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This is where I put my My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfiction series.
Also other artsy-fartsy stuff on here as well.


Progress of recording of First Fears... TERRIBLE...
I'm still trying to find time to record but I have this ridiculous math test this Monday, mini essay in English, family issues, my life's just being tossed out the window as of now...
I will find time to work on it sometime soon. Other projects will be finished around First Fear's development. Hopefully I can TRY and get it done by Christmas or 2015...
I know, delays suck so hard...
Working on a half-hour movie in Gmod is NOT easy. Especially when you put COLLEGE in the mix. Most importantly, I hope YouTube allows this video when I'm through with it. Otherwise if they act like retards with this thing I might have to find another way to upload it. Thanks.

Ponyville in the morning. Beautiful morning. Like any other morning. Until something blue zooms by interrupting some ponies having a nice morning. MORNING!

Stallion: Hey, watch it, you rat!

It turns out; it was Sonic running at top speed with Tails flying by his side.

Sonic: Jeez, you think these ponies have some manners. (As he converses with Tails, he runs by other ponies and hops across some café tables.) Did you find him yet, Tails?

Tails: (Holding his yellow handheld) Not yet. He could be ANYWHERE in this town. !!!! SONIC, WAIT!

Sonic: !?!?!? (He tries to skid to a stop, only to be half-buried in the ground.)

Tails: I think I found him! (Sonic pulls himself out) It seems he’s located right inside… Oh boy…

Sonic: … You know, every time you say that it’s never really good…

Meanwhile inside Twilight’s castle, Twilight was fast asleep in her bed… Until something white was tickling her face.

Twilight: (Giggles) Richard, Spike… *Yaaawn…* (She sits up in her bed) It’s not like the two of you to wake me up so early in the-… ?!?!?!!? (Some weird jellyfish-like creature with one eye greeted Twilight as if he was saying hello.)

Outside of Twilight’s castle… Sonic and Tails heard her scream!

Sonic: I knew it… (He and Tails zoom inside the castle. They navigate all around the rooms and halls until they reached Twilight’s bedroom.)

Twilight: AAAUGH!!! … (She covers her body with the blankets, blushing.)

Sonic: Uh… morning, princess… Have you seen a weird alien-like creature flying around here? (The creature was floating around Twilight.) Oh, there he is.

Twilight: SONIC! (She gets out of bed) You better tell me what the hay this weird jellyfish is doing in my castle!

Sonic: Uh, it’s not a jellyfish, you’re majesty. It’s more like a-…

Twilight: I don’t care WHAT it is; I’m more concerned on WHY it’s here.

Tails: Uh… We may hafta start from the beginning. … ItallstartedawhileagowhenDr.Eggmanmadethishugeamusemntparkinouterspaceandwasusingittostealthese

Twilight: … (Shakes her head) Um… Can you please… start from the beginning? (Sonic face palms.)

Tails: Alright. Y’see, Sonic freed these cute little aliens called Wisps. (Twilight: Like a willow-the-wisp?) Not exactly. They’re outer space aliens made from a REALLY powerful energy source called “hyper-go-ons.”. Sonic and I found our little friend Yacker wondering around here not too long ago.

Twilight: This thing has a name?

Spike’s voice: TWILIGHT!! (Spike runs in!) Twilight! (Catches his breath…) Twilight! (Turns to Sonic and Tails) Oh, hey guys. (To Twilight) Twilight, you hafta come outside, Ponyville’s going all bonkers!

Twilight: ??? (She runs out with Spike. Sonic and Tails follow)

Outside, Twilight was witnessing a whole bunch of wisps of different colors flying all over Ponyville! All the citizens were going awry!

Sonic: (He and Tails catch up) Huh. Looks like we’re late for a party.

Chapter 1:

The citizens of Ponyville were trying to get away from all the curious wisps roaming and floating around! DM was walking by and notices the fiasco happening.

DM: (She stops near Twilight, Spike, Sonic, and Tails.) Something big happening?

Sonic: Uh… that depends on HOW big it is.

Applejack: (Runs in) You guys mind explaining what’s goin’ on here? It’s hard to round up these little critters! (A yellow and orange wisp was pestering here!) Hey, come back here you, jelly-fishin’ varmint! (Runs after it)

Twilight: We hafta find my friends and fix this whole mess, fast!

PinkiePie: (She came in, floating on a green wisp as if it was a balloon) Morning, Twilight, Sonic, Spike… and TAILS! (And it turns out, Amy rose was clinging to the green wisp, trying to hold on!)

Amy: Sonic, get me DOWN from here!

Tails: I don’t think it’s gonna be necessary, Twilight…

They hear Rarity screaming. In the distance, they see Rarity, Cream, and Cheese were being bothered by some blue cube-like wisp. It was trying to get a closer look at Rarity. Fluttershy was being pestered by a purple creepy-looking wisp; Richard was trying to avoid a pink spikey wisp playing darts with him. RainbowDash was trying to catch a red speeding one, but wasn’t successful. Thor was being electrocuted by a white-ish yellow wisp! Applejack was still trying to catch the yellow and orange wisp with a rope.

DM: … Oh yeah, something big is happening here.

Sonic: … (He started sweating) *Whew…* Is it hot here, or is it me?

It turns out; a red flaming wisp was staring at Spike, making the group hot!

Spike: Uh… Twilight?

Twilight: Sonic, round up all the others NOW! I hafta get to the bottom of this!

Sonic: No problem. (But just before he could take off, a cyan wisp wandered in and went inside him! He then starts darting off at light speed away from the group!)

Twilight: (Twilight was so shocked.) What in the world was THAT?!

Tails: It’s nothing to worry about, Twilight. I’m pretty sure Yacker knows what’s going on.

Sometime later, Twilight and her friends were in the center of Ponyville as some of the wisps around the town were still floating around, leaving the citizens confused. Sonic eventually meets back with the group as the cyan wisp pops out of him.

Amy: Where have you BEEN?

Sonic: Sorry, I was just trying to track down the others. It’s been a while since I used these little guys.

Twilight: Do you mind telling me WHY they’re in Ponyville? And how they even GOT here?

Yacker: 

The group seemed confused by Yacker’s language.

Cream: What’s he saying? (Cheese: Chao chao?)

Tails: Hold on. I hope I still have this. (He takes out his handheld and presses some buttons.) … Oh sweet! The translator’s still here! (RainbowDash: Translator?) Yeah. I added this in when we first met these guys.

Fluttershy: So um… (Turns to Yacker) Why are you and your little jellyfish friends here?

Yacker: 

Tails: (Looks at his handheld.) Uh… Ok. He says they are grateful of our deed in the past, but something has gone amiss once more. Their planets were being dragged across the universe. AGAIN. (DM: Again? It happened before?) Yeah. Only this time, a HUGE white and pink creature snagged them all and dropped them here before their planets were taken away. Literally. He also says this creature was awful angry at whoever was stealing their planets.

Thor: Pink and white? That doesn’t make any sense to me.

DM: I think it may have something to do with Palkia. The Spatial Dragon. He must’ve brought them here.

Yacker: 

Tails: He’s says that’s the creature he saw.

Sonic: I think I see where this is going. It may have something to do with Eggman.

Rarity: Now what makes you think it’s him?

Sonic: Because Eggman, plus dragging planets across a universe to tick off a space dragon, it’s quite obvious. (Just then, some helicopters flew in from the sky, getting the attention of Ponyville. It was holding a huge TV screen.) Well, I rest my case.

The TV screen then turned on to reveal…

Eggman: Hello, happy ponies of Ponyville!

Sonic: Eggman! Told you! You all owe me a dollar.

Twilight: Sonic, no bets.

Eggman: It is I; you’re most intelligent and trustworthy friend Dr. Eggman! So tell me, are you all bored out of your skulls? (PinkiePie: YES!) Do you wish to go to someplace FUN and exciting? (PinkiePie: Of COURSE we do!) Are you willing to enjoy a delightful time with your friends and family? (PinkiePie: Why do you keep ASKING?) STOP INTERUPTTING ME!! (PinkiePie: … Uh… ok… You’re the boss.) Then come on down to the one and only ultimate experience of wonder and fun! Equestria Land! Where you can enjoy five great attractions for the price of one! That’s right, five for the price of one! This amusement park was constructed entirely out of a sense of remorse for my past mistakes, and is no way associated with any evil plot whatsoever.

Most of the citizens were so excited.

Eggman: And for today only, all the rides and food are FREE! (That got most of Ponyville excited!) So come on down to Equestria Land for the fun of your lifetime! EggmanEnterprisesisnotresponsibileforthedamagedonetoanyponyorproperty.Upondiscoveringsaidevent,
amissingponyreportshallbesubmittedwithinnintydays. So come by train only to Equestria Land! Have a nice time! (The TV shuts off)

PinkiePie: (Gasps) Omigosh, five attractions and they’re FREE? I’m SO in! (Twilight holds down her tail.)

Twilight: Don’t even THINK about it, PinkiePie! There’s something weird going on. FIRST, these odd looking wisps show up. And THEN, there’s Eggman building some weird amusement park to lure Ponyville in!

Cream: Didn’t he try something like this and it didn’t work?

Sonic: It’s déjà vu once again.

Twilight: We have a REAL problem on our hoovesand we need to fix it! Besides, you hafta be completely naïve to fall for something this stupid!

Female pony: WOW! Five attractions for FREE?

Little filly: Free food and rides!

Stallion: Let the carnival craze begin!

Twilight: (All the other ponies start charging into the direction of the train station!) NO, PONIES, WAIT!! STOP!!! (She gets crushed by the huge excited pony mob.)

Tails: Naivety at its finest.

Twilight: (Quickly gets up) What’s going ON?? Why are my ponies falling for this bologna!? (DM: (Scoffs) Welcome to my world.) Ponies, we hafta get them back! There’s no TELLING what will happen if something goes wrong! Princess Celestia will find out and I’ll be held responsible! To the train station as fast as lightning! (She runs off)

Thor: Never saw Twilight that anxious.

Fluttershy: Well these ponies ARE our friends too. So we’ll HAFTA help Twilight.

Amy: And probably find out if all this is really by Eggman.

The group begins to leave, with Yacker confused. Yacker then calls forth most of the wisps that were bothering Twilight’s friends.

Yacker: 

They understood and flew with Yacker to follow Twilight and her friends. Meanwhile… In a lab-like office… Eggman was looking through a surveillance camera of some robots opening the gate to said theme-park.

Eggman: (Heartily laughs) I can’t believe how naïve and foolish these ponies are! I know this plan has been repeated, but I’ve taken ONE step higher! (Opens a microphone) Orbot! Cubot! Get in here! (He hears the door banging.) … UGH… Press the green BUTTON to open the door. IDIOTS…

The door opens as Orbot and Cubot come in.

Orbot: (Saluting) You called for us, sir?

Eggman: Yes, I did. I want you to keep an eye on the aliens I’ve managed to capture. That lousy space-dragon came out of NOWHERE and RUINED it! I could only get HALF of them in my grasp thanks to that beast! … No matter, I may have suffered a delay, but I still have enough for my master plan!

Cubot: Hey uh… Didn’t you try this plan before and it… didn’t go so well?

Eggman: I know that, you numbskull, but like I said I’m one step ahead! The reason why I’ve put this little park near Ponyville is to get rid of them once and for all! Especially that nuisance of a princess Twilight!

Orbot: Uh… speaking of Twilight… (He points to the screen and sees that Twilight and her friends were walking to the gate.)

Eggman: ?!?!? … Well well well! The timing couldn’t be more perfect! Twilight and her little friends have showed up! (He notices Sonic, Tails, Amy, Cream, and Cheese onscreen as well) Oh and even BETTER! So they think they have the gall to rescue their little ponies, huh? Orbot, Cubot! Activate security! (They both saluted. Orbot left the room while Cubot wandered in the wrong direction and tried to catch up.) (Cubot: W-wait, wait for me!!) I know those security bots are just as useless as those two, but this is only phase ONE of my master plan for domination! This time I WILL have the last laugh! This time I WILL crush Twilight Sparkle! And this time… This time… I WILL. CRUSH. SONIC!! (Laughs so hard he starts coughing) I think I need one of those mints… My throat’s off…

As Sonic, Twilight and their friends walk in through the entrance, everypony is running around having the time of their lives looking at rides, restaurants, shops, you name it. Eggman’s voice through the intercom plays a greeting.

Eggman’s voice: Welcome one and all to Eggman’s Equestria Land! Everything fit for fillies and foals of all ages! Don’t forget to visit the gift shop for all kinds of souvenirs!

Sonic: Oh yeah, he’s definitely doing this again.

Tails: At least the entrance wasn’t some crazy fast accelerator.

Twilight: Can you just get a map of this place so we can round up these ponies?

Applejack: Uh, guys? I think we may be in some trouble…

Rarity: Now what makes you think that? … !!! (They see some security robots surrounding them!)

Sonic: Wow, Eggman’s one step ahead of us. I’m actually impressed. … Well, just a LITTLE.

The robots start opening fire! The group scrambled around, trying to get away from the bullets of the robots! Around then, Yacker and most of the wisps caught up and witnessed this happening. One of them which was shocking Thor before zoomed down.

Thor: (Trying to catch his breath) Whoa… What’s with the security?! We didn’t do anything wrong! (Just then, the white and yellow wisp floats around him!) Oh no, not you again! (This time, the wisp entered Thor’s body!) HUH?? (Thor’s body started electrifying like crazy as he shoots away like lightning!! Thor then falls on his stomach on another building!) Ugh… (The wisp pops out of his body) Ow… What the hay was THAT? … (He gets up as the wisp was talking to him…) … I wish I can understand what you’re saying little guy… Or girl… … Or whatever… shocker you are. … Huh? (He looks downward and notices… Orbot and Cubot pushing some huge weird box-like things in place.)

Cubot: So what’s these big box thingies, again?

Orbot: Don’t you pay attention anymore? These are time-bombs. The boss needs the hyper-go-on energy from the aliens to charge them before he can use them to blow up the citizens of Ponyville.

Cubot: Wow, the boss sure thought ahead, that’s for sure!

Orbot: I guess I should give him credit where it’s due. (Slouches)

Thor: (Thor heard everything.) Huh… Sonic’s right. Eggman IS up to something after all. (The wisp then goes back inside Thor as his body was charging up) Oh no not again!!! (He zooms off like a lightning bolt again!!)

Back to the group, Sonic bashed the last robot.

Sonic: (Talking to the scrap metal) *Whew…* For a second there, I thought for sure Eggman would’ve pinned us down. But NOW look! Who am I kidding! I knew how this would end!

Twilight: Are you talking to a buncha scrap metal?

Sonic: … Uh… Well that depends. What’s important is that we’re safe. For now. (Tails: Absolutely.) So… we can just forget about the talking to dead robots thing, right?

RainbowDash: Not even CLOSE! (Laughs)

Amy: This is the first time we see you talking to some JUNK, Sonic. (Giggles)

Sonic: … Touché…

Cream: … ??? Uh, Rainbow? I think you should move…

RainbowDash: What?? Move from Ponyville? Are you CRAZY?

Spike: (Looks up…) I think she means from that spot.

But it was too late, Thor ended up crashing into Rainbow as the wisp popped out of his body.

Thor: (Standing up on top of her.) Whoa man! That was WICKED!

Twilight: What’s gotten into YOU all of a sudden? And where have you BEEN?

Thor: Didn’t you see?! One of these floaty guys went inside me and I got powered up by some wild energy! And after that he popped out of me!

Tails: Huh… It looks like the wisps have manipulated the dragon elements from within the ponies.

Sonic: Wow, that’s enough to make me jealous!

DM: Sounds like an improvement.

Twilight: Alright! Enough of improvements! I need answers and plans on getting my ponies out of this place! It has Eggman written ALL over it!

Thor: (He gets off of Rainbow as she clicks her back) Well you’re in luck. I saw his robot goons put together some time-bombs. They were also talking about using the aliens to charge them!

Twilight: Time bombs?

Sonic: Well that’s low. Even for Baldy McNosehair. (The wisps and Yacker hover in, talking all worried.)

Amy: (To Tails) You getting any of this?

Tails: (Looking at his handheld) Yeah. They’re totally freaking out. It seems what Thor said was pretty accurate. Eggman has captured HALF of the wisps and is converting them into energy for those bombs.

Fluttershy: Is it true that Eggman is going to blow up this park with EVERYPONY in it?

PinkiePie: (Gasps) Everypony’s gonna go KABOOM!! You hear me?! Kaboom!! (To Cheese) KA-BOOM!!!

Twilight: This is just great… First aliens, then my ponies, and now TIME BOMBS!! I can’t even comprehend what’s going to happen next! I’m starting to wonder if my ponies have any BRAINS!

Fluttershy: Don’t you think it’s a little… harsh?

Tails: Got it! I managed to get a digital version of the map! (Holds up the hand-held) There are five attractions, where most of the wisps are probably held captive. And I was able to locate the time bombs placed in main areas.

Twilight: Tails, your technology is a life saver! With this map, I can finally come up with a plan! We’ll all split up into teams. (She holds Tails’ handheld) Applejack, Fluttershy, head to the attraction called “Spooksville.”

Applejack: You can count on us, sugarcube.

Fluttershy: Not ME…

Twilight: Rainbow, Thor, you’ll probably not regret this, but I need you to head to the attraction called “Sky Race.”

RainbowDash: You’re right! We’re SO not regretting this! (Twilight: It’s NOT for fun!) And now we are.

Twilight: Amy, do you think you can help PinkiePie in the “Astro World” attraction?

Amy: Of course! I’ll make sure PinkiePie is on her best behavior.

PinkiePie: Wait, what?

Twilight: Rarity, are you well enough to go to “Aqua World?”

Rarity: Sounds like a vacation! I’ll do it!

Cream: Can me and Cheese go with Ms. Rarity? (Cheese: Chao?)

Twilight: Um… Ok then. Spike, I need you to stay with Richard. You’re both going to the “Industrial Park.”

Spike: Why do I have a feeling it isn’t going to sound as pleasant as I think it will?

Sonic: That leaves you, me, Tails, and DM to handle those time bombs.

Twilight: Pretty much.

Yacker: (He and the other colorful wisps float in) 

Twilight: Sorry, you’ll just get in our way. We have work to do. Everypony understands?

Everyone: Yeah!

Twilight: Then let’s get Ponyville back!

They all run off splitting up. Yacker suggests that they follow as well. They do just that.

In the attraction “Spooksville”, Applejack was looking around while Fluttershy was acting like she usually is in scary places.

Eggman’s voice: (Intercom) Welcome to SPOOKSville! The spookiest attraction in Equestria Land! Prepare to scream as you ride the ghoster-coaster, shriek in fear as you experience the haunted mines, and don’t forget to check out the special performance of the Bone-Men singing their newest hit, Chiller Thriller. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Applejack: I got a feeling a DEAD GUY’S gonna sue…

Fluttershy: Couldn’t we just go to a safer attraction instead of this one?

Applejack: Aw, don’t let this place fool ya, sugar. Only three year olds could get afraid of something (Holds up a jack-o-lantern) as lame as this. (But then… the scary jack-o-lantern started glowing purple and laughs demonically!)

Fluttershy shrieks in fear as she hides behind a rock with her flank showing. All of a sudden, something purple pops out of the pumpkin it was the Nega-wisp that followed them. It laughed and cackled mischievous.

Applejack: Ok, now THAT was spooky. (Chuckles).

The wisp then flew over to Fluttershy and pulled her back to Applejack with her tail. He then nuzzled in her tail while Fluttershy was afraid of it.

Fluttershy: PLEASE get off my tail… PLEASE…

Applejack: Aw, I don’t think he wants to hurt ya. He just likes scaring the bajibbies outta ya. (Laughs.)

Just then, something was burrorwing out of the ground.

Fluttershy: Oh no!! It’s a zombie! We’re going to get our BRAINS eaten! RUN!!! (But the one who came out of the ground… was the Drill-wisp!)

Applejack: … It’s not a zombie, Fluttershy. It’s just one of Yacker’s wisp friends.

Fluttershy: Do you think he’s a zombie wisp??

Applejack: (Goes up to it) Well howdy, little fella. Any chance you know where your friends are? (It Points forward) … Well, he must know where they’re hidden. Let’s go. (She follows the wisp).

Fluttershy timidly follows with the Nega-wisp holding onto her tail, playing with it. After a short while, the two feared they were going around in circles.

Fluttershy: We’ve been walking around forever, Applejack…

Applejack: It’s only been ten minutes, dear. We’ll be just fine as long as we stick together.

Fluttershy: Tell that to them… (An army of security robots blocked their paths! They were covered in white sheets.) YIP!

Applejack: (Sarcastic) Spooky.

Fluttershy: How are we supposed to get past them?? (The Nega-wisp cackles and enters Fluttershy’s body) Whoa! Oh-! Oh-! Oh dear! (She flashes purple!)

Fluttershy’s body was now black and purple as her eyes were pure white! She neighs like a scary night-mare and charges past most of the robots! Applejack was quite stunned as Fluttershy moved ahead of her.

Applejack: Wow… Now THAT’S what I call a night-mare. (The Digger wisp then entered her body!) Hey-! W-what in tarnation-?! (She twirls down into the ground!)

Most of the robots still standing were confused… Only to have Applejack shoot out of the ground, destroying most of them! She lands on her stomach as the wisp pops out of her.

Applejack: Hoo-WEE!! (Stands up) I’m as happy as a gopher drinking ground-hog cider! Do that again, lil’ fella! I hafta catch up to Nightmare Fluttershy! (The wisp does just that as Applejack tunnels underground!)

Meanwhile, Rainbow and Thor were flying around the “Sky Race” attraction. Other pegasi were flying around freely.

Eggman’s voice: Welcome pegasi and race lovers to the Sky Race attraction! If you are willing to enter the annual tournament, please consult with the front desk! If you wish to fly around freely, please be sure to sign your name on the guest list! Thank you!

RainbowDash: Oh man, this is ALMOST as cool as flying for real! You can actually believe your flying in the sky with the clouds! The air feels so identical! Omigosh! This attraction is so… … BORING!! I mean LOOK at this place! We’re in a HUGE racetrack DOME! This isn’t fun at all!

Eggman’s voice: If you have any complaints regarding to the Sky Race attraction, please consult with the front desk or leave the park.

RainbowDash: Which is exactly what I’m gonna do! (Flies away)

Thor: Hey, wait up, girlfriend! (He stops her in her path while the lightning wisp did the same. It started copying his body gestures.) We have a MISSION if you don’t remember! We hafta get these wisps outta here before this whole place combusts!

RainbowDash: Mind giving me that in laymen’s terms, Captain Egghead?

Thor: UGH… Rescue wisps and ponies or place goes ka-boom!

RainbowDash: Oh DUH! Why didn’t you say so??

Eggman’s voice: We have a special announcement! The champion of Sky Race, the robo-eagle has entered the building! And if the lucky winner manages to beat him in a race, they will win first prize!

RainbowDash: Now THAT’S gotten my attention! Where is he anyway? (It zooms right above them! On its belly was a tank filled with wisps that were being used to make it run!)

Thor: Ok, now you REALLY hafta beat that thing.

RainbowDash: No problem. (She flies off and sees the bird eye to eye) Hey, bird-brain! Just so you know, you’re dealing with a PRO in flying! I can probably win with my eyes shut if you just-! (It takes off at top speed) HUH?! (She hovers in midair as she watches it fly away!) No FAIR! I didn’t even finish my GLOATING! How do I compete with a MACHINE?!

Just then, the red wisp that she tried to catch flew up to her, trying to communicate to her.

RainbowDash: Oh it’s YOU, again! Trying to get away from ME, will ya?! (She tries to grab it, but it kept dodging her!) Hey! H-hold STILL! (Just then, it went straight into her body) OOf!! Ugh… I feel WEIRD… (She starts glowing red!!) HUH?? (She blasts off at top speed, screaming at the top of her lungs!!)

Thor: (Thor witnessed everything with the thunder wisp as well.) Wow… what a burst of power! I’m gonna need that extra juice if I’m gonna catch up to her! (To the wisp) Mind giving me some juice? (The wisp was happy to obliged.)

Later, in the attraction “Astro World”, it was as if the whole world was in outer space.

Eggman’s voice: Here in Astro World, you can live out your dreams in conquering every square inch of the galaxy with a single moon-jump!

PinkiePie and Amy were quite stunned.

Amy: Talk about outer space! What a view, isn’t it, PinkiePie? … ?!?!?!

PinkiePie: Yeah! It sure is! (She was riding on the green hovering wisp) Especially if Yacker’s friend is a balloon!

Amy: W-wait… How long has this alien been following you??

PinkiePie: I don’t know, and I don’t care cuz he’s FUN! FUN I tell ya! Wee!!

Amy: PinkiePie, we’re not here to mess around! We hafta find those poor wisps before Eggman blows this place up!

PinkiePie: (Hanging upside down, clinging to the wisp) What’s so bad about that when you have a zero-gravity alien as a friend?? (It then went inside PinkiePie’s body! She fell onto the ground.) (Amy: Not so fun now, isn’t it?) (Gets up) Oh NO! I ATE my little alien! I can’t even TASTE him for some odd reason! And if I did, he wouldn’t taste good at all! I mean, he’s GREEN and all and when I think of green, I usually think of-! (Amy: ROBOTS!!!) Um, actually I was thinking of kiwis cuz they’re GREEN! And you know what else I think is green? (Amy grabs Pinkie’s head and twists it 360 degrees to her direction.)

There were a bunch of security robots dressed in space uniforms.

PinkiePie: OH! SPACE ROBOTS! That makes sense! (One of them started shooting a laser gun at them! Amy and Pinkie tried their best to get away!)

All of a sudden, PinkiePie went from running… to… floating like a bubble!

PinkiePie: Whowhowohwowhawweeeeeee!!!!

Amy: PINKIEPIE, stop fooling around!

PinkiePie: I wish I could, but I can’t! And I HOPE it doesn’t! WEEE!!!! (All of sudden, balls of light flashed in front of PinkiePie and zinged into the robots, destroying them!)

Amy: HUH?!? What was THAT?? (Pinkie was still floating around) PinkiePie, did you do that?

PinkiePie: Of COURSE I did, silly! Spaceship is helping me! (Amy: Spaceship?)

PinkiePie: The green guy that’s making me float around! Weee!!

Amy: Yeah, but… but… How did you do those balls of light??

PinkiePie: I don’t know, and I don’t care cuz it’s FUN! FUN I tell ya! Wee!! (Amy was stumped)

Chapter 2:

Somewhere in the center of the park… Eggman was counting some capsules containing the wisps he captured in his eggmobile.

Eggman: Twenty-three… Twenty-four… Twenty-five… … It’s STILL not enough! How am I going to fill up the time bombs?! (Orbot and Cubot fly in)

Orbot: Have you tried filling them with something else??

Eggman: Do you see anything else BESIDES hyper-go-on alien juice lying around?! (Cubot looks around.) Those are the ONLY things that can power those bombs! (Cubot shrugs). BAH… Now I hafta recount. Twenty-one… twenty-two… … ?!?!? HUH?! One of them is opened?!? Who could’ve done that so fast behind my back?!

???: Apparently…

It was DM, Sonic, Tails, and Twilight!

DM: …Sonic ain’t the only fast one here. (The wisps that she freed were a cyan and a lighting wisp.)

Eggman: You… YOU!!! Just who do you think you are?! (DM: … Diana Maria. Dragon Master.)

Eggman: I KNOW exactly who you are! That was a rhetorical question! I suppose you’re here to stop me, aren’t you?

Sonic: Nah. We’re just here to have a good time, do a little shopping, and… probably kick your butt in the process.

Orbot: This is quite fascinating! Usually Sonic is the fastest, but the dragon master moved faster when she freed those aliens.

Eggman: FINE. Since you’re so smart, YOU take care of them! Give them front row seats in the Dragon-Coaster! (He takes off in the eggmobile with Orbot and Cubot trying to catch up) Asta-la vista, morons!

There was a loud rumbling as a huge metal-robot-dragon with seats on its back flies in, roaring loudly.

Tails: Whoa, that’s huge!

Sonic: If you’ll excuse me, I have some scrap metal to deal with. Free those wisps! This will probably take me five minutes.

He races forward to fight the monster. Sonic does his best fighting the monster as he dodges its bite attacks. It lunges its tail at Sonic, grappling him!!

Tails: Sonic!!

Twilight: How do we STOP that huge thing??

DM: Wish I knew… (Just then, the cyan and lightning wisps she rescued twirled around her and each went into her two swords. They glowed brightly as DM wielded them.)

Sonic was still trapped by the wrapping of the monster’s tail. It was about to strike at Sonic! However, DM lunged into the air and thrusts her first sword beaming with electricity into the skull of the beast! The lightning fuses were moving from the head to its tail, heading for sonic! Luckily, DM sliced the tail with the other sword glowing like a light saber, freeing Sonic before he could’ve gotten shocked! The beast exploded into millions of pieces as DM and Sonic land back safely with Tails and Twilight. The wisps in the swords pop out too.

DM: Wow! That was pretty easy!

Twilight: (Twilight was quite stunned as the wisps pop out of her swords.) Oh great, so YOU get an improvement too?

DM: Why not? This is the first time ever I’ve seen anything like this before.

Tails: Wow… Pretty weird for wisps to convert their energy into DM’s swords…

DM: They’re not ordinary swords I can tell you that.

Sonic: *whew* Thanks for the save DM. Let’s try and get these wisps free.

DM: You got it, buddy. … Darn, I’m starting rub off on Sonic.

Meanwhile, Rarity, Cream, and Cheese were at the “Aqua World” attraction. They seemed to be in a huge dome with the outside an ocean filled with fish and other underwater life.

Rarity: Oh MY! Blue should definitely be my newest fashion trend!

Cream: (Turns around) Um… Ms. Rarity? I think someone’s following us.

Rarity: Hm? AAAAUGH!!! (She hides behind Cream.) Get that beast away from me!! Its square-ness is going to ruin my perfectly round figure! (It was the blue cube wisp! It tries to communicate with Rarity!) Stop FOLLOWING ME!! (She runs around in circles while the blue wisp follows.)

Cream and Cheese watch the whole fiasco happening. Rarity then banged into something, which made the wisp frantically turn around and run to Cream!

Rarity: Ugh… !!!! (She was encountered by security robots dressed in togas and carrying tridents.) Omigosh!! … Those outfits look absolutely TERRIBLE on all of you! (The robots held out their tridents.) !!!! (Points to Cream) It was the bunny! Aaaugh! (She runs from the robots, only to have herself, Cheese and Cream get surrounded!!)

Cream: Oh no! What do we do now, Ms. Rarity??

Rarity: (Scared stiff) CAN’T. TALK. TOO. SCARED. TO MOVE. (The blue wisp hovers in… And goes inside her body!) AAAAugh!! EEEW!! Now this disgusting creature is INSIDE me! How worse can this get?? (All of a sudden, she starts glowing blue!!) Huh??

FLASH!!! Rarity, Cream, and Cheese… are inside a huge ice cube! They were able to move around freely in it surprisingly.

Cream: W-what happened??

Rarity: I’m… not sure… This wisp seemed to have tapped into my ice ability. … I must say the edges of this ice cube are quite clear! And it’s even better than a MIRROR! (The robots hold out their tridents.)

Cream: Oh dear… They may break through the ice! (Cheese: Chao chao…)

Rarity: Cream, dear. I may have an idea. It’s very crazy, but… Hold your breath. (Cream: Huh?) Just do it! (Her horn glows brightly as… the ice cube was filling up with water!!)

As soon as the water was filling the ice cube up to the brim, it started cracking, and all the water bursts out, washing the robots away! Rarity, Cream and Cheese gasp for air… They were all soaking wet…

Rarity: Oh my… I can’t believe that worked. (The blue wisp popped out of her body) OH!! … (It converses with her, happily) I appreciate your help, little cube. But PLEASE warn me next time you’re going to do that. (Gets up) Ugh, I’m soaking WET!

Eggman’s voice: (Intercom) Remember fillies and gentlecolts, be sure to bring some extra towels because the attractions you’ll be visiting in Aqua World will get you SOAKING wet!

Rarity: NOW he tells me.

Sometime later, Spike and Richard were exploring the Industrial Park attraction.

Spike: This place is boring.

Richard: We just walked in, Spike.

Spike: With those two tagging along. (The spike wisp and the fire wisp were following them.)

Richard: You got a feeling this park’s more than… “Industrial”?

Spike: Maybe. I don’t even know what “industrial” means.

Eggman’s voice: (Intercom) Welcome, fillies and gentlecolts to the Industrial Park! A walk-in museum of the finest industrial artifacts made by man! Here you can marvel at the very technology that man is kind enough to share with you! Just be sure to buckle up on those industrial rides and keep all hooves off the antiques. Thank you!

Spike: Nopony told me there was gonna be history.

Richard: It’s either that or let the wisps be melted into metal.

Eggman’s voice: (Intercom) Eggman Enterprises is not responsible for the death or injury of any pony ages seventy-five and up. All personal intel please keep your hooves off of the artifacts.

Richard: Yeah… Like I was saying… (The spike and fire wisp hover in front of the two, trying to communicate.) … Uh, sorry, little guys. We don’t speak Wisp.

Spike: Looks like they’re trying to warn us. Look at ‘em! They’re acting like this all a joke! (They turn around and were encountered by security robots dressed like construction workers.) … A joke that will probably kill us.

The pink wisp then went inside Richard’s body!

Richard: HUH?? Oh now what?! (He starts glowing and turns into a big iron ball…)

Spike: … Uh… Richard? … (Taps it) Can… Can you hear me? (All of a sudden, sharp spikes pop out of the ball, making Spike flinch!!) AAIYE!!!!

The spikes shoot out from the ball, piercing through the robots, making them blow up! The ball flashes white, and Richard turns back to normal as the wisp pops out of his body.

Richard: Whoa… That was AWESOME! I gotta remember that one!

Spike: Yeah… (He was in a funny position around the spikes on the wall.) Remember it WELL.

Richard: (He puts Spike back on ground.) Sorry, kiddo. Didn’t know my own strength.

Spike: (Looks up) And I bet you didn’t know they called for help. (They see some more security robots flying in on jetpacks.)

Richard: Ugh… can’t ya give us a break.

Spike: (The fire wisp was somehow yelling at Spike) H-hey, what’s the big idea?? (The wisp goes inside his body!) WHAOAA!!!! HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT… (FOOM!!! He turns into a huge fire ball!)

The ball then zooms up and smashes through all the robots! The ball then rocketed back to Richard as BOOM!!! Spike was back to normal, charred all around his skin, and scarred for life. The wisp pops out of his body.

Richard: Whoa, SPIKE! You got me jealous! That’s some pretty big fire ball you did!

Spike: (Stuttering) W-w-w-w-who is-is the-t-t-the master who-who makes the g-g-grass green… (He collapses…)

Meanwhile back in the center of the park…

Twilight: … Nothing’s working! Persuasion, convincing, manipulation, what’s wrong with my ponies?! They’re not listening to a word I say! … Am I ruling a subject of STUPID ponies?

Sonic: … Harsh…

DM: Take your word for it.

Tails: (Disabling one of the time bombs they found.) O…KAY! That’s the last one.

Nearby, Eggman was hiding in his eggmobile.

Eggman: (Chuckles) Think it’s that easy, isn’t it? (He hovers in and activates something…)

DM: … !!!! GUYS, LOOK OUT!!! (She shoves the group off… And gets shot with an electric ray!!)

Twilight: DM!!! (DM collapses… They run forward to aid her, but she gets up… acting different.)

Eggman: (Laughs) It works! It actually works!

Tails: What did you do to her, Eggman!?

Eggman: Me? Nothing out of the ordinary! Unless using my mind control beam to control your little dragon master friends counts as something.

Twilight: DM, it’s me, Twilight! Snap out of it! (DM takes out her swords and faces the group!!) DM, stop!!

DM strikes while Sonic and the group tries to avoid her!

Twilight: DM, it’s me, Twilight! I know you can hear me! You’re not under control of Eggman!

Eggman: Oh YES she is! (DM almost slashes Twilight with her swords!)

Twilight: You’re not LISTENING to me! Why can’t you hear a word I say??

Eggman: Do you honestly think she’ll listen to your loud mouth?? This is so amusing even for me!

Sonic: Grr… Enjoy it while you can.

Eggman: Oh I will! No matter how much you scream, no matter how much thoughts you have, NO ONE will listen to you!

Twilight: … … … Maybe she’ll listen through this. (When DM was running straight towards her, Twilight… punches DM in the face!! DM thuds to the ground!)

Sonic: Whoa!

Eggman: What?!?! Get up! GET UP, you stupid dragon girl! I command you to get up!

Twilight, Sonic, and Tails run up to DM.

Twilight: DM… DM, are you ok??

DM: … (She wakes up, groaning…) Ow… what happened? Why does my JAW hurt?

Eggman: Well what do you know! All of you are making yourselves a nice little target for me! (He was about to activate the ray again… Just then, something red and fast sliced through the ray!!)

Eggman: WHAT?!?! (It was RainbowDash with the red wisp)

RainbowDash: Feeling hard-boiled?

Thor: (Flies in with the lightning wisp) Seems like you’re a bit scrambled!

Twilight: !!! RainbowDash?? Thor??? (Just then… Applejack and Fluttershy run in!)

Applejack: Hope we’re not too late! (The rest of their friends run in as well!)

Rarity: We thought we’d brought in some help! (The wisps that helped them came in!)

Eggman: HUH?!? More wisps?!? But how??

Fluttershy: You were a big meany dragging their planets across the universe!

Spike: You had one huge space dragon ticked off so he dropped them here.

Richard: And while we were rescuing them he was cleaning your mess.

Amy: You’re finished, Eggman! We rescued Yacker’s friends, now we’re heading home!

Eggman: … (He starts laughing…)

Cream: Um… What’s so funny?

Eggman: (Laughs) Do you honestly think you have the upper hand?

Sonic: Well… Yeah. We freed the aliens, disabled the time bombs, so we’ll just bail outta here.

Eggman: Do you think I’m stupid enough to leave those bombs hanging around? No! Those little ones you were disabling were fakes!

Twilight and Tails: FAKES??

Eggman: Of course! The real bomb is now full of the hyper-go-on energy to destroy this whole park! Along with all of YOU and your pathetic kind! (Most of the citizens of Ponyville took notice) You thought I was kind and loving huh? How stupid can you all GET?! (Laughs)

Twilight: They’re NOT stupid, Eggman! They’re my subjects! It’s my job to guide them as their princess! To defend them from evil and respect them! This is my word of honor. I will not talk bad of my subjects… Because they mean so much to me! Just like my friends!

Eggman: … Oh how lovely. You should turn that into your last will and testament! (Presses a button on a remote as a loud siren began wailing loudly!!)

Chapter 3:

Eggman: In a few moments the park will self-destruct! And it’s only a matter of time before all of you will go along with it! And to make sure you don’t get any funny ideas… (He presses another button as a HUGE dome covers up the entire park!)

RainbowDash: Aw man! We can’t bust outta here!

PinkiePie: Eggman, you are one evil hard boiled villain!

Eggman: Thank you! I try! Farewell until then, suckers! (He laughs evilly as he rides away in his eggmobile.)

Everypony was scrambling and screaming!!

Twilight: Everypony, please, calm down!! Please!! You must listen to me! I have this all under control!! (But no one was listening!!) … UGGGH!!!!!! WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR ALL OF YOU TO LISTEN TO ME!?!?!?! (They all stop.) … Uh… (She regains her composure) Listen, everypony! Head to the exit! We’ll find a way out of this amusement park! Sonic, I need you and my friends to find anypony still in the park! I’ll meet you at the entrance! (She runs off with Ponyville following!!)

Sonic: You heard the boss! Let’s find anymore strays and get outta here!

Way up high above the park, Eggman along with Orbot and Cubot in the Eggmobile were just getting away!

Eggman: (Laughs) They won’t have much time! Not even their precious little magic will help them!

Orbot: Um… Boss? We seemed to have encountered a problem.

Eggman: What are you talking about?? This plan was fool-proof! I was literally one step ahead of them! (His mobile crashed into the dome…) What?! … Oh… I trapped myself in here, didn’t I?

Back to Twilight, she and some of the citizens managed to make it to the entrance. They were still trapped by the impenetrable dome. Sonic and the others managed to bring the rest of Ponyville!

Twilight: Is that everypony??

Amy: It should be!

Tails: Wait, we got everyone here, but how do we get OUT of here??

Rarity: Twilight, can you teleport us away from here?

Twilight: I… I don’t know, Rarity! With all of Ponyville, I don’t know if I have enough magic to do it!

RainbowDash: (Up to her face) Well TRY, princess! We’re skating on thin ice as is!

Twilight: Ok… I’ll try… (Her horn starts glowing…)

Unfortunately, it seemed like only Twilight’s magic was able to form around half of the entire population… Fortunately, Yacker and other white wisps witnessed this happening, and they all raced towards Twilight! They all went inside Twilight’s body!

Twilight: AAAUGH!! What the-?! (The more white wisps went in, the more powerful her magic became!!)

The whole park started shaking and rumbling violently as if there was no hope!! FLASH!!!! Twilight’s spell teleported her friends, Ponyville, Sonic, his friends and all the wisps! Back in Ponyville… A brilliant flash occurred and… all the ponies were safe and sound! All that power was too much for Twilight to take, she passed out… All the white wisps left her body and Yacker was last.

Spike: Twilight?? … Twilight, wake up! Are you ok?

Twilight: … … …

Cream: She has to wake up! Something’s happening to the park!!

They witnessed the park’s explosion! It was nearby Ponyville so the explosion was heading straight for them! Everyone screams in horror!!! Twilight wakes up in some bright place… The wisps of all colors were floating around her. She then saw her friends and everyone else. It turns out… The wisps protected all of Ponyville by shielding them from the explosion’s radius. Twilight was so speechless… The blast evaporated and the shield dissipated as the wisps fly around freely. Yacker flies in to see them!

Yacker: 

Tails: (Looks at his handheld) Uh… He’s saying, “Thank you for saving us, Princess!”

Twilight: … I should be the ones thanking you for saving us… I’m sorry I underestimated you… And all of Ponyville.

Yacker: 

Tails: He’s saying… “It’s ok!”

PinkiePie: Hey look! Something up in the sky! (They see a pink borealis…)

Spike: A pink borealis??

DM: I recognize that! It’s Palkia! It’s his way of sending a message!

Amy: What’s he saying?

Sonic: Do we need a translator for THAT?

DM: No, I can make it out. He says… “After what feels like forever, I finally put the planets back in place…” Which means…

Yacker: 

Tails: Oh boy… In other words, Palkia’s bringing them home.

Rarity: Are you sure?? I’ve grown fond of Cubey! (The blue cube wisp cuddles.)

Fluttershy: Spooky may be scary, but he’s very sweet. (The nega-wisp cackles)

PinkiePie: (Wailing loudly as she hugs the green wisp) I don’t want Spaceship to leave!!

Applejack: I’m gonna miss ya Little Digger.

Thor: Thanks for the juice, Shocker. (He hoofbumps the white wisp)

RainbowDash: Hey, Red Eagle, let’s hook up sometime. (The red wisp agrees.)

Richard: Needles, you were a great help.

Spike: Same to you, Fireball!

Sonic: Wait, they all had names the whole time? Why wasn’t I told of this?

Yacker waves goodbye as he and all the wisps float up into the sky, leaving the atmosphere.

Twilight: … Well… After all that, I think we deserve a little vacation.

PinkiePie: Yeah! Let’s go to an amusement park!

Cream: One that’s not run by Eggman. (She and Cheese giggle)

Everyone cheers for Princess Twilight! Twilight smiles as she feels proud of herself.

Applejack: You know, I wonder where… (Chortles) Baldy McNosehair went?

Sonic: I have a feeling he’ll take a while to make a comeback.


Eggman was trapped in his busted Eggmobile as Orbot and Cubot were struggling to push it back to the planet.

Eggman: Faster you hunks of junk! FASTER! I’m not paying you to slack off!

Orbot: Technically, you hardly pay us at all.

Eggman: I DON’T CARE!! The sooner we get back into the stratosphere, the sooner I will plot my revenge! This time I WILL be one step ahead of that blue pest and his meddlesome friends!

Orbot: (Turns around) Eh… Boss?

Eggman: Stop talking and start PUSHING!!

Orbot: B-b-b-boss?? I think a certain SOMEONE’S not happy to see you!

Eggman: What are you talking about?! (Turns around) What do you mean someone’s not… …

A shadow loomed over them as they witness…

Cubot: (Turns around) Hey, isn’t that the dragon you ticked off when you were stealing those cute little aliens?

Far away in the distance of space…

Eggman’s voice: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The End!!

The following is a non-profit fan based episode.
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Ep. 280 Carnival of Colors
Another MLP sonic episode inspired from Sonic Colors! Yay! ...This is practically the LONGEST episode we have written.

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