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This is where I put my My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfiction series.
Also other artsy-fartsy stuff on here as well.


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Well it looks like Scott Cawthon has finally made a trailer for the expected sequel of Five Nights at Freddy's.
You can check it out here.

Now that things are REALLY starting to get freaky, there are lots of things about this sequel that are gonna raise a couple of red flags for my machinima.
Now I guess I REALLY hafta get crackin' on it by the time I get the remaining voice actors. Luckily this game won't come out until 2015.
And yes, my machinima MAY take place before the events of said second game. Well in my head cannon of course. I MAY try and write a sequel using elements from this but I would appreciate waiting to have someone try and make said maps for this new game in Gmod.

Either way, I'm excited but... There is NO WAY I'm playing ANY of these games. Not in a MILLION years.
Anyone remember Three Little Words? Unfortunately it will be remade in the near future, but I will uploaded what scene could be done on my YouTube Channel!
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Hey, guys. Me again. Again, REALLY sorry for not submitting many things like I used to. College is REALLY depending on me to learn things that may or may not be an impact on my knowledge. I hate you so much, algebra...

But other than that, let's get down to business!

First Fears! ... Still hasn't moved a muscle, but it is STILL being developed! However, there is some unfortunate news. Due to some time constraints (College and real life and such) The video MAY get a November release instead of October. Yeah... it's not that fun... But Five Nights at Freddy's wasn't released on Halloween either. =P

Also, I'm starting a Sonic Christmas Special! I already got the idea in mind, but it's not yet written out fully. What's different is that it's going to be an AUDIO story instead of Gmod. ... Mostly because I do not have time like I used to.

Now here's one thing that not too many people care about. My fan fictions of My Little Pony, future stories, and other such.

I will not be submitting my pony fictions into many groups like I used to because it's tedious submitting it to every single group I'm a member of. ... And let's face it, no one even CARES about it. Ah well.

Also, my newest Sonic fan fiction series is still in progress. Won't give out anything too revealing, but it will focus on Amy Rose, Rogue, and Cream the Rabbit. That's all I'm saying.

And just this morning, I got my very own Vegas video editing program! Now I just hafta install it when I can and the video will still continue!

I will post another update when the script of my Christmas special is completed and ask for voice actors again soon. Now if you'll excuse me... I hafta work on my algebra...

On the road across Dragon Town… The area was dark only lampposts lit up the sidewalks… Two strange figures walk by. They were twins, a boy and a girl. They both have the same hair color. White tinged with grey. They walk towards a statue of what looked like the legendary Pokémon Giratina.

Boy: June… Do you know who that is?

June: … That’s Giratina; The Guardian of the Graves, Keeper of the Sprits. Isn’t that right, Jacques?

Jacques: The one that guides spirits to either heaven or hell. According to legends, that is. Our training has finally paid off, little sister.

June: Where should we test it, big brother?

Jacques: Perhaps in the place were magic can be fully realized. If we enter that strange land, that power will belong to us. As long as we keep it up before sunrise, our work on those surrounded will be permanent. Do you have the book of our ancestors?

June: Yes. (She takes out an old book.) The Book of Souls. Made from the skin of a lamb… and doused in the blood of our people… When it collects the souls of the pure, they shall be our eternal slaves. …But if we do this, the Spirit Guardian will summon those to stop us. What if-?

Jacques: We shall make sure that it does not become real, sister. If they do come… we will end them quickly and painlessly. … Come sister, we must make our mark in history. (They both leave…)

The Statue of Giratina slowly turns its neck looking at the twins as they walk away…

Chapter 1:

Nighttime at Ponyville. Everypony was celebrating Nightmare Night! Many different faces that Twilight and her friends have met in the past have all attended this marvelous night of Halloween.

PinkiePie was trick-or-treating with young fillies, foals, even some human kids. The Blues tagged along too!

Kids: Trick-or-treat!

An orange bird similar to the blues asks for candy too.

Nearby, Tails was telling his friends to hide.

Tails: Ssh! He’s coming! Get in place!

Just then, Sonic runs in.

Sonic: Hey, Tails! Have you see the others come here?

Tails: … Now!

Sonic’s friends pop out from behind the trees and were wearing scary masks!

Friends: BOO!!! (Sonic: WAAAH!!!)

Everyone laughs.

Sonic: Aw, you guys. (Twilight and her friends (Except Fluttershy) walk in.)

Twilight: Hi, everypony! How’s Nightmare Night coming along?

Tails: It’s going great! It’s kinda hard to surprise Sonic these days, but I think we finally got him this year!

Sonic: You sure DID. I had no idea.

Twilight: Please be sure to keep it safe, alright? I can’t stop Beat from throwing eggs at everypony. (Which is what he’s doing to Neku in the background)

Applejack: Hey, wait a minute. Where’s Fluttershy?

Twilight: … (Sighs…) This again…

Later, at Fluttershy’s house, Twilight was knocking at her door.

Twilight: Come ON, Fluttershy! Why don’t you take part in the festivities? (Fluttershy’s voice: I don’t WANT to!) You were so BRAVE last year! What happened to you THIS year?

Fluttershy’s voice: You’re not taking me out there no matter what!

Twilight: … … Come ON, Fluttershy. I know it’s not right to force you, but you’re missing out on all the fun! … I’ll make sure that NOPONY will frighten you. … I promise. (Fluttershy: … … … (She slowly opens the door) … R-really?) You have my word. After all, you’re a dark master, right? (Fluttershy: … Sort of.) Of COURSE you are! Besides, what could go wrong on this happy holiday? (Fluttershy was still unsure.)

Back in Ponyville, Sonic’s friends were having fun in the festivities.

Fluttershy was sitting on the bench, nervously licking a lollipop.

Tails: (Walks in) Hey, Fluttershy! (Fluttershy: YIP!!) Mind if I sit with you? (Fluttershy: Um… ok… (Tails sits with her)) So uh… taking this holiday seriously?

Fluttershy: … No… Not really… I’m scared of this holiday more than anything… I… … I just have this odd tension that something TERRIBLE will happen… … I only agreed to come out here so I don’t disappoint Twilight.

Tails: Aw you’ve been inside that house too long. You need to get out more often. (Fluttershy: I’ve been out of Ponyville COUNTLESS of times.)

Tails: … (Chuckles) So… Where’s Princess Luna? Isn’t SHE supposed to host this party?

Fluttershy: She was supposed to. But she got called away about something. Princess Celestia is out as well. She’s spending the night with Cynder in Hallows Eve town, something about a Hallows Eve Ball.

Tails: Oh yeah, I’ve heard about that. Cynder holds that every year.

Fluttershy: But that doesn’t change my opinion about this horrible holiday… I only pretended to like it last year. And the year before that. … And the year before THAT.

Tails: … Well, if it’ll make you feel better, maybe you can help me with something that I need. (Fluttershy: It depends… What is it?) Well, I’ve been trying to find some knowledge about this world and couldn’t find much where I live. (Sonic runs by and walks backwards to meet up with Tails and Flutters) So maybe you can accompany me to the Castle of the Two sisters.

Fluttershy: I’m not really sure… I mean that place is really sacred. Especially to Twilight.

Tails: I’m sure she won’t mind. It could take your mind off of Nightmare Night for a while.

Sonic: Mind if I tag along?

Fluttershy: I thought you aren’t into knowledge and stuff?

Tails: (Laughs) He’s just trying to get away from RainbowDash after losing to her in arm wrestling. (Sonic was stretching his right arm in pain…)

Sonic: No kidding! She doesn’t even have THUMBS…

Sometime later, Tails, Fluttershy, and Sonic are in front of the Castle of the Two Sisters…

Sonic: Wow, SOMEBODY sure missed out on spring cleaning.

They step inside the dusty old castle…

Tails: Wow… I’ve never seen the looks of this.

Sonic: You guys check out what you need. I’m gonna go look around. (He walks off from them.)

Fluttershy: Please be careful around here, Tails. There are MANY hidden booby traps.

Tails: Don’t worry, Fluttershy. I got this. (He takes out his yellow device) As long as I have this open, we’ll be just fine. (They head to the library area.)

Somewhere else, Sonic ends up in one of the highest towers in the castle, in ruins.

Sonic: (He sees an odd looking telescope and looks through it.) Huh. Still functions pretty well. Let’s see what I can find. (He looks through the telescope looking at the stars. He then sees Ponyville at the far distance. He then moves to the right and sees… two odd figures standing on a cliff overlooking the town.) Huh? Who are those two?

On the hill… It turned out to be the same twins from the prologue.

June: Is this town appropriate, Jacques?

Jacques: Yes, June. I sense some positive energy in this town… makes me sick.

June: Is it a dragon master?

Jacques: Perhaps… But something else is unusual. It’s not the dragon master I’m sensing… … No matter. This town is now ours. … You may perform the spell of sleep. Once they’re asleep… the spirits of our ancestors will take their place.

June then takes out The Book of Souls and opens it. The book shoots out green electric energy and was heading towards Ponyville!! Back at the castle, Sonic witnessed this happening.

Sonic: !!!! Whoa… What are those two DOING? (He looks through the telescope again… only to see that… Ponyville was pitch black… He turns back to the cliff where the twins were… but they were GONE.) ??? (Without thinking, he dashes down the steps of the tower.)

Back in the library, Tails was flipping through a book while Fluttershy was looking around the dusty bookshelves. Sonic bursts in.

Sonic: Hey, guys! Hate to cut study time, but we hafta get back to Ponyville!

Tails: But… we just got here.

Sonic: That’s not the point. I was looking through a telescope in the tower and I saw two weird people shooting Ponyville with some odd electricity.

Tails: I find that hard to believe. (Sonic was disappointed.)

Much later, the group was on their way to Ponyville. … But what Sonic mentioned was true… Ponyville was dark… and empty…

Sonic: Told you.

Fluttershy: What happened to Ponyville?

Tails: It was fine the moment we left. (They walk into the abandoned town…)

Fluttershy: Hello! Anypony here? Hello! (Hovers around)

Tails: So… who did you say made this town all dark again?

Sonic: Two kids with some odd powers or something.

Fluttershy: (She lands near the two) Nopony’s responding! It’s as if everypony evacuated and left.

Sonic: Well… almost everyone. (Fluttershy looks behind her and in the distance was… Twilight with her back to them.)

Fluttershy: Twilight! (They run to her) Twilight, thank Celestia you’re ok! Do you know what’s happening to Ponyville? (Twilight didn’t respond…) … Twilight?

She turns around… But something was different about her. She had an evil look on her face and her eyes were blinding green!

Sonic: !!! Something tells me that isn’t the Twilight we know…

Tails: (Turns around) !!! SONIC!! (They both witness Sonic’s friends walking towards them… They too had evil faces and their eyes were piercing green…)

Sonic: Amy! Knuckles! Cream! Guys, snap it out of it, it’s us! (But they didn’t respond.)

Fluttershy screams at the sight of all the citizens of Ponyville and the visitors closing in on them. They all had the same evil green eyes…

Tails: What’s going ON here? It’s like they don’t recognize us!

Sonic: Come on, we hafta bail! (He, Tails, and Fluttershy run off!)

They eventually stop near the hill leading to the park to catch their breath…

Fluttershy: (Panting) Did… did we… did we lose them?

Tails: (Turns around) … !!! Uh… yes and no… (They see most of the possessed ponies walking towards them)

Sonic: Aw man, this bites! (They try to run, but more of these brainwashed citizens close in on them!)

Fluttershy: Stop, you don’t know what you’re doing! It’s US!

Tails: I don’t think they’re themselves anymore, Fluttershy… It looks like they’re being possessed by something… (As the possessed friends were closing in… Fluttershy and Sonic hear something faint…)

Sonic: ???? Tails? You hear that?

Tails: Hear what? I don’t hear anything. (The sound grows slightly louder…)

Fluttershy: There it is again… It sounds like… a bell… (It did sound like a bell…)

Suddenly… it bellowed deeper and louder! Sonic and Fluttershy both covered their ears as they groaned and grunted in pain each time the bell rang it was louder than before.

Tails: Sonic!! Fluttershy!! W-what’s wrong??

Sonic: (Grunting loudly) DON’T KNOW… HEAD HURTS… SO MUCH…

Fluttershy: (Groans) It hurts more every time that bell rings… (It bellowed louder in the heads as they scream in pain with bell towing louder and louder!)

Then, Sonic began some odd transformation as purple energy was seeping around his body as he grunts in pain… The same goes for Fluttershy… Sonic started growing hair out from his body as his hands grow bigger breaking his gloves… Fluttershy’s skin starts draining into a pale yellow and her mane became a darker pink… Sonic’s teeth grew into fangs as did Fluttershy’s. Then Fluttershy’s eyes become a dark crimson red as she screeched loudly while Sonic roared like a monster… Fluttershy and Sonic were now completely different! Fluttershy looked more like a bat… while Sonic looked more like a monster! That formed looked very familiar to Tails… Most of the possessed citizens backed away from this shocking sight…

Sonic: (His voice was deeper and rough) UGH… What was that? … HUH? (He looks at his hands. He recognized what he turned into…) Oh no… Not THIS again…

Fluttershy: (She hacks and coughs) Oh my… (Coughs) Why is my… VOICE so raspy??

Tails: We still have THEM to worry about… (The possessed citizens were coming for them again!)

Just then, there was a loud screech! Someone or something swooped down and snagged the three into the air!!

Chapter 2:

Into the sky, the strange creature looked like a crow-like dragon.

Sonic: Hey! What’s the big idea?! Put us DOWN! (It screeched at them)

Fluttershy: !! Wait! I know this dragon! It’s Crow!

Sonic: WHAT?

Tails: This is the first time I’ve seen someone turn into a dragon…

Sonic: Where’s he taking us?? (They see something as they were being flown towards it.)

Tails: That looks like… Canterlot Castle!

Soon, they were dropped near the castle.

Sonic: Nice trip… (They all get up.) You ok, Tails?

Tails: Ugh… I’m fine… Rough ride, though…

Fluttershy: (Coughs) My throat hurts so much from this… I don’t understand why I feel like this… Do I look normal?

Tails: Uh… I think you may wanna see this. (He leads Fluttershy to a fountain and she looks at herself through the water.)

Fluttershy: !!! (She screams!!) Omigosh omigosh omigosh omigosh!!! This-this-this CAN’T be!! I’m… … I’m a BAT-PONY again!!

Sonic: … A bat-what now?

Fluttershy: But… That’s weird… I don’t… FEEL any different… I still feel like myself… (Coughs) Except that…

Just then, the dragon in the air transformed onto the ground. It was Crow.

Crow: You guys ok?

Sonic: Would be a lot better if you didn’t pull us like that.

Crow: These things happen. Got a problem with that? (His hand was bandaged up.)

Tails: What happened to your hand?

Crow: Nothing. Let’s go. (They go inside the castle.)

Inside the castle throne room…

Fluttershy: … Um… Anypony here?

Tails: Uh… Who are we waiting for?

Crow: We’re waiting for Princess Luna. She knows what’s going on here.

Sonic: You think we came a little early? I don’t see her anywhere.

Luna: You’re all right on time. (Sonic, Tails and Fluttershy were startled.) This situation is dire. And I’m afraid my poor sister is unable to help at this point. So it must be up to me and all of you.

Sonic: Hold up! We have a few questions for ya! What’s the deal with this transformation?

Fluttershy: And what’s happened to all our friends???

Luna: … It seems the Spirit Dragon has chosen you to help.

Fluttershy: Spirit Dragon? … Do… you mean…

Crow: Giratina; The Guardian of the Graves, Keeper of the Sprits. Guides those to Heaven or Hell. (Tails gulps) He sensed something wrong and looked for those willing to help. … He must’ve chosen us and rang the Spirit Bell to awaken the darkness within you.

Sonic: That explains why I’m in this form again.

Tails: That doesn’t make sense. Sonic only transformed into that when he was empowered by the spirit of Gaia.

Luna: Giratina used his OWN spirit to assist young Sonic. As for Fluttershy… You had TWO. The were-dragon and your bat form. He extinguished the were-dragon form to make room for your… batty side.

Fluttershy: But… Twilight and her friends cured me… How did I get this back?

Luna: … Your dragon element of darkness must’ve stored it within you…

Tails: !!! Sonic, you and Fluttershy must’ve heard the spirit bell which made you both transform! But… how did Crow know about this? And Princess Luna?

Crow: I heard the Spirit Bell.

Luna: As did I. Dark magic has been used and as Keeper of the Spirits, he sensed the disturbed souls that are in great fear.

Fluttershy: What about our friends? What happened to them?

Luna: Their souls have been taken from whoever has cursed them. Without souls, their bodies are a demons’ playground.

Sonic: We hafta find whoever’s behind this and put a stop to them!

Luna: The only way we may restore honor and peace unto this land is to retrieve the Three Holy Keys. (She uses her magic to make visions of the three items the crew needed to find.) We must find the Stone of Resurrection, The Sword of Joan of Arc, and the Horn of life.

Tails: (Types something on his yellow keyboard) … Whoa, these artifacts are rare and powerful. The Stone of Resurrection can help spirits rest in peace as well as release evil ones. The sword that belonged to Joan of Arc has a mysterious power that no one knows about… And the Horn of Life can put proper souls back in place.

Sonic: Sounds like a handful.

Luna: You will be grateful to know that I found the locations. However… we must restore Ponyville by sunrise. I should be able to keep the moon up long enough for us to retrieve the keys and use them in Ponyville. However, my sister is oblivious and may bring the sun up if she comes back… If that happens… the spell upon these poor citizens will be permanent… (Fluttershy was really afraid…) Come my friends, I shall lead you to the location of the first Holy Key. We must hurry. (They walk with Luna… But Fluttershy was still in denial…)

In another location, June opened up a pair of gates.

June: … Father and mother use to bring me here all the time. Brings back so many memories…

As she walked through the area, it was revealed as a graveyard. Each step she took somehow… woke up the dead as they burst out from the Holy Ground moaning and groaning… Meanwhile, the group was on their way to said location. Fluttershy was clinging to Sonic’s back, covering her face.

Fluttershy: Omigosh, I’m so scared, I’m a bat-pony again, Even though I feel like myself, I’m just freaking out, I can’t handle all this scariness, I just hate Halloween so much, I just wanna scream so loud that-!

Sonic: HEY! Fluttershy! Two things, Ok? Calm… DOWN. … And get off my back. (Fluttershy gets off of Sonic’s back.)

Luna: We’re here. (They stop by some huge gate.)

Fluttershy: Oh… This is… quaint. Where are we?

Luna: The Dragón Cemetery. The Biggest cemetery in the world. (They see that it was a HUGE cemetery. Fluttershy screams as she tries to fly away!)

Sonic: HEY!! (He then thrusts out his arm and it stretches far enough to grab Fluttershy and pull her back to the group) … Heh. I still got it. So what do we do here?

Luna: We find the Stone of Resurrection. It’s in the center of the cemetery.

Tails: (Types in his handheld) Whoa… This place IS big. Luckily this map should provide us the shortest and fastest route to our location.

Sonic: Let’s go in then.

Crow: Not so fast. This place has been disturbed.

Tails: Whatta ya mean? (They look through the fence to get a closer look… They see some zombies walking around. Fluttershy tries not to scream…) Z-z-zombies???

Sonic: Maybe it’s a good time to kick some zombie butt!

Luna: Not a chance. These bodies have souls of demons inside; if they see us we’ll be their next meal. We must stealth past them and leave them be. (Just then… the gates open by themselves…)

Crow: Let’s go. (He jumps into the air and turns into a real Crow. He flies off)

They step inside the cemetery as the gate closed behind them… The group tries their best to sneak past the zombies… Later, they were just about to reach the center.

Tails: Man that took forever. But at least we’re on the right track… (But then, out of nowhere, another zombie popped out and pinned Tails to the ground) AAAUGH!!!

Sonic: TAILS!!! (He stretches out his arm and shoves the zombie off! The zombie falls on its back…)

The group makes their getaway… Later on, they finally reach the center.

Tails: Thanks for that, Sonic. I thought I would be joining the army of the undead tonight. (Shudders)

Fluttershy: I think we’re here… (She sees some pedestal in the center.) Is that the resurrection stone?

Tails: Looks like it. (They walk towards it. Tails tries to pick it up… But it passes through his hand!) Huh? I can’t pick it up…

Sonic: ((He tries to pick it up, but the same thing happens.) Me neither… (Princess Luna tried as well but to no avail. (Luna: Not even me…))

Fluttershy: … … … (Hesitant, she taps her hoof on the stone…) !!!!! … (She slowly picks it up as it glows mildly in her hoof) That’s strange… How come only I can hold it? (Just then… loud piercing howls bellowed the air!!)

Crow: (In his Crow form he flies nearby) We got Guardians of this graveyard coming! And they’re not happy! (They heard some growls…)

They looked ahead to see… Two Golden wolves growling at them!

Sonic: Heh! Finally I can kick some butt! Bring it on! (He thrusts his hand onto one of the wolves… However the wolf didn’t flinch, but the pain impacted into Sonic! He howls in pain!)

Tails: Incredible! It’s like they’re made of real gold!

Fluttershy: And they’re REAL angry… (The wolves were growling as they creep towards them.) Um… Excuse us… Mr. Wolves? You’re looking… so majestic… what with you made of GOLD… (One of them barks at her) YIP!! Oh… ok… There’s no need to be rude. I just want you to be nice to us. (The two wolves then started circling around Fluttershy…) I mean we’re trying to save our friends and all so we would appreciate it if you were nice to us…

The wolves were growling… One of them lunges at Fluttershy but she dodges at the last minute.

Fluttershy: You stop it! That’s not very kind of you and you know it!

Luna: I don’t think they understand you, Fluttershy!

Fluttershy: … (The wolves still growl) … Fine. If you won’t listen then I’ll… MAKE you! (Sonic: How does THAT work?!)

One of the wolves lunges at Fluttershy… Fluttershy fidgeting, swifts her hoof and it smacks the wolf on the nose! It whines like a real dog would.

Fluttershy: … Oh wow… It worked… (It continues whining in pain, tending to its nose) Oh I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to hurt you. You were just trying to protect the stone, weren’t you? (It barks affirmatively) Well… We need it to save our friends and it would be so nice of you if you could let us borrow it. … Just for a little while?

The wolves howl. Then they ran off.

Sonic: … Unbelievable.

Luna: Well… One way or another, we have the stone. We must make haste to our next location.

Somewhere else Jacques was in a church with a stain glass design of a dragon on the wall.

Jacques: … You’ve been asleep for too long. Time to wake up and seek your next meal. (He takes a torch from the wall lighting up the place and tosses it. It smashes the window, streaks of colorful lights start flying around. They go up into the darkness of the ceiling.)

Sometime later, the group opens the large doors to find themselves in the same church.

Fluttershy: What is this place?

Crow: (Normal human self) It’s the Grey Mausoleum. I forgot what happened to this place.

Tails: (Looks at something on his handheld) It says that it used to be a church of Saint Agatha. Unfortunately a monster stormed this place.

Fluttershy: A MONSTER??? Does it have HUGE fangs, filthy hair and large claws?? (Sonic: *AHEM*…) Um… Besides Sonic?

Tails: It’s actually a dragon made out of stain-glass. The people of this church were quick to seal her away before more damage could be done.

Luna: So this dragon’s female. How quaint. (They walk forward) This next key is the Sword of Joan of Arc. It should be here somewhere… but where to be exact?

Then, they started hearing a heartbeat sound.

Sonic: ??? Guys, you hear that?

Fluttershy: Yes I do… It sounds like… a heart beating…

Luna: For a second there I thought it was me… (The sound starting getting louder and faster…)

THUD!!!! Something thuds behind them! They turn to see… a dragon made of stain glass!! It shrieks loudly at them! Fluttershy screams and hides behind Crow!!

Sonic: I got this! No dragon can take me down!

Tails: Sonic, don’t!! It may look like a dragon but it’s made out of glass! You’ll get hurt if you fight it! (Sonic grunts angrily)

Crow: Leave her to me. (He takes out some daggers)

The stain glass dragon swished its wings shooting out shards of glass. Crow dodges and tosses some daggers at its chest with no effect. It then shoots some strange beam at Crow, trapping him in a stain glass dome! Sonic quickly kicks the glass freeing Crow! However, the dragon hovers in the air and shoots out more glass shards. Sonic and Crow quickly dodge… But one of the shards pierces him badly in the shoulder making him fall in pain!

Fluttershy: CROW!! OH DEAR!! (She tries to help him up, but the dragon was face to face with Fluttershy. She tried to get away, but the dragon pinned her down with its claws!!) AAUGH!!!!

It screeches at her!

Tails: Princess Luna, what do we do???

Luna: Fluttershy, you must find a way to shatter it!

Fluttershy: But… But HOW??

Tails: Fluttershy, you’re a bat, remember?! You hafta scream at the top of your lungs to break that dragon apart!

Fluttershy: But I don’t know if I can do it! YIP!!! (She breaks free and dodges the dragon’s claws! Fluttershy hovers around as she tries to keep a distance from the dragon!)

Tails: Just do it, Fluttershy!

Fluttershy: Um… Ok… I’ll… I’ll try.

She takes a deep breath… and screams at the top of her lungs like a real bat! It was so powerful the others had to cover their ears! The dragon couldn’t take it as the sound started cracking its glass body… Crow sees an opportunity. One dagger was left. He then tosses it at the dragon’s chest! It pierced its chest, making the dragon scream in agony as it fell to the ground, with glass spreading everywhere…

Fluttershy tries to catch her breath as she lands on her hooves. (Sonic: You ok?) I… I think so…

Luna: !!! Look! (They see in the rubble of glass… the sword of Joan of Arc!)

Tails: Whoa… I never thought the sword was in there!

Luna: Perhaps the people hid it in the dragon? … Or maybe it swallowed it. (She tries to pick up, but like last time, it went through her hoof) … Ugh… no good…

Fluttershy: … (She was able to pick it up with her hooves…) But… why me again?

Tails: At this point, I’d rather just get this whole ordeal out of the way. (He turns to Crow still in pain. Crow takes out the glass from his shoulder) You ok, Crow?

Crow: Ugh… I’m fine.

Luna: We have the stone, and the sword, but we’re still one talisman short.

Sonic: So where are we going NOW? Somewhere deep in the ocean? Cuz that’s one place I’m NOT looking forward to.

Luna: Actually it’s close by.

Later… the group was in…

Fluttershy: PONYVILLE!?!?!? WHY HERE?!?!?

Chapter 3:

Fluttershy: You mean there’s a talisman in Ponyville??

Luna: Not exactly. It WAS from another location. And yes it was from an ocean. (Sonic: I KNEW it!) However, someone retrieved it before we did and brought it here. But who it is… that is beyond me. (Crow: …)

Tails: Wait… You don’t think DM has it, do you?

Sonic: Speaking of DM, where is she anyway?

Tails: … Crow, you know something about DM, don’t you? Where is she? What happened?

Fluttershy: Is she alright?

Crow: … Something happened before this.

As Crow as explains, you can imagine what is happening as the story unfolds.

Crow doubles over in pain as the bell that rang earlier pierces his mind…

???: RUN…

Crow: !!!! (Out from the shadows… DM walks in… She had an evil glare and her eyes were piercing green. She strikes with her swords.)

Crow dodges but his hand gets cut by the blade. The bells were still tolling as he quickly bandages his hand and runs out of the house. He jumps into the air, transforms into a Crow-Dragon and flies off.

Back to the present…

Fluttershy: Oh no… Poor DM…

Tails: Where is she now?

Crow: I’m not sure, she could be anywhere.

Luna: She would want us to focus on getting the last talisman. Crow; escort us to your house.

Crow: Would be easier if THEY weren’t looking. (The group sees most of the citizens and visitors of Ponyville still under the dark spell…)

Sonic: How are we supposed to get past them?

Luna: Leave this to me. I’ve been studying this particular spell. And I hope this will aid us. (Her horn glows bright as a dark and light blue dome covers the group.) They see themselves transparent!

Fluttershy: (Gasps!!!) OH NO!!! I’m a ghost!!

Luna: Calm yourself, Fluttershy. You are not part of the deceased! This is only a temporary invisible spell!

Tails: Wow… I feel weird…

Luna: This spell won’t last for long. Crow; lead us to your house, quickly!

Without hesitation, the group seeps past the possessed citizens as quickly as they could. At last, they reached the house. Just in time for the spell to were off. Crow tries to open the door, but it was lock.

Crow: Locked… (He then sees the kitchen window open.) … Sonic, give me a boost. (Sonic stands under the open window and Crow hoists himself on Sonic’s shoulders while crawling into the open window. The group waited for Crow to come out as they kept watch.)

Tails: This is odd… We should’ve been spotted by now. (Just then, the front door opens and Crow walks in holding the last talisman. The Horn of Life.)

Crow: Looking for this.

Sonic: Alright! We got all three of… whatever they are! So, we’re good to go, right?

Tails: (Looks at his handheld.) Uh… maybe not… (Sonic: WHAT?!) Something’s coming our way… And it’s not pretty…

Far off in the distance… marching feet of soldiers walk by… But these soldiers dressed more like from the past millennium.

Soldier: Tear this place apart, men. If we don’t destroy those talismans, Lord Jacques and Lady June will have us dropped back in the fiery pits of Hell. (They march forward)

Back to the group…

Tails: !!! They’re headed our way!

Fluttershy: What do we do now?

Luna: We must think quickly. Crow, you, me, and Sonic must fight these demons! Tails, help Fluttershy locate the source of this evil!

Tails: You got it!

Fluttershy: But what about you guys?

Sonic: Don’t worry about us! We’ll be fine! I’ve been itchin’ for a fight all night!

Tails: Be careful, Sonic!

Fluttershy: Be safe, everypony… (They fly off)

The dark soldiers stopped in front of Sonic, Luna, and Crow.

Soldier: Out of our way, naves!

Sonic: If you want us to move, then MAKE us move! (He starts glowing light blue as he howls loudly!)

The group started duking it out with the soldiers!

Meanwhile, in another part of Ponyville…

Fluttershy: Did you find it yet, Tails?

Tails: (Presses something on his handheld) Just a minute… I’m almost… !!! I got it! It’s somewhere near the Town Hall!

Fluttershy: That’s not too far! We must save our friends!

Tails: Let’s go! (They venture forward… And right when they got to Town Hall… They saw Jacques and June…)

Fluttershy: Um… Excuse me? Can you… please let us through? We hafta save our friends from some evil purpose.

June: … Is this whom Giratina sent, big brother?

Jacques: … From the looks of it… They are rather odd.

Tails: Wait… Are YOU two the ones responsible?

Jacques: What’s there to say? … My name is Jacques. And this is my sister, June.

June: Our goal is to inhabit this pitiful town with the souls of our ancestors.

Tails: Who were they then? Sorcerers? Witches?

Jacques and June: Necromancers.

Fluttershy: Oh dear…

Jacques: You were quite cunning in retrieve those Holy Keys from the traps we placed for you. … But you are all too late.

June: We shall finally fulfill our family’s wishes. Absorbing the souls of spirits dead and alive were only key roles. Now they shall all play their part. (Takes out the book of souls.)

Tails: Wait! Before you do… Tell us WHY you’re doing this?

Jacques: … Very well, if you insist. (A flashback begins) Our parents were undertakers in the service of Giratina. Cleansing the cemetery of those who passed on.

June: Yearning for power equal to him, they converted to necromancy. But Giratina knew what was happening and swallowed their soul’s whole… (Flashback ends)

Jacques: He has become our enemy and we must take revenge on our parents who were only trying to be as equal as him.

Tails: That must be why he chose us to help.

June: How could insignificant creatures like you be of use to him?

Jacques: Maybe we’ll find out. If you can stand up to our little pets. (DM jumps in… She was still under the evil spell. Just then, Twilight and her friends under the spell walk in as well…)

Fluttershy: !!! N-No… I can’t fight my friends!

Tails: Fluttershy, I don’t think we have a choice. Use the sword of Joan of Arc to stop them!

Fluttershy: No! No, I won’t do it, Tails! My friends are the ones that I refuse to fight! They’re the ones that matter most to me!

June: If your friends matter the most, what about your life? (Twilight and the ponies pin Fluttershy and Tails down!)

Jacques: You want to save your friends, but you don’t want to hurt them. So what can you do?

Fluttershy: (She was very hesitant… But then she started getting angry as she bolted out from their grasp, screeching like a bat! She pushes some of them off, freeing Tails!)

Rarity and Twilight shot magic beams from their horns to attack, but Fluttershy dodged each of their attacks. Rainbow, Thor and Richard fly in to pin her down, but she was too quick for them! PinkiePie and Applejack tried to bum rush her, but Fluttershy dodges only to have them bash into each other. (Fluttershy: Sorry…) DM was standing by with a sword ready… Without thinking, she grabs the sword of Joan just in time to counter DM’s attack. She does her best to defend herself.

Jacques: How boring. We need some more entertainment. Don’t you think, June?

June: Yes, big brother. We must summon more allies. Our soldiers should be on their way to dispose her.

Suddenly, a soldier falls to the ground near them. Sonic, Luna, and Crow made it just in time!

Sonic: You mean THESE soldiers?

Jacques: It can’t be…

June: You’re freaking kidding me…

Tails: Right on time, Sonic! (But then, DM knocks back Fluttershy making her fall and drop the sword!) Fluttershy!!

Fluttershy: !!!! OH DEAR… I don’t wanna hurt my friends, but how am I gonna free them?? (Just then… she looks at the sword shimmering in the moonlight.) !!! Wow… Joan must be very clever… (DM was just about to strike again until Fluttershy dodges; she grabs the sword in her mouth again.) I’m so sorry, DM… (Fluttershy, holding back her feelings, had no choice but to strike… DM falls to the ground… (Trying not to cry…)) … I hope I didn’t hurt you too bad…

Crow: DM!! (He puts her head on his lap…) DM? … Wait… There’s no blood… (All of a sudden… DM groans…)

Jacques: Impossible. How can this be? (Fluttershy looked like she was crying… but she started laughing)

June: Stop laughing. It’s NOT funny.

Fluttershy: I’m sorry… (Catches her breath…) I just can’t believe how… STUPID YOU ARE!!! You didn’t take DM’s soul at all! You only controlled her! You preferred the souls of my friends because they’re insignificant to you!

Tails: Wow… That’s kinda weird of you to say, Fluttershy.

Sonic: Yeah… Using words with more than two syllables.

Fluttershy: … … The sword of Joan of Arc cannot pierce the body. It pierces the soul! (She swishes it through Tails. It goes right through him!) See? Not a sign of injury!

Jacques: What is your point?

Fluttershy: My point is… I know why Giratina chose me… Because I’m the only one who can use the Holy Keys! That’s why only I could touch them! He knew my friends were precious to me; he didn’t want me to make that terrible choice of hurting my friends to save them. He also knew how much I feared this dark power… that’s why… he showed me that I can use it without being afraid. Now… it’s no longer fear… It’s respect. … Which is something you and your family don’t have! (She takes out the stone of resurrection.)

Jacques: This can’t be…

The stone floats out of Flutter’s hooves and shines brightly. From the brightness, all the evil souls inhabiting the bodies were now released! In the Dragon Cemetery, all the undead collapsed on the ground while the horrid souls left as well…

June: Brother, we must repeat this process! (She holds up the book, but it was thrown off her hands by magic from Luna! It falls on the ground!)

Luna: I wouldn’t do that if I were you, heathen!

Jacques: (He runs to get it, but Sonic punches Jacques in the face, making him bang into the town hall building.)

Sonic: I don’t think so!

All of a sudden… the book ignited itself on fire!

Jacques: NO! (He tried to put out the fire, but the book kept burning until it was nothing but ashes… Green and light blue streaks bursts from the ashes into the air…) No… Our ancestors… Our family… RUINED…

Tails: Nice job, Crow! What with burning that book up!

Crows: Tails, I didn’t do that.

Luna: Me neither…

Tails: Then… who? (Just then, some black and transparent-like tentacles shoot out from the ground, grabbing Jacques and June!!)

June: AAUGH!! What’s happening??

Fluttershy: !!! OH DEAR… OH DEAR… It’s… HIM…

Jacques: GIRATINA!?! (They heard a ghastly voice…)

???: Would you like to join them? (And just like that, Jacques and June were pulled down into the ground, screaming!)

Nothing but silence… Fluttershy tries not to pass out…

Tails: Fluttershy? You ok?

Fluttershy: I’m… a little… sh-sh-shaky… but… (She breaths in and out) … I’ll be ok… (She sees that Twilight and her friends were unconscious… Sonic and Tails noticed that everyone was out cold…)

Sonic: Fluttershy, that horn!

Fluttershy: Uh… Horn? Oh! T-the horn of life! (She takes it out…) But… what do I do with it?

Luna: Blow it, Fluttershy. The good souls of our friends still linger high in the air. (They see that the souls are still circling around.) They do not know where they are going, and they need your guidance! Blow it, Fluttershy! They shall hear you!

Sonic: Are you done with the drama already? Just DO it, Fluttershy!

Fluttershy: … … … (She inhales and blows loudly on the horn… It starts glowing white as all the souls stopped scattering around! Each soul was going back into its proper body!)

As soon as the last soul made it… the horn stopped glowing… DM slowly comes to…

DM: Ugh… Crow?

Crow: DM… (He hugs her)

DM: Ugh… My head hurts… What happened? I didn’t… hurt anyone… did I?

Crow: … Not really… It’s a long story.

Luna: … You did it, Fluttershy. You saved all of Ponyville.

Sonic: Hey, I don’t remember HER fighting off those demon soldiers!

Crow: Or that stain glass dragon for that matter.

Tails: And I don’t remember finding information about the three Holy Keys AND tracking all of them down so we don’t look like a bunch of idiots just running around. Oh wait, no, I DO remember.

Luna: (Chuckles) Of course, my friends, of course. You’ve made the proper choice, Fluttershy. I’m sure my sister would be happy to hear this. (They see Princess Celestia walk in.) Sister!

DM: Princess Celestia? Do you have any idea what happened?

Celestia: I’m not particularly sure… But I kept seeing the sky changing on my way here. Something terrible must’ve happened. I’m sorry I wasn’t here to aid you all.

Luna: No fret, Celestia. We have it all taken care of. But I suppose you should know what’s going on.

Sometime later, Luna finishes explaining.

Celestia: I see… So Giratina enchanted you all to save Ponyville. I have never been so amazed.

Luna: You know Sonic, I sensed Giratina seems very interested in your were-hog form,.

Sonic: Sorry, but I prefer to be my old self again. The fur I can live with. But the fleas, they’re murder… (Tails laugh)


All of a sudden… the same bell that rang before started tolling again. Right in the nick of time for Celestia to bring up the sun…

Crow: Hey, look! (They see something black flying across the distance as the sun was rising…)

Fluttershy: Oh my… Thank you, Giratina… (Suddenly… Sonic and Fluttershy started grunting in pain again… But this time… They were back to their regular selves again!)

Tails: Sonic, Fluttershy! You’re both back to normal!

Sonic: Well… Isn’t that something! What happened?

Luna: Giratina has released you both from your dark forms. (All the citizens that were unconscious started waking up!)

Twilight: Ugh… F-Fluttershy? … Sonic? What… what happened?

Applejack: I think we were having a blast last night… And then the rest is all… BLANK…

Amy: Sonic… I don’t feel so good…

Knuckles: What happened last night?

Sonic and Fluttershy: … … …

Fluttershy: You all must’ve partied so hard it made you all very sleepy.

Sonic: Yeah! We sure had a fun time, didn’t we?

Tails: Uh… Oh yeah. Yeah, we sure did! … I think it’s about time we all head home.

Amy: Good… Cuz I think I’m getting a migraine…

Twilight: Fluttershy… Are you SURE nothing happened?

Fluttershy: … Absolutely sure Twilight. Absolutely.

Sonic and Tails were leaving with their friends. Sonic oddly kept scratching his shoulder… A tuft of grey fur is seen on his shoulder… As for Fluttershy, she was helping all the citizens get back up. … What she didn’t know, was that her mouth still had fangs…

The End…?

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Ep. 278 Return of the Wer
Here's another fan fiction! Sorry we haven't been releasing much like we should've.

Halloween Party in Ponyville! At least that's what it ought to be. A strange force drained the souls of Twilight and the others. Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, and Fluttershy remain. Now they must track down the source and save their friends... With a strange twist happening to Fluttershy and Sonic...
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Hello all, me again. The production of First Fears is going smoothly! But due to some college this MAY (Not yet confirmed) get a November release. But I'm not too sad about that one. Anyway, I have some really nice ideas for future videos to boost my popularity onto YouTube.

A CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! ... Well I haven't thought of an idea yet but I'm still in the process.


... Yeah, I know the idea sounds a little stupid, but hey, I wanna do it. What's special is that I wanna make this into a RADIO video. Audio only if you recall. I have a pretty good idea, I just hafta think it through more.

But for now, I must focus on my college life... and First Fears.

Also, I'm DEEPLY sorry for not submitting much like I used to. I haven't drawn ponies in a LONG while. But don't worry, I'll find time for it when I can.

Cheers. =)


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Hi there. Name's BigDream64. I'm a Nintendo Fan, Sonic Fan, Sony Fan, Brony, and anything that's awesome fan. I work on vector art and fan fictions based on the hit show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I would really appriciate a watch and a chance to commission for you some time. Until then, thanks for viewing my page. I will not give my name to certain people, and I refuse to show my face on the web for security reasons. But just to let you know, I'm a guy.

My original characters can be drawn but you must notify me if you draw them for fun. I just want to avoid having my work get stolen. iIf you want to use them in a project, please let me know, because I won't tolerate people using my work with my permission, and I won't accept them being used for harassment and mocking on me or anyone else not worth poking fun at. Thank you.

And I know this may sound dumb, but PLEASE...
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Well it looks like Scott Cawthon has finally made a trailer for the expected sequel of Five Nights at Freddy's.
You can check it out here.

Now that things are REALLY starting to get freaky, there are lots of things about this sequel that are gonna raise a couple of red flags for my machinima.
Now I guess I REALLY hafta get crackin' on it by the time I get the remaining voice actors. Luckily this game won't come out until 2015.
And yes, my machinima MAY take place before the events of said second game. Well in my head cannon of course. I MAY try and write a sequel using elements from this but I would appreciate waiting to have someone try and make said maps for this new game in Gmod.

Either way, I'm excited but... There is NO WAY I'm playing ANY of these games. Not in a MILLION years.

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