knuckles: Yeah, only he makes things WORSE! (Big walks away with Froggy following…)

Amy: … Oh Big… (She felt sad that Big was left out…)

Sapphire: (Pokes her face right in front of Amy.) Helloooooo! Don’t we have a city to save, sister??

Amy: … (Puts her hand on Sapphire’s face and pushes her aside.) Right… (Turns to Dr. Blyner sitting next to Honey.) Dr. Blyner, take Honey to safety. We’ll take it from here.

Blyner: Well… Alright. Just be careful out there.

Rouge: Easy for YOU to say.

Amy: … (She walks up to Honey) Don’t worry, Honey. Everything’s going to be fine, alright?

Honey: (She gives her the cold shoulder.) … … …

Amy: … … …

Rouge: Hey, pinkster! We’re losing daylight here!

Amy: … C-coming. (She follows her friends.)

Blyner: (He helps Honey up) Come on, we better move you to a safe place. We can try my apartment.

Honey: … … …

Back at the beach, the three boys and Sapphire were holding a huge row of nets nearby on a pier.

Knuckles: Anyone getting a suspicion that this would backfire?

Tails: Sea creatures are helpless in nets so this plan may suffice a chance to strike while the iron’s hot.

Knuckles: And are you certain that they’ll be able to outrun it?

Tails: They should be able to. Before they ventured off, I remodified the engine in their speedboat to give it an extra boost. It can run almost as fast as YOU, Sonic!

Sonic: (Sarcastic) You don’t SAY.

Sapphire: Wow, Tails! You’re really super smart!

Tails: You’re looking at a top notch major in science, Sapphire.

Sapphire: That’s amazing! … Do you think you can help me with my science homework?

Tails: (Confused) Uh…

Meanwhile out at sea, the girls were in the speedboat as Rouge was dropping some worm bait in the water while Amy and Cream keep lookout.

Amy: … … … (She seemed concerned about Honey…)

Cream: … What’s wrong, Ms. Amy?

Cheese: Chao chao?

Cream: Is it about Honey?

Amy: … … … Do you think… Honey’s changed?

Rouge: It happens all the time. The buddies that haven’t seen you in a while tend to change what they were accustomed to. You’d be surprised how quickly one’s personality can rearrange itself. Something must’ve hit that girl pretty hard to join a tough facility.

Cream: Yeah…

Amy: … … … Girls, you know that cute purse I got?

Rouge: (Dropping some bait in the water.) Yeah, what about it?

Amy: The woman at the store said it was made by a well-known fashion company. Who was it?

Rouge: How should I know? (Drops some more bait.) I think that’s enough of this area. Let’s keep moving. (They get ready to move on.) Ugh, I’m getting worm crap all over my gloves.

Amy: Rouge, language!

They notice some bubbles nearby…

Cream: (Scared) !!! I-I-IT’S COMING…

Cheese: (Frightened) CHAO…

Amy: !!! The eel’s closing in! Let’s move it, ladies!

Rouge: Don’t have to tell ME, twice! (She activates the motor and they speed off in the boat!!)

As they speed along across the ocean, the eel’s body slightly appears out of the water as it hightails to the girls!

Amy: !!! It’s gaining! Keep going!!

Rouge: Don’t have to tell me THREE times! (They try to boost the speed!)

Cream: (She holds Cheese in her arms.) Hold on, Cheese!!

Cheese: Chao CHAO!!

The eel slowly rises out of the water as it continues to chase the girls!!

Rouge: Mr. Eel’s HUNGRY…

It roared as the girls tried to move faster!

Meanwhile, back at the beach…

Sapphire: !!! Hey, boys! Lookie! (They see the girls in the boat as the eel was following!)

Sonic: Right on time. Come on, guys! (They hold up the net higher!)

The girls notice the trap being set up!

Amy: There it is! Alright, on the count of three, we veer toward the left!

Rouge: What?!

Amy: One… (The eel inches closer and closer!!) THREE!!!

They veer toward the left as the eel swam into the net! It gets tangled and stuck as it thrashes around splashing water everywhere! The girls park the boat onshore and rush towards Sonic and the others.

Amy: Is… everyone ok??

Rouge: So far.

Cream: We’re ok.

Cheese: Chao.

Knuckles: That was WAY too close.

Sonic: Well looks like we caught ourselves a big one! Let’s get this one cleaned up.

But right before they could approach it, the eel apparently had other plans. It’s body started to unleash some electricity all around the net!! The group stepped back as the eel was electrifying the whole net until it broke into pieces!!

Once again, it roared ferociously as the group trembled before it.

Sapphire: How did it DO that?

Tails: Well, an average moray eel emits about less than one hundred millivolts…

Rouge: Again, not too keen on science.

Sapphire: Me neither!

Tails: (Continues) But multiplying that from the Pink Craze… it makes it enough to break apart nettings.

The beast roars at them…

Meanwhile at a small apartment, Dr. Blyner was caring for Honey.

Blyner: (Walks in with some tea.) Would you like some more tea?

Honey: … … … (She nods.)

Blyner: (He sits down next to her and pours some tea out of the kettle into a cup and gives it to her.) So… I know this may seem a bit awkward, I mean… I’ve been told that you were hunting down the patrollers, so… I thought maybe-…

Honey: You don’t get it, do you?

Blyner: Huh?

Honey: This city’s in grave danger. I’ve been working my tail off just to save this city from the Pink Craze…

Blyner: … L-look, I’ve known the city was in grave danger from the start. I mean… Lilian’s the one who alarmed me and-…

Honey: Lilian?

Blyner: Hm?

Honey: Is she… a friend?

Blyner: … W-well, yes. We’ve been teachers at Royalton Academy for a while until… we went our separate ways.

Honey: … (To herself) She’s their leader, and I didn’t even tell them… Why didn’t I tell them sooner?

Blyner: You say something?

Honey: N-N-! … No, nothing.

Blyner: … So… can you perhaps tell me why you are hunting the Craze? … I promise you, I won’t expel any classified information if it’s… that… important.

Honey: You’re an accomplice, I won’t reveal my secrets.

Blyner: Well… I would say that I have some experiences in therapy. I’m not an expert, but I can understand how someone’s life can be… intertwined with some ludicrous events.

Honey: … I can’t say much, but… I’ve been instructed to collect as much craze as possible… and arrest anyone standing in my way… Even if it’s… my best friend. But even so, I have to follow my duties.

Blyner: Why?

Honey: Because… I wanna feel like I haven’t lost something inside of me. Before I joined G.U.N… I was empty… Filled with sadness… An urge to feel wanted and needed… I sought my salvation there and… I never expected to see that… Amy was a patroller…

Blyner: …

Honey: And I was told… That I have to arrest them, and bring their leader to justice… But even so… I couldn’t bring myself to tell them everything. I couldn’t tell them about Amy… About… Lilian… or anything. I don’t…

Blyner: …

Honey: I don’t really know for sure what they do with the craze I recovered for them but I have this strange feeling that… They’re hiding something. Especially when this person is telling the commander what to do.

Blyner: What person is that?

Honey: … I don’t know. I’m not sure if it’s a guy or girl… They never let me in on any secrets…

Blyner: … Do they… Do they appreciate you over there? Do they understand that you’re struggling to gain their approval?

Honey: … … … (She tried to say yes, but…) … … …

Blyner: … If you don’t wanna say anything, we-we can stop here.

Honey: … Ok…

Blyner: Do you… want some more tea?

Honey: … … … Yes… (Blyner gets up and walks to his kitchen.)

Honey felt sadness filling inside her. She wants to prove herself but… at the same time she doesn’t want to risk the danger of her best friend. An inner demon she constantly faces…

Blyner: (Walks in with the kettle) I hope you like this new flavor I bought. It’s jasmine-. (Honey was gone. The only clue leading to her disappearance was his door swung open.) !!! Honey?? (He puts the kettle down and runs out of his dorm into the hallway) Honey, where are you??

Honey was in the elevator, going down…

Back to the heroes at the beach, the eel tried to squish them into the sand as they dodged every move it made! Amy tried to strike at it with her hammer, but it was too fast for her!

Sapphire was hesitant on using her magic to fight the eel. She tried using her ice powers to freeze it, but it wasn’t enough as the eel broke through some frost she emitted.

Knuckles only managed to punch the eel in the side of it’s face, but it still did very little damage…

Knuckles: Jeez, what’s WITH this guy?!

The eel thrusts it’s body into the sand, shaking the ground!! Everyone was thrown off guard.

Cream: It’s too strong!

Amy: We can’t fight it like this…

Rouge: Well we had a good run…

Before the beast could strike once more, it quickly caught it’s eye on something hurling straight towards it. It appeared to be some sort of lure! It opened it’s mouth and chomped on it!

Cream: What was THAT?

It turned out to be a line leading all the way to… Big! He was pulling on his fishing pole as hard as he could!

Knuckles: Oh not again! We told you we don’t need your help!

But when they looked up again, they saw that the eel was slowly losing it’s strength from Big pulling on the line!

Amy: !!!

Rouge: We’re not seriously going to-?

Amy: Oh yes we are! (They rush to Big) Hold on, Big! (She grabs his chubby waist!) Everyone, grab ahold! We’ll pull the lure together!

They all did what Amy requested! As the group struggled to pull the eel with the line, it tried to fight off the strength!

Rouge: (Pulling with all her strength) Man, Big, you sure have a lot of guts to handle this monstrosity! And by guts, I mean literally and figuratively.

Big: Aw, thank you-whoa! (He tries to pull harder!)

Knuckles: Anyone mind telling us what’s next?! My arms are KILLING me!

Amy: Keep pulling!


They pulled harder and harder until the eel was losing it’s strength and was falling towards the sandy ground. At the same time, Big’s fishing pole broke and everyone fell back as the eel plummeted to the ground! Everything shook as the eel’s body was struggling to get back in the water!

Amy: (Quickly takes out a vaccine syringe.) Time to take your medicine!! (She tosses the syringe and it jabs into the eel’s body!)

Sapphire: Wow! That was an amazing toss!

Amy: Yeah! … I didn’t think I could do it! (The others collapse.)

The eel roared in pain as the vaccine flowed into it’s body like a cold shower. It’s pink hued eyes were slowly turning back into it’s original colors as it shrunk down back it’s normal weight and size…

The group was amazed to see a normal size moray eel flopping slightly in the sand.

Amy: Wow… To think such a weird little dose of that stuff could infect something like that.

Tails: By my perspective, the eel looks to be in perfect health… But it seems a bit shaky.

Cream: (Kneels down to look at it.) Aw, the poor thing’s terrified. (It looks up at her.) You must’ve been through so much, haven’t you?

Rouge: I hate to say this, girls, but I think Big might’ve saved our butts.

Froggy jumps on Big’s head in joy.

Big: Hee hee!

Amy: … Sometimes help comes from unexpected places. (Smiles.)

Sonic: Uh, guys? I hate to break up this adorable slice of life routine, but I think we need to get this little guy some therapy.

Knuckles: (Picks it up in his hands.) Heh. Not so huge and mighty now are ya, tough guy? (Out of shock, it electrified Knuckles. He collapses on the ground.)

Sapphire: Knuckles, are you ok??

Rouge: (Flattered) Do it again, I wasn’t looking.

Back at the fitness center… Lilian was having some tea with Ms. Sala and is actually enjoying a conversation with her. (Don’t worry, they have their clothes back on.)

Sala: More pumpkin spice tea?

Lilian: Oh I would love some. Thanks. (Sala pours some in her teacup and she sips it.) … You know… I actually thought you’d be an insane tree-hugger, but… you seem to be a really good help for my charisma.

Sala: Well at least you didn’t call me a hippie. That’s an insult to me and my family.

Lilian: Well, I’ll drink to that. (Sips the tea.) This wasn’t so bad, actually. I still feel chills from that bath. Both from the ice cubes and from shock.

Sala: But did it help you?

Lilian: I suppose it did.

Sala: Then mission accomplish, dear. You have gained full control of your anger.

Lilian: … I’m just worried about the girls.

Sala: You mean your students? (Puts a sugar cube in her cup)

Lilian: Yeah. I sent them on this dangerous mission and I don’t know if they were able to succeed or not. (She hears her cellphone ringing in her purse.) ??? H-Hold on a sec. (She answers her phone.) Hello? … Oh, Amy! Thank goodness your still in one piece, I-! … What? … Oh that’s great! Alright, I’ll be right over. (She closes her phone) I’m terribly sorry, Ms. Sala, but I have to meet up with my students.

Sala: I see. Well it was nice getting to meet you, Lilian.

Lilian: Yeah. It was nice seeing you too. (Puts her purse around her shoulder.) Can we meet up next week?

Sala: Don’t be late.

Lilian: I won’t. (She leaves.)

Back at the beach, Sapphire was tending the eel with some of her water abilities.

Lilian: So it was a moray eel. Very interesting. Did you have any trouble fighting this bad boy?

Rouge: (Sarcastic) Oh NO, it was a piece of CAKE.

Lilian: Sarcasm won’t get you any more day offs, bat-girl. (Rouge scoffs.)

Cream: You should’ve seen it, Ms. Lilian! Big showed up, and we all pulled together on his fishing pole and brought the evil eel down! It was AMAZING! (Big holds up his broken fishing pole.) … Oh, we’re so sorry your fishing pole broke…

Cheese: Chao chao chao…

Big: … … … Oh it’s ok. I’m just glad I got to help my friends!

Amy: … Thanks, Big. You were a great help even when we didn’t expect it. You’re a hero!

Sonic: A BIG one at that. Heh heh.

Knuckles: Yeah yeah, good for you.

Lilian: Well, Mr. Big, you seem to be quite an asset to the Patrollers. Great job.

Big smiles as Froggy croaks happily.

Tails: But this begs a bigger question. How did the Pink Craze seep it’s way underwater? Wouldn’t it dissolve into the ocean and poison all the other sea creatures?

Lilian: … It seems to be decisive. But that’s only a theory.

Sapphire: Ms. Lilian, is the eel ok now?

Lilian: I think it’s had enough treatment now. (Sapphire ceases her water abilities.) Let’s bring it back to the water.

Lilian carefully carries the eel to the edge of the water and slowly lets it go back in the water. It swims away back to it’s home.

Lilian: It’s going to be just fine.

Tails: That’s a relief.

Amy: … We kinda had to borrow the speedboat to trap the eel. I hope you don’t mind.

Lilian: I’m ok with that. So long as it’s not damaged, I’m perfectly fine with-.

Sonic: HEY!!

Everyone turns to see Honey getting aboard the speedboat!!

Amy: Honey?!

Rouge: What are you doing?!

Without answering, Honey took off in the speedboat.

Lilian: Wait, stop!!

Sonic: Don’t worry, I can catch up to her!

Amy: (She stops him.) Wait! … Just… Let her go.

Rouge: Let her GO? She tried to pin you down and you’re just letting her off the hook?

Amy: …

Lilian: Amy, don’t you know how expensive it was to make that??

Amy: You don’t understand! She’s just… confused, that’s all! We just need to talk to her!

Sapphire: But all she did was fight us! She’s gone to the dark side, Amy!

Amy: …

Cream: Ms. Amy?

Cheese: Chao…

Dr. Blyner runs in.

Blyner: Lilian! (He runs up to them, catching his breath!) Lilian! I have to tell you…! (Panting) I took Honey in because she was hurt… And she…

Lilian: We know. She got away.

Blyner: What?

Rouge: She got away in our speedboat. And Amy doesn’t want us to follow that little “friend” of hers.

Amy: …

Lilian: Honestly, are you still holding onto that? … Look, I’m sorry this happened to you, but… She’s not the girl you remember, Amy… She’s gone.

Amy: … … …

Later… Lilian was alone in the lab, checking on some documents.

Lilian: (She puts some folders into a file cabinet and closes it.) (She walks over to a coffee pot and pours some in a mug.)

She started hearing voices again.

Lilian: !!! (She was unaware if it was all around her or if it was in her head…) Where… Where is it coming from?? (She frantically looks around the lab, and the training area, only to come to nothing as the voices continue…)

Source… Source… Source…

Lilian: (She covers her ears…) S…s…Source? … What source?? … (She hears what she thinks is a heartbeat as she starts wishing that she wasn’t alone…)

She runs back to the lab but trips on the ground.

Lilian: Ugh!! (She clenches her wrist…) Ow… (The sounds of the voices and the heartbeat rang in Lilian’s head until…)


Lilian: … … … (She gets up…) Source… And a beating heart? Where is it coming from?

At Amy’s house… Amy was sitting on her bed, thinking about her conflicts with Honey and her torn up friendship…

Lilian’s voice: She’s not the girl you remember, Amy… She’s gone…

Amy: …(She walks over to her closet and takes out the small purse with fake gems glued to it.) Why do I have a feeling… This purse has some familiar ring to it? (She looks inside and sees a small piece of paper attached.) Hm. What’s this?

She looked at the paper and gasped. It said, “Honey Brand Clothes and Accessories”. A brand that she loved when she first met Honey the cat. Who was indeed the founder, CEO, and designer of “HBCA”.

All Amy could do was wipe the tears from her eyes… Her best friend made this purse that she loves but doesn’t understand why Honey threw her fame away…

Amy: … … … Honey… (A tear falls from her face…)

SLAP!! The commander of G.U.N slapped Honey across the face in his office…

Commander: Unacceptable! You were keeping the identities of their leader a secret, weren’t you?!

Honey was trying not to cry as the pain in her ankle made it hard to stand…

Commander: I should’ve disregarded you when I had the chance! Relying on nothing but your past friendship! It’s a disgrace to G.U.N!!

Female secretary: S-Sir, please settle down. She’s just a child. She doesn’t know what she-…

Commander: I don’t give a damn about her age! She had her duties to arrest the patrollers and she ignored her orders!

Honey: (She was trying not to cry…)

Commander: You came to us in your time of need. You thought you could earn salvation from us in a day. Well I have news for you. Arrogance will not earn you ANY respect! All you have been is a failure! And I will have no choice but to-!

???: Jeez louise, old timer. Don’t shout any louder or you’ll lose your voice!

It was Blake Bronze smoking a cigarette walking in.

Blake: You’ve been giving her WAY too much to handle in those little paws of hers. Arresting someone AND collecting the craze is a little too much for the kid to handle. Especially when she’s a bit lame, (Slightly kicks her ankle making her flinch.) don’t you think?

Commander: You’re only serving as part time in the Pink Craze hunt yourself, Mr. Bronze.

Blake: Excuse me for not contributing as much as you wanted me to. I’ve been kinda busy myself. I’m up to my teats in debts, you know what I mean? Arresting someone is just too complicated. What she needs here is just one simple job.

Commander: (Trying to be patient) What do you have in mind, Mr. Bronze?

Blake: (Smugs.)

He takes out a pistol and loads it with small gold bullets.

Blake: This custom made beauty is dangerous in the nimble hands but gets the job done. Each bullet is made with twice the number of led, making it easier to shoot down a target. Kinda like a silver bullet.

Commander: ???

Blake: In layman’s terms, one little pull of the trigger and they’re out like a light. Permanently.

Commander: Are you suggesting that we kill off the patrollers?

Blake: You want them outta your hair, don’t you, old timer? You shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity.

Commander: … … …

Blake: (Kneels down to Honey’s height.) Now listen up, sweetie. We’ll put you nicely back in the city as soon as your ankle heals. Ok? All you have to do is take this gun, point it to those patrollers, and pull the trigger.

Honey: … … …

Blake: Oh and one last thing. If you fail… Don’t even bother to come back. Do you understand?

Honey: … … … Y…Yes… S-…Sir… (Blake gives her the gun…)
Feeling the urge to try Final Fantasy 8.
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At long last, the long awaited machinima First Fears starring Sonic the Hedgehog and friends is finally here!

I would love to thank EVERYONE who helped support me in the making of this. I'd love to thank everyone else who contributed to the project in every way shape or form!

:icontinker-jet: Thanks for rounding up your voice acting crew from the very start!
:iconleaffox: Your voice is such adorbz! And your husband's cool too!
:iconsubsonicfire: Thanks for trying your best to do a good Sonic!
:iconhuchzermeierm: You were still part of the project partway, so I give thanks to your support too!
:iconclashwolf3: I apologize that you weren't able to make a soundtrack for this film, but I don't blame you at all. Thank you for your support too!

And I know I will get some criticism from this film since this was my first major film in Gmod. I know there are a few mistakes I overlooked but overall, I'm happy with this product. Thank you all for your support and please enjoy the video.
Yo-Kai Yo-Kai Yo-Kai Watche chee.


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United States
You don't hafta thank me for favin' yer work. Just make more! =)
Point Commissions - Open by SweetDukeRequests - Ask Me by SweetDukeTrades - Friends Only by SweetDukeGifts - Friends Only by SweetDukeI Know You're Concerned But... by silvvy

Hi there. Name's BigDream64. I'm a Nintendo Fan, Sonic Fan, Sony Fan, Brony, and anything that's awesome fan. I am currently in production of my own original Sonic the Hedgehog fan fiction series along with working in Garry's Mod machinima projects as well.

My original characters can be drawn but you must notify me if you draw them for fun or for a project. I just want to avoid having my own work get stolen. If you want to use them in a project, please let me know, because I won't tolerate people using my work with my permission, and I won't accept them being used for harassment and mocking on me or anyone else not worth poking fun at. Thank you.

And I know this may sound dumb, but PLEASE...
Comment Before You Favourite by BoffinbraiN
Please comment :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire

Cuz Fav 'n Run just to get pageview is BS.

1. Please pay me first and then I'll get to work on your commission. =)
2. Don't rush me please. I have other things to work on.
3. No things that are TOO mature. (Ex: Fetishes, Rule 34 Yaoi/Yuri.)
4. Same sex reference is fine as long as it's clean.


Good friends:
What Type Of Gamer Are You?
What Type Of Gamer Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Sonic Fan Quiz -- Create and Take a Fun Test @'s User Tests!

My Result: You're a semi Sonic fan!
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I'm NOT afraid to admit that Jesus is REAL! =D
Not ashamed to be Christian by sugarpoultrySAVIOR. by epiphany48
Follow my artwork at my Colors!Live website!

My favorite video games for the time being:
1. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
2. Rayman Legends
3. Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix
4. Freedom Planet
5. Sonic Generations

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At long last, the long awaited machinima First Fears starring Sonic the Hedgehog and friends is finally here!

I would love to thank EVERYONE who helped support me in the making of this. I'd love to thank everyone else who contributed to the project in every way shape or form!

:icontinker-jet: Thanks for rounding up your voice acting crew from the very start!
:iconleaffox: Your voice is such adorbz! And your husband's cool too!
:iconsubsonicfire: Thanks for trying your best to do a good Sonic!
:iconhuchzermeierm: You were still part of the project partway, so I give thanks to your support too!
:iconclashwolf3: I apologize that you weren't able to make a soundtrack for this film, but I don't blame you at all. Thank you for your support too!

And I know I will get some criticism from this film since this was my first major film in Gmod. I know there are a few mistakes I overlooked but overall, I'm happy with this product. Thank you all for your support and please enjoy the video.


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