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This is where I put my My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfiction series.
Also other artsy-fartsy stuff on here as well.


Morning at Top Hat Mall in Station Square. Amy Rose was guiding Cream, Cheese and Rouge somewhere through the floor of shopping stores.

Amy: Come on, girls! It’s right this way! You’re going to LOVE it! (Runs ahead.)

Rouge: (Sarcastic) We sure are anxious, Amy.

Cream: Wait for us!

Amy: (She leads them to a shop with a fancy looking pink purse at the window.) Here it is! Isn’t it glamorous??

Cream: (Looks at the purse…) Wow… it sure looks pretty, Ms. Amy.

Cheese: Chao.

Rouge: Hm. Those gems look fake to me.

Amy: What are you saying, Rouge?

Rouge: Coming from an experienced treasure hunter, these gems don’t match the fitting qualities of the ones you find in ancient ruins or overly priced jewelry stores.

Amy: Who CARES if it’s made of fake jewels! It’s still a fabulous thing to have! I hafta see how much it is! (She goes inside the shop and talks to the female store clerk.) Excuse me, ma’am. How much is that sparkly purse at the window?

Woman: Oh that one? It racks up to about a hundred and twenty dollars.

Amy: … A hundred and twenty dollars?? For a FAKE jeweled purse?!

Woman: It’s not just an everyday purse, young lady. It’s made by a well-known company who makes other fashionable and seasonal attire for woman alike. They charge a LOT for their products.

Amy digs in her purse and takes out some singles…

Amy: All I have is five dollars…

Woman: Sorry, kiddo. If you want that purse that badly, you’re going to have to earn some more money.

Amy walks out of the store, down in the dumps.

Cream: What happened, Ms. Amy?

Rouge: Purse was too expensive?

Amy: I can’t believe they charge so much. … For a purse that has fake jewels on it! (Storms off.)

Rouge: … Guess that answers my question.

Near the food court, the girls were sitting at a table, drinking some sodas.

Cream: Cheer up, Ms. Amy. It doesn’t matter if you can’t get that purse. Mom always told me to be happy with what I have already.

Cheese: Chao!

Amy: I know, Cream. But that purse looks so amazing!

Rouge: And FAKE.

Amy: I just wish I had more money to pay for that…

Rouge: Well why don’t you find a job to earn a few bucks? I’m sure they’re willing to hire a pink hedgehog still in high school.

Amy: (Sarcastic.) Gee, thanks for the info.

???: Actually, it’s not a bad idea.

Someone puts a bag of food near the girls. It was Lilian!

The girls: Lilian??

Lilian: Hey, girls. How’s it going?

Amy: What are you doing here?

Lilian: What, am I not allowed to have my own life? I come by this place every now and then. So, I heard you’re having money issues, right, Amy?

Amy: Can’t you tell? Where am I going to get a job where someone can accept a hedgehog like ME?

Lilian: … Well, I heard there’s this really nice bookstore called “Wisdom Haven”. It’s a special place where you can buy books from all over the world. They’re all really knowledgeable and exotic to other cultures.

Amy: Lilian, I’m not gonna earn that much by working in a bookstore! I need to find a place that at least pays better!

Rouge: Besides, not many people READ anymore.

Cream: (Enthusiastic) I still do!

Lilian: … Fine, have it your way. (She picks up her food bag.) But you can check it out anytime if you wish.

Amy: (Not moved) Thanks… I’ll keep that in mind…

Lilian: Oh wait, girls. One more thing. There’s something I need to tell you. Ever since the incident with the Pink Craze being stolen and consuming that scientist became viral, a certain organization has been high on it’s heels to crack the case.

Rouge: Lemme guess. Is it G.U.N.?

Lilian: Spot on, Rouge. But what their mostly concerned about is the identity of the patrollers.

Cream: But, didn’t Amy use that memory flash thing to erase those people’s memories?

Lilian: She did, Cream. However, someone must’ve spread the word to G.U.N. and now it looks like they’re on to us.

Amy: But… what do they want us for?

Lilian: Let’s just say… We’re doing G.U.N.’s job for them, and they’re pretty ticked. G.U.N. recently sent out a spy to try and hunt down the Station Square Patrollers, which are you three. I need you to stay alert and be careful on who you trust. It may be someone you love, or it could be one of your best friends. (She walks away…)

Rouge: Huh. Looks like we have a tattler on our tails.

Cream: I… I hope we don’t get caught by that spy…

Cheese: Chao chao…

Amy: … … …

Amy and the others stroll by the streets of the city.

Amy: I still need to find a position that can at least let me earn a decent paycheck. And tips.

Rouge: Well the only place that seems to be open is that pizza parlor nearby.

There indeed was a pizza parlor named “PizzaStop”

Amy: PizzaStop?? You’ve GOT to be kidding me…

Cream: Look, they have a help wanted sign on the window. Why don’t you try and work there?

Amy: Oh no! Absolutely NOT! I’m not wasting my life on a stupid pizza parlor! Do you know what they DO to girls at pizza parlors???

Cream: I don’t know… Should I know?

Rouge: Look, it’s not a big deal, sister. You can just apply to deliver pizzas. It’s nothing to write home about.

Amy: But think about my reputation! What if some of the kids at school SEE me delivering pizzas?! What THEN?!

Rouge: Amy, at least a dozen of those kids have jobs WORSE than pizzas. If you wanna buy the purse that badly you might as well apply for this job before someone else walks home with it.

Amy: … … … (Sighs…) Fine… (She walks into the store.)

There was a man at the front desk in a blueish-gray t-shirt uniform, blue jeans, and is wearing a hat with a PizzaStop logo on it.

Man: Well, hello there, young lady! What can I get for you?

Amy: A job offering.

Man: A job? For a hedgehog like you? Oh boy that’s a laugh!

Amy: It’s NOT funny, sir! I just need this job to earn some money, alright?

Man: Hey hey, take it easy, lady. Sorry for judging ya. You look like you’re in good condition for some decent wage. Name’s Phil. So you wanna work as a delivery girl?

Amy: Is that the only thing that’s open?

Phil: Most likely yeah. We already have another delivery girl that could use some extra help. Hey, new girl! Front of store, ASAP!

Some loud banging was heard as someone was hurrying along.

???: Coming!! I’m coming!! (She runs in and falls on the ground.) Ouch!!

She appeared to be a cat with black hair and brown eyes, was wearing sort of the same uniform as Phil was and for some reason, Amy seemed to recognize her.

Cat: S-sorry, boss! Did you need me for something?

Amy: Honey??

Cat: Amy Rose??

Both: (They gasp.) OMIGOSH, IT IS YOU!!

Rouge, Cream, and Cheese walk in the store.

Rouge: What’s all the hubbub?

Amy: Girls, this is my best friend, Honey! Honey the Cat!

Honey: Nice to meet you.

Rouge: Yeah… Nice to meet you. Name’s Rouge.

Cream: My name’s Cream. And this is my best friend, Cheese!

Cheese: Chao chao!

Rouge: How did you two meet?

Amy: It’s kind of a long story.

Cream: Something to do with Eggman?

Honey and Amy: Something to do with Eggman.

Amy: What are you doing in PizzaStop, anyway?

Honey: What do you think? I’m trying to make a quick buck here. You actually wanna WORK in this dirty shack?

Amy: Well… Only to get this purse I really want.

Rouge: Even if it’s cheaply glued with fake jewels.

Phil: Excuse me, lady, if you wanna work here you’ll hafta get into uniform. (Goes behind the counter and gives Amy some pairs of clothes.) Put these on, (He also gives her a sheet of paper.) sign this, and you’ll be good to go.

Honey: I’m telling you, Amy. PizzaStop isn’t going to be easy… This place is going to be the DEATH of one my lives…

Amy: Oh come on, Honey! At least we can work together and hang out, right?

Honey: You know what? You’re probably right. At least I have one of my BF’s to sooth this pain.

Amy: (Laughs) You and me both!

Just then, the door swings open, almost hitting Rouge. Some large guys from Amy’s high school dressed in their football uniforms. They appeared to be part of the Station Square Serpents football team, Louis, Andy, and Arnold.

Rouge: Hey, watch it!

Louis: Hey, bros! Check it out! Looks like those weird kids decided to barge in on our lunchtime.

Amy: !!!!! Oh no…

Honey: What’s up, Amy?

Amy: THOSE guys…

Phil: Well, if it ain’t the winning for glory team!

Andy: How’s it going, boss?

Phil: Still trying to keep this place afloat! Just hired another newbie for pizza delivery!

Arnold: Are you serious? That pink hedgehog’s working HERE now?

Andy: Talk about desperation for cash! (The boys laugh.)

Amy: Back off, meat-head! It’s a woman’s thing.

Louis: Whatever! We’re just here to pick up an order!

Phil: Ah, yes. Number fifty-seven! Three large, extra-cheese, and bell peppers. (He takes out three boxes of pizza and gives it to the boys.)

Arnold holds the boxes while Louis pays, while Andy talks to Amy and Honey.

Andy: You two are gonna have a LONG shift! We order from this place a lot, so you better get them up to our place before we tear down the door without paying!

Louis: He’s right, babes. When it comes to pizza, we’re like raging BULLS!

Arnold: Better keep your guards up, girls! (They begin to leave the store.) See you around, Phil!

Phil: (Chuckles) Come again soon, boys.

Amy: … UGH!!! I KNEW this was a HORRIBLE idea!! Why do I always LISTEN to you, Rouge?!?!

Rouge: What’s the big getup, Amy?

Honey: Well, I’ve only been working here for a couple of weeks or so, but those boys apparently live OFF of this pizza. I pretty much know the route to their houses like the back of my hand.

Amy: And now I’m going to be forced to deliver pizzas to my high school’s football team??

Cream: … Well, at least you still have Honey to help you, right?

Amy: … (Sighs…) Yeah, you’re right… At least having a friend struggle with you is good enough.

Honey: Don’t you worry about a thing, Amy! We’ll BOTH be as good as gold as long as we work together! Whatta ya say, girlfriend?

Amy: I’m in! (They high five!)

Cream: Wow, Ms. Amy sure is happy to see her best friend, don’t you think, Rouge?

Cheese: Chao chao!

Rouge: I suppose if you put it that way.

Later that day, Amy finishes delivering another pizza and stands by near a motor-scooter she needs to use to deliver pizzas. She was dressed in the same uniform as Honey was. She jots down some notes on a notepad.

Amy: Ok, let’s see who’s next on the list. Hm… (She gasps!) This is… Sonic’s address! I hafta deliver a pizza to HIS house?? Omigosh, this all so sudden! Sonic will be so surprised to see that I’m delivering pizza straight to my number one hedgehog! I will make sure that this pizza’s filled with extra love!

Amy feels so giddy… until…

Amy: Wait a minute. What if he LAUGHS at me just because I’m working at PizzaStop? What if… What if he doesn’t TALK to me anymore??

Amy looks at her watch and realizes she’s wasting time.

Amy: Doh… I don’t have time to ramble and worry! (She gets on the scooter and dons her helmet on.) I hafta get these pizzas delivered before I get the boot! (She zooms off on the scooter.)

Later, at Sonic’s house, Amy rings the doorbell.

Amy: (Breaths in and out…) Just play it cool, Amy. Don’t let your guard down… Don’t get all hazy and crazy… Just be yourself and everything will play along just fine-… (Sonic answers the door and is quite surprised seeing Amy!)

Sonic: Amy??

Amy: SONIC,HI!!! I mean-! *AHEM…* Hi, I’m here to deliver your pizza!

Sonic: Uh… Amy, what’s with the getup?

Amy: Getup? What getup? I don’t know what you’re talking about!

Sonic: You’re delivering pizzas.

Amy: Huh? OH, RIGHT! (Giggles) It’s actually a long story! I was just trying to get this REALLY fancy purse, and it was a TAD too expensive, so… I decided to work at PizzaStop! Isn’t that such a funny story?

Sonic: … … … (Still weirded out…) Yeah, hilarious…

Amy: Alright, so that’s one large pizza with peperoni. (She gives Sonic the pizza box.) That’ll be seven ninety-five. (Sonic gives her the money.) Thank you for your patience! Enjoy your pizza and NEVER stop ordering from PizzaStop!

Sonic: Are you feeling ok, Amy?

Amy: Why yes, my heroic hero! Of course I’m fine! I just have about five more orders to deliver on the dot! What’s NOT to feel ok for?

Sonic: … … …

Amy: … UGH!!! I’m losing my MIND on this job! It’s driving me CRAZY!! It’s bad enough delivering all over the city, but about eighty percent of it is going to the Station Square Serpents football team!

Sonic: You sure you can handle it? You seem a bit pooped out…

Amy: I know… But I actually have someone who’s already helping me out!

Just then, Honey the Cat drives in on her own motor scooter.

Honey: Hi, Amy! Didn’t expect to catch up to ya!

Sonic: Hey, isn’t that Honey?

Amy: Darn right! She was working longer than I have, but it’s nice to have a partner is delivering these monstrosities. (Looks at her watch.) Woop! I better skedaddle before I’m late! Enjoy the pizza, Sonic! I hafta go! (She dashes toward her motor-scooter and revs it up.)

Honey: How about we have a little race, BF? Just to make this a lot more fun?

Amy: Oh you’re on, girlfriend! (Revs her motor-scooter and the two race off!)

Sonic still felt a little strange for Amy…

Sonic: … Sheesh. I’ll never understand girls…

At Lilian’s lab, she was talking to Dr. Blyner on her computer.

Lilian: How’s the team working on that vaccine, Dr. Blyner?

Blyner’s voice: Oh, it’s going real swimmingly! Even after our documents were stolen, we still had the vaccine notes backed up thankfully. We’re able to make some more vaccine just in case that Pink Craze acts up on something… Or… someone. Any news on locating it after it… disappeared?

Lilian: No. Not a one. I still can’t believe it would just… VANISH. Do you think it would’ve been evaporated so quickly?

Blyner’s voice: Uh… I’m not so sure… Maybe it was soaked into the concrete or something? … Y-You know what, never mind. S-scratch that, it’s… probably a bad theory.

Lilian: Probably. Listen, I have to check up on some things around here. I’ll keep you posted on what’s happening around the city.

Blyner’s voice: Well, I’ll be in the office when you need me. Oh yeah, I also heard about what G.U.N.’s up to, so you better keep your guard up. Talk to you soon!

Lilian ends the call.

Lilian sits at the computer, still baffled over the things she went through…

Lilian: Where could that Pink Craze just disappear to? … It’s not like it has a mind of it’s own, right? And I still haven’t figured out where this spy is. (She types some inputs on the keyboard and brings up a map of the city.)

Nothing is showing up however, which Lilian found disappointing.

Lilian: Looks like G.U.N’s pretty desperate in shutting me down. They think they can handle the Pink Craze? I don’t see THAT happening anytime soon. (Just then, another call was coming from her computer.) Huh. I guess it’s Amy.

She presses a key and Amy’s face appears on screen.

Lilian: Hey, Amy. How’s the pizza shift going?

Amy: Well… Uh… It’s… … It’s going GREAT! I’m SO going to get that sparkly purse after I finish my duties!

Lilian: I can tell you’re probably a bit worn out.

Amy: (Sighs…) Guilty as charged…

Lilian: Sorry for ya. Why did you call me anyway?

Amy: Oh, right. Can you tell the girls that I won’t be able to report in tomorrow? I have a full shift and I can’t miss out on it or the boss is going to bite my head off.

Lilian: Amy, this is the reason why I wanted you to try out that bookstore I told you about. It’s easy on the hours and can give you more bang for your buck. Now that you’re delivering pizzas, you’re already missing out on important training to your patroller duties.

Amy: … … … (Just then, her phone beeps.) Oh hold on, I have another call. (She presses a button.) Hello?

Honey’s voice: Hi, Amy!

Amy: Oh, Honey! It’s so nice to hear from you! I’m almost done with my shift, so we’ll finally get some free time to spend with each other, right?

Honey’s voice: Um… Yeah, about that… I won’t be able to get free time. I have to keep up to date with this project I’ve been working on.

Amy: What… project is that?

Honey’s voice: Something to do with some training. I can’t really explain it. Anyway, I hafta get going for now. Maybe we can hookup some other time.

Amy: Oh… alright. See you tomorrow, I guess?

Honey’s voice: Yeah. Talk to you later! (Call ends.)

Lilian: Who was that?

Amy: Oh… That was my friend, Honey. Honey the Cat. She’s working at the same place I am. I was so looking forward to meeting up with her again. After all these years…

Lilian: … … …

Amy: I… I hafta go. Can you tell the girls I’m sorry, please? Thanks… (The call ends.)

Lilian: … (Sighs…) Poor girl.

Later that night, Amy finally finishes and arrives at her home. She enters her house and SLAMS the door shut.

Inside, Amy collapses on the ground.

Amy: MMFFF… I’m so TIRED… Why is it that it’s so HARD to deliver all these pizzas?? (Her cell phone beeps. She gets up and opens it. It was a text message with a picture of Honey.)

It read, “Srry, I couldnt be around much. See u tomorrow! ❤Honey”

Amy: … Aw, that’s so sweet. (She closes it and yawns.)

Amy walks up the stairs to get ready for bed.

Meanwhile at the nighttime streets of Station Square, at Rouge’s apartment, Sonic makes a short trip to see Rouge.

Sonic knocks on the door until Rouge dressed in her nightgown answers it.

Rouge: Well hello, blue-one.

Sonic: Uh… Yeah. Hi, Rouge. Can I talk to you about Amy for a minute?

Rouge: Step inside then. (Sonic walks inside while Rouge closes the door.) So, you heard the news?

Sonic: Yep. (Sits on the couch.) Heard Amy’s got pizza delivery on her to-do-list.

Rouge: I mostly feel bad for that kid. Delivering pizza’s hard work.

Sonic: How would YOU know?

Rouge: Believe me, I understand that through experience. When I was Cream’s age, I used to prank the delivery man every time my folks would order takeout. MAN that was a blast.

Sonic: You weren’t planning on doing that to HER, would you?

Rouge: Nah, I lost interest after a couple of weeks getting into it. Realized delivering those pies is hard enough for one person to handle.

Sonic: You’re parents grounded you, didn’t they?

Rouge: They TRIED, big blue. They tried.

Sonic: I was just a little concerned about Amy. She seemed to be trying to get into it and yet it’s so hard for her. What could I do to make her feel better?

Rouge: Well, you could ask her out on a date.

Sonic: … Anything else BESIDES that?

Rouge: Well, she seems capable of doing it as long as her “BF” is suffering with her.

Sonic: Oh yeah. Honey. I haven’t seen her in years. What’s she up to anyway?

Rouge: Probably going through the same thing Amy is.

Sonic: But why work at the same place with Amy?

Rouge: It’s probably just a coincidence. She was working there longer than Amy anyway. Look, it’s getting kinda late, and I need to get some beauty sleep before my eyeliner dries up again.

Sonic: ??? Rouge, did you see that? (Zooms up to the window.)

Rouge: (Approaches the window.) See what?

They witness what looked like a figure jumping across from one building to the other. It was hard to tell who it was in the nighttime.

Sonic: Who do you suppose was that?

Rouge: Not sure. It’s probably just some stuntman.

Sonic: Or maybe some skilled burglar. Don’t you think we should check it out?

Rouge: Uh… BEAUTY SLEEP, Hedgehog. What part of that don’t you understand?

Sonic: Well, I’m gonna see what the deal is. Don’t bother catching up. (He leaves Rouge’s room.)

Rouge: … … … (Sighs…) Maybe a little butt-kicking before bedtime would tire me out. (She grabs her PRD watch from her shelf.)

Outside, Sonic looks around the city streets at the buildings, wondering where this figure went.

Sonic: Where could this weird guy be? (He then notices someone hopping off a building and into an alleyway behind it.) Heh. This could be a good chance to get the jump on ‘em. (He runs down the alley and turns a corner to encounter this being behind the building.)

The figure pauses for a brief moment.

Sonic: Hey, what’s up with you?

???: … … …

Sonic: Why were you snooping around the city like that? (Cocky) Don’t you know you could hurt yourself if you hop off these buildings?

???: … … …

Sonic: What, got nothing funny to say? (The figure gets in position to fight.) Well, looks like you’re asking for it. Why don’t we let this slide if you promise not to cause any trouble? You go your way, and I go mine.

Just then, Rouge in her SSP uniform lands into the scene.

Rouge: Leave this bad boy to me, Sonic.

Sonic: Rouge? Why spoil a perfect record?

Rouge: I’M the patroller here, blue-boy. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty before bedtime.

???: … … …

Rouge: Listen up; we don’t want any trouble here. State your business and the Station Square Patrollers will let you go with no cuts and bruises.

Sonic: Rouge, aren’t you supposed to keep this a secret from everyone? Like what Lilian SAID?

Rouge: I have my Flash Memory Emitter, Sonic. This brute won’t remember a thing once I activate it. (She pulls it out.) Have your lens on, Sonic?

Sonic: (Rubs his eyes.) A little itchy… But yeah.

Rouge: Ok. Say CHEESE. (But before she could press the button, the figure kicked it out of her hand and punched Rouge in the face!!)

Rouge collapses on the ground! She gets up and tries to punch the figure back while he or she keeps blocking.

Rouge: (Trying to land a hit.) Man, this guy just doesn’t wanna give up! I can’t land a hit! (The figure punches Rouge making her fall. However, Rouge flips upon touching the ground and lands with accuracy before rushing forward and retaliating with a bash to the figure’s stomach!)

They crash into some trash cans. Rouge then uses the FME (Flash Memory Emitter.).

FLASH!!! After the light faded out…

Rouge: Heh. That was too easy.

But then, the figure kicks Rouge off and runs off to the side of the alley!

Rouge: HEY! Come back here! (She rushes the side, but the figure wall jumps until he/she reaches the top and disappears.) … Ugh… Got away.

Sonic: You could’ve saved a lot of trouble if you would’ve let me lend a hand.

Rouge: Hmph. Don’t call me, I’ll call YOU. … Didn’t even get a glimpse of that face… And why would he… or she attack me even after I used the flash emitter? They usually zone out…

Sonic: My guess is just as good as yours… Maybe this person has a fast track memory?

Rouge: What, like YOURS isn’t fast enough?

Sonic: Come on, you know what I mean.

Rouge: Well, I had my share of fun for the night. I’m gonna go hit the sack. Probably should notify the boss sometime soon.

Sonic: Well, I guess I’ll just talk to Amy myself tomorrow. Thanks for the help anyway. (He and Rouge leave the alley and go their separate ways.)

Rouge: (Deactivates her uniform and reverts back to her regular clothes.) Anytime, big-blue. Anytime.

Little did they realize that they were being watched by the same figure that attacked Rouge…

Later on the next morning, Cream, Cheese, and Rouge stop by PizzaStop. Cream was holding a milkshake with a straw in her hands.

Rouge: So, why are we here again?

Cream: We’re here to cheer Amy up! I brought her favorite milkshake flavor. Blue Strawberry! It’s mixed with blue berries and strawberries with a hint of kiwi!

Rouge: Bleh. Only the sweet ones adore combos like that.

They walk inside and witness Amy writing on a notepad.

Rouge: So, how’s the second day on the job, champ?

Amy: (Sighs…) It’s certainly something.

Cream: Here, Amy. Me and Cheese bought you your favorite milkshake!

Cheese: Chao!

Amy: Thanks, Cream. (She sips it.) Do you think Sonic’s taking this well? He seemed a bit concerned that I was delivering pizzas.

Rouge: I had a little talk with him about that last night. He did seem a little worried about you.

Amy: Really?? Did he say anything ELSE about me?? (Right then, Sonic walks in.) SONIC!! (She rushes to him, dropping her milkshake and hugs him tightly.) I KNEW you would care about me!

Sonic: H-hey let go, Amy!

Amy: Oh come on, Sonic! Just admit it! You were only worried about me because I took this stupid job, right?

Sonic: Well… Yeah, but… I would really appreciate it if you were to let go of me now? Mff… I can’t seem to breath…

Amy: !!! Oh! Sorry! (She lets go of him.) I don’t even know my own strength half of the time. (Honey the Cat walks in… She seemed a little pooped out…) Oh, morning, Honey! I didn’t see you punch in this morning.

Honey: … I was in the back the whole time… (Yawns…) Had a really rough night… Even worse, I have to deliver FIVE pies to that football team at their school.

Amy: I’m sorry for you…

Honey: It’s fine… I’ll try and see if I can get some R&R afterwards.

Rouge: (Walks up to Honey.) Well lucky for you to have a friend like Amy. (She puts her arm on Honey’s shoulder.) She gets along with just about anyone.

Honey: (She shoves Rouge off.) Hey, back off!! (Rouge seemed a bit confused.) Oh… sorry. I… I have to get this done. (She walks to the back of the store…)

Cream: Is Ms. Honey ok?

Amy: She was just fine yesterday… Oh right. She said she needed to go to some… training last night. I wonder what THAT was about.

Rouge: I’m just as stumped as you are. (Honey walks in with some pizza boxes.)

Sonic: Wow. Those seem pretty heavy. (He walks up to her, offering to help.) How about I give you a hand?

Honey: Back off! I can do this myself! (She carries the boxes outside the shop, puts them on her motor scooter and drives off in a hurry.)

Rouge: … What’s eating HER up?

Cream: Maybe she’s just tired and needs rest.

Amy seemed concerned about Honey.

At the football field near Station Square High, the Station Square Serpents football team were practicing their drills with their coach, Melmoore. She was making sure the team were picking up their slack.

Melmoore: Let’s keep those heart rate pumping, gentlemen! I wanna see you sweat hard! (Nearby, Honey drives in, and carries the pizzas onto the bleachers and walks towards the coach.)

Honey: Excuse me; I’m here to deliver some pizzas.

Melmoore: Oh you must be the delivery girl. Those boys seem to live off on that stuff like it was the only thing they are capable of eating.

Honey: Right… For five pies that’ll sum up to at least… (Writes down in her notepad…) thirty-five seventy-two. Plus tax.

At the bleachers where the pizza boxes were, something odd began to occur. Something oozed out of the grassy ground and started climbing up the bleaches like a parasite… It seemed to be resembling a dark pinkish hue of slime as thin layers of it seep into the pizza boxes like parasites.

Melmoore: (She finishes giving the cash to Honey.) That seems to be it so far. Thanks for taking your time.

Honey: You’re welcome… And never stop ordering from PizzaStop. (She walks away.)

Melmoore: Alright, boys! You’ve done a fine job today. Lunch is served!

As Honey was about to mount on her motor scooter while she hears the boys hooting and cheering like monkeys, Amy Rose rides in on her motor scooter.)

Amy: Honey! (She stops it and approaches her.) Am I glad I found you!

Honey: Why are you here, Amy? Don’t you have other pizzas to deliver?

Amy: Well sort of, but I’m more concerned about you. Are you… feeling ok?

Honey: … I told you, Amy. I’m just… really tired. I didn’t get much sleep last night.

Amy: But… you can tell me what’s wrong, can’t you? After all, we’re best friends. And we can share secrets that no one else has to know about!

Honey: … Thanks. (Smiles.) You’re really sweet. … … …

Amy: ???

Honey: I just… have a lot on my hands as a matter of fact.

Amy: … Well I know something that will make you feel better.

Honey: What’s that?

Amy: Well, me and the girls have our own hangout spot called The Milkyway Café! It’s a really nice place to grab a milkshake or a drink of your choice! We can take you there after work if you like!

Honey: … That sounds great, Amy. … But I can’t… I’m getting a headache going on…

Amy: … !! (She notices a slight bruise on Honey’s cheek.) Honey, your face! What happened?

Honey: Huh? Oh… It’s… it’s nothing really. I just bumped into something. … How about I check that place out with you tomorrow? I have the day off, so we could hang out if you’d like.

Amy: … You got it, girlfriend. (Honey gets on her motor scooter but before she could drive off…) Wait, Honey!

Honey: ???

Amy: … If something should happen to us… … Would we still be friends?

Honey: … … … I would most likely think so. (Smiles.)

Amy smiles too before Honey drives off. Just then, the football jocks walk in, to Amy’s annoyance.

Louis: Well if it ain’t the pink pizza delivery girl!

Arnold: How’s it going, shortstop?

Andy: Picking up some good slack?

Amy: Just SHUT IT. You seem very good at picking on girls my size like your effort in football. It STINKS!

Louis: Well it takes one to know one, short stuff.

Andy: We’re just glad your little friend brought some lunch for the day!

Arnold: Would you like a slice, babe?

Amy: … UGH… After so many deliveries these couple of days… I don’t even wanna LOOK at it. (Her watch beeps…) … … I gotta go. (She gets on her scooter and drives away.)

Louis: Later, tater-tot! If you need us, we’ll need YOU! (They laugh as they walk back to the other football teams eating pizza.)

Little did any of them realize that some dark pink hue was wrapping around most of the pizza slices… And the football teams were ignorant to what they were eating…

Later that night… Amy Rose was sound asleep in bed after a hard day at work.

Amy: … … …

Just then, a loud smashing noise woke her up.

Amy: !!!!! Huh?! W-what?? What was that?! (She jumps out of bed in her nightgown and rushes down the stairs.) Who could’ve made that loud smashing noise?

Her front door was barged down and most of her furniture in the dining room was badly damaged. She couldn’t see who it was in the dark, but it looked to be big and bulky and was breathing like a gorilla.

Amy: HEY! What’s the big idea breaking into my house?! (She approaches the figure.) Who do you think you are?!

She turns on a lamp nearby and is quite shocked to see… One of the football team members Louis! He seemed more bulked up and his eyes were a dark shade of pink!

Amy: L-…L-LOUIS??? W-…What’s WRONG with you?! (Louis rushes forward like a charging bull! Amy quickly jumps into the air dodging his ram attack) D-down, boy!

Louis turns around and rushes forward. This time, Amy dodges and Louis runs out of the house and into the city, roaring like a mad-man!

Amy: (She was catching her breath after almost being trampled…) What… in the world… is going ON here?! Why would one of the football players charge into my home and attack me like that?? … Wait a minute…

Amy remembers that Louis’ eyes were a dark shade of pink…

Amy: Dark pink… Could that mean it’s the Pink Craze?? But HOW?? … Doh, I don’t have time to talk to myself! I have to warn the others! (She runs back to her room, picks up her PRD watch and presses a button to contact Lilian, Cream, and Rouge.) Calling all Station Square Patrollers! This is Amy Rose with a direct emergency!

Lilian: (On Screen.) Amy? What’s going on?

Rouge: (On Screen.) It better be a good reason for waking me up.

Cream: (On Screen.) Why do you sound so worried, Ms. Amy?

Amy: One of the football players from my school attacked my house! And I think he’s infected with the Pink Craze!

Lilian: (On Screen.) !!! Girls, get to the lab and pick up your Weapon Downloaders. I need to see Dr. Blyner and pick up some vaccine that SHOULD heal those guys from the craze!

Amy, Cream, and Rouge: MA’AM YES, MA’AM!

Later, in the nighttime streets of Station Square, it wasn’t as peaceful and quiet as any city would be as the entire football team of the Station Square Serpents were in a powerful trance like Louis was. All of them were bulked up with a dark pink hue in their eyes as well as charging and behaving like raving bulls attacking people and breaking into stores and destroying things in the streets.

The Station Square Patrollers were hiding behind a building where the madness was happening nearby.

Cream: How are we supposed to stop them?

Rouge: How should I know? I’m not the expert when it comes to planning.

Amy: (Sighs.) I told you, girls. Lilian’s rushing as fast as she can to bring us the vaccine. Afterwards, we wear down those football jocks and jab them with the vaccine one at a time. (They heard a car smash into the ground while one of the jocks roars ferociously.)

Rouge: … Well she better hurry it up. Those guys are probably going to wreak the next block before we can do ANYTHING.

Sonic runs in and meets the girls.

Sonic: Amy, girls! Glad I could catch up!

Rouge: Save the meeting for later, blue-boy. We have to wait for our delivery.

Sonic: What, the delivery for pizza? (Referring to Amy) Cuz’ the pizza girl’s actually here if you need it.

Amy: Now’s not the time for jokes, Sonic! The school’s football team is infected with the Pink Craze! Now they’re full of rage and are unable to control themselves!

Rouge: What I wanna know is how did they even GET that stuff inside of them?

Lilian runs in with some injection needles in a bag!

Lilian: THERE you are! (She stops to catch her breath.) Ugh… Note to self, never run in heels…

Amy: Do you have the vaccine?

Lilian: Right here. (She gives the bag to the girls and they take out a few of the injection needles.) All you have to do is jab them into the boys’ bodies and the Pink Craze should be eradicated from their bloodstream in an instant. It took Dr. Blyner a while to make this batch, but thankfully they still have more where that came from.

Amy: Perfect! Let’s get that football team into place, ladies! (To Sonic and Cheese.) Oh, and boys.

Sonic: (Slightly annoyed.) Thank you.

Right when they were just about to rush forward, they saw someone fighting against the bulked up football team members!

Cream: !!! Ms. Amy, isn’t that-??

Amy: HONEY???

It was true. Honey the cat was being cornered by the raging football teams.

Lilian: (She runs into the scene.) Huh. Is that your friend over there?

Amy: Sure is! And she needs our help!

One of the jocks was about to bum-rush Honey, but she quickly does a twirling jump to dodge the attack. She landed near the group who got a closer look at her new dressed up attire. She was wearing what looked like a uniform for combat.

Amy: Honey!!

Honey: (Turns to the group.) ?!??!?!

Amy: Come on! Let’s put these jocks in their place! Could be worth all the time they kept pushing us around, huh?

Honey: … … …

Amy and the rest began to fight against the Pink Crazed jocks. They all dodged each of them and attacked with their choice of weapons from the WD. Sonic was having a blast dodging a jock’s fists pounding the ground. Rouge was doing her best in dodging and wearing down one of the jocks until Andy pins her down to the ground!!

Amy: ROUGE!!!

Rouge: (Andy growls loudly like a gorilla.) UGH… When was the last time you BRUSHED?? (Amy strikes at him with her hammer and helps Rouge up.)

Lilian: There’s too many of them! We can’t wear them down for long!

Honey: Leave it to me. (She jumps into the air and uses some futuristic-like whip to wrangle up one of the jocks and tie him up!)

The jock struggles and roars ferociously to break free.

Sonic: Amy, now’s your chance!

Amy rushes forward and jabs the vaccine injection into the jock’s shoulder as he roared loudly in pain like an animal.

Rouge: One down… a million more to go.

The process continued onward, the Patrollers and Sonic wore down most of the football players while Honey wrangled and tied up each one individually as they all injected a vaccine into each of them.

Afterwards, the madness was over. The jocks were still tied up and unconscious, but they were at least ok. All of them were injected with the vaccine and were free from the Pink Craze.

Amy: *Whew…* We… We did it.

Cream: We make a great team!

Rouge: We should probably thank Honey. She was the one who pretty much owned the football team at their own game.

Honey: …

Lilian: (She notices something about Honey…) !!!! GIRLS, GET AWAY FROM HER!!

Cream: Why?

All of a sudden, Honey used the same whip to tie up Rouge, Cream, Cheese, Sonic, and Lilian together!!

Sonic: Hey! What gives?!

Amy: !?!?! Honey, what are you doing?! They’re my friends! (Honey holds up a pistol to Amy!!) !!!!

Honey: Amy Rose, by the authorities of G.U.N., you and the Station Square Patrollers are all under arrest! (Her uniform revealed the G.U.N. patch logo.)

Amy: Honey, what are you TALKING about?! Let my friends go right this minute!

Honey: Sorry, Amy. No can do.

Cream: Mff! I can’t break loose!

Cheese: Chao chao choa!

Rouge: Can someone mind telling me what’s going ON here?

Lilian: Isn’t it obvious? Looks like your “friend” has been the spy for G.U.N. all along!

Amy: A spy…? How…? How long were you working for G.U.N.?

Honey: For quite a while now. After we went our separate ways a few years back, I took the time to work at this facility. Quite brutal, but it’s worth every single moment. I was sent here because you patrollers have been violating G.U.N.’s terms. I knew I was on the right track when I found that ROUGE was a patroller.

Sonic: So SHE was the one we were fighting last night.

Rouge: Talk about irony…

Amy: What are you saying?! We’re not violating anything! We’re just trying to prevent crime that can’t be stopped!

Honey: Shut up! Before you all face judgment I’m required to know all the secrets of the Station Square Patrollers, as well as the location of your base.

Lilian: Tough luck. I’m not telling a soul where it is.

Honey: Either you reveal its location, (Clicks the gun to reload and points it closer to Amy.) Or I’ll be prepared to do the worst.

Amy: Honey… I… I thought you were my friend…

Honey: WAS your friend, Amy. Now that I know your true intention… This has to come to an end. (She was about to pull the trigger…)

Fortunately, Amy uses her hammer from the WD to strike at Honey, making her drop her gun. Honey dodges her attacks swiftly.

Amy: So you were just FAKING all this time?! Working at that stupid pizza place, being my friend and everything?!

Honey: No way! Things were just fine until I saw YOU in that uniform! (She jumps high into the air and attempts to use her whip to tie Amy up.)

Amy does a back flip to dodge her attack and holds her hammer in self-defense.

Amy: How are we doing illegal activity?!

Honey: (Lands on the ground.) In layman’s terms, you’re trespassing into G.U.N.’s personal agenda! The Pink Craze is not for anyone, not even YOU to get involved in! (She rushes forward to attack Amy as Amy dodges her attacks.)

Amy: I don’t wanna do this, Honey! We can sort this out! (Honey punches Amy in the face, making her fall to the ground and dropping her hammer and the Flash Memory Emitter.) !!!

Amy quickly grabs the FME and presses the button! FLASH!! The whole area was blinded by the light! As soon as it cleared…

Honey: … … … Nice try.

Amy: WHAT?! But… But HOW? (Honey attacks Amy again.)

Cream: Why didn’t that flash work??

Rouge: NOW it makes sense. When I used it on HER last night, it didn’t affect her. But… How is she protected from it? You don’t suppose that…?

Lilian: She must be using the same lens that protects Sonic and his friends’ eyes from the flashes. Including Blake…

Honey: This is going to stop right NOW!! (She punches Amy in the face, making her kneel to the ground…) It’s time to face REAL justice, Amy Rose.

Amy: … … …

Honey: It’s time for you to accept the consequences. I should’ve known you would betray our friendship.

Amy: No… (She gets up…) You’re the one that betrayed me! You’re stopping us from doing what’s RIGHT! We’re the ones who can stop the Pink Craze! If G.U.N. tries to get their hands on it, they’ll be destroyed!

Honey: …

Amy: We’re the only ones that can hone it down. Why do you think THEY can handle it??

Honey: … You can’t stop it, Amy! It spreads like wildfire!

Honey rushes forward to attack Amy, but Amy retaliates by punching her in the stomach! Honey kneels to the ground in pain…

Amy: How do you know about it anyway? Is G.U.N. connected to it somehow?

Honey: … It’s… It’s classified. (She gets up and throws a smoke bomb, filling the area with smoke as the group coughed from it.)

After the smoke cleared up… Honey was gone…

Amy: … … … Honey… !!!! Guys!! (She rushes forward and frees her friends from being tied up…)

Lilian: … … … Amy… I’m sorry.

Amy: … It’s not your fault, Ms. Lilian. … But is it true? Are we really doing illegal activity?

Lilian: You think G.U.N.’s capable of handling the Pink Craze? Permit or no permit like you said, we’re the only ones that can stop it. I’m afraid from now on, we’ll just have to keep our distance away from your… friend…

Amy: …

Sonic: … Amy…

Rouge: So why does G.U.N. want the Pink Craze anyway?

Lilian: Not sure. They don’t even KNOW what they’re gonna get themselves into.

Cream: Is… Honey our enemy from now on?

Amy: … (She has tears in her eyes…)

Amy takes out her cell phone and looks at the last text message from Honey before all this happened.

The next morning… The girls and Sonic were walking around the quiet part of the city streets.

Rouge: You’re serious. You actually QUIT from PizzaStop?

Amy: I couldn’t take it anymore, Rouge. Both the job AND Honey’s betrayal just… made me lose myself…

Cream: We’re really sorry for you, Ms. Amy…

Cheese: Chao…

Sonic: So… What are you gonna do now?

Amy: … (She looks up to see a store that Lilian mentioned earlier called “Wisdom Haven”.) … Might as well give THIS a shot.

Rouge: Well, hope it sounds better than delivering pizzas.

They step inside the shop and witness that it is indeed an old bookstore. Behind the desk near the cash register was…

Lilian: Oh, finally! I knew it would take you a while.

The girls: MS. LILIAN??

Sonic: Wait, I’m confused. What’s going on here?

Rouge: Well, technically, Lilian told Amy about this shop, and lo and behold, look who’s behind the desk.

Lilian: Yeah, sorry I didn’t mention it before. I actually own this bookstore. It can be filled to the brim with knowledge from all over the world. It’s easy on the hours and pays fairly well.

Rouge: We didn’t think you’d own your own shop. Didn’t see THAT one coming.

Lilian: Well you can’t expect me to just stand around in the lab all day, can you?

Amy: Lilian… Do you think… I could work for you here?

Lilian: I was expecting you to say that. After that fiasco with the football team being patched up and not remembering anything that happened you might wanna work at a place that’s… less noisy.

Amy: … You’ve read me like a map. (Lilian walks to the girls.)

Lilian: Amy Rose, you’re hired.

Amy is overjoyed and the others are happy for her.

Lilian: But don’t celebrate just yet. We still have to find out why G.U.N.’s anxious about this Craze. And something tells me a certain someone’s going to make it harder for us to achieve it.

Amy: … Right. I hope this job doesn’t get in the way of our training.

Lilian: It certainly won’t, Ms. Rose. We just need to be prepared.

Sometime later, Amy walks back to her house and notices something on her doorstep. It was a paper bag with a tag on it. Amy walks up to it and reads the tag.

Amy: “To Amy.” … I wonder who sent this. (What was inside the bag surprised her.) !!!! Omigosh!

It was… the same purse she wanted from before!

Amy: Who… Who could’ve left this here for me?? Was it from Sonic? … It doesn’t FEEL like it was him. … Who was it from then?

Amy had no idea that back in the city… Honey the Cat in her uniform was sitting on top of one of the buildings. She looked at her phone which had a picture of Amy and her.

Honey: … … …

She closes her phone.
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Morning at Bygone Island. Sonic and his friends attend a simple schoolhouse run by their friend Diana Maria, or DM for short as their teacher.

In the schoolhouse, everyone was sitting at their desks while DM organizes her front desk.

DM: Alright, class, don’t forget we have a mid-term exam, so this is your last chance to do some studying before you take it.

Knuckles raises his hand.

DM: And there are no bathroom breaks until the test is over. (Knuckles lowers his hand.)

Sonic: (Talks to Tails next to him.) So you ready for this, pal?

Tails: You BET I am! I’ve aced just about every single test and/or exam from the first moment I started reading. So taking a test is just as difficult as talking a walk on the beach.

Cream: (Approaches Tails.) H…Hi, Tails.

Sonic: Or just as difficult to talk to a GIRL.

Tails: (Annoyed, he ignores Sonic’s comment.) Morning, Cream! What’s up?

Cream: … Well… I just wanna thank you, Tails.

Tails: For… what?

Cream: For helping me study for this exam of course.

Tails: Oh. Uh… You’re welcome. You sure you’re gonna be fine?

Cream: Of course! I’ve memorized every single fraction definition to the periodic table.

Knuckles: (Scooches in.) Tails does know a lot, but maybe you can hook me up for some tutoring of my own? I actually know a few things more than that two-tailed fox does.

Tails: Oh really? What’s one divided by negative zero?

Knuckles: … … … AUGH!!! TOO… MUCH… MATH!! BRAIN… HURTS!! (Collapses on the floor.)

Sonic: Nice cover up.

Tails: I know a thing or two.

DM: Back to your desks, everyone! Exam’s just about to start!

Cream: Yes, ma’am! (To Tails.) Good luck, Tails. And thanks a lot! (Runs back to her desk.)

Tails: Man, she’s just as determined to win this, isn’t she?

Sonic: What do you expect? You’ve been helping her this entire week. She’s lucky to have a nice guy like you to aid her.

Tails: What?? Sonic, she’s not my girlfriend if that’s what you’re thinking!

Knuckles: (Scooches in.) You wanna know what I’M thinking?

Sonic and Tails: ZIP IT. (Knuckles goes back to his desk.)

DM hands out some papers to the classmates. She sits back at her front desk.

DM: Alright, boys and girls, you have about three hours to answer all the questions and an hour extra to correct and fix any errors you made. So please take your time in writing the correct-.

Tails: (Slams the paper on her desk.) DONE!!

DM: … … … Um… Are you sure you checked over EVERY single question?

Tails: Inside and out!

DM: (Sighs…) Then please be seated until everyone else finishes. (Tails walks back to his seat, full of confidence.)

Knuckles was trying to answer a question that has something to do with a simple addition number.

Knuckles: (Whispers to Amy.) Psst, Amy! What’s the answer for number four?

Amy: Nine thousand and one.

Knuckles: … … … Really? Thanks! (Writes it down.)

Later that day at Sonic and Tails’ house, Tails was working on a little invention while Sonic walks in eating a chilidog.

Sonic: So our grades are gonna be mailed to us?

Tails: Of course they are, Sonic. How do you think YOU did?

Sonic: Eh. I’m not keen on how I did things. Funny thing is I’m still not good at math.

Tails: Oh come on, that’s just a total exaggeration. What’s three times seven?

Sonic: … Ten?

Tails: … Wow. You really ARE stale.

Sonic: What are you working on anyway?

Tails: Well, ever since Sticks tossed my Universal Translator robot into the ocean, under HER nose, I’m working on a much better version to ease the tension.

Sonic: Why would you bother making ANOTHER UT?

Tails: It’s not just another UT. It’s version 2.01.(Continues working on his little invention until some mail slides in under Sonic’s door.)

Sonic picks up some of the letters and walks back to Tails.

Sonic: I think this is for you. (Hands the letter to Tails.)

Tails: Oh FINALLY! This must be my results from that exam! (He rips it open and looks at the paper.) … … … What? … No… No, this-… This CAN’T be!

Sonic: What? What’s wrong with it?

Tails: What’s wrong with it? What’s WRONG with it? EVERYTHING. Just EVERYTHING!! (He runs out of the house!)

Sonic: Tails! W-where you going?!

At the schoolhouse, DM was just about done organizing some paperwork and ready to go home… Until Tails walks in.

Tails: Um… Ms. DM?

DM: WAH!! (Startled, she accidently drops her papers…) … … …

Tails: Oh… Sorry.

DM: … It’s ok, Tails. Is there anything I can do to help you?

Tails: Yeah. It’s about my test.

DM: (Picks up her papers.) Well make it quick. I have to get back home quickly to cook a week-old casserole in my fridge screaming “Cook me! Cook me!” (Laughs, but Tails looked a little impatient.) … *Ahem.* Anyway, what’s up?

Tails held up his paper which showed his results of the exam. It seemed to be summed up to ninety-five points.

DM: … Well, it shows a good passing grade. What’s up with that?

Tails: Just about EVERYTHING! I was supposed to get a perfect hundred! A winning streak I wasn’t supposed to break! How did I get five points OFF?!

DM: … (She flips through some papers until she finds Tails’ exam.) You missed one division problem.

Tails: … Division… problem? How did I MISS that?

DM: Sorry, Tails. But you should be happy. At least you are the second student who scored the highest out of everyone else.

Tails: Second… student? Then… that means someone must’ve scored a perfect one-hundred. Who was it?

DM: (Looks through some papers again.) Oh, it’s was Cream.

Tails was petrified. Literally.

DM: ??? Um… Tails? … Are you ok? (Tails’ papers drop out of his hands.) … Tails?

Later, Sonic and Tails were walking around the town village.

Sonic: Five points? Seriously? It’s nothing to write home about. At least you scored better than ME.

Tails: That’s not the POINT, Sonic! My perfect winning streak of an easy hundred is SHATTERED! Even worse… BY A GIRL!!

Sonic: Who you intentionally have a crush on?

Tails: She’s not my girlfriend, Sonic! All the other guys are gonna LAUGH at me if they find out! !!!!! (They see Cream looking at some flowers at a flora stand.)

Tails hides behind a bush, and pulls Sonic with him.

Tails: To think after all I did for her, she just HAS to break me. She must’ve KNOWN I’d be thrown off my game! That scheming trouble-making double-crossing bunny!

Cream sniffs a flower and enjoys the smell of it while sighing leisurely.

Sonic: (Sarcastically) Oh yeah, she’s REALLY scheming something fishy.

Tails: Darn RIGHT, she is! I’m gonna see just how smart she REALLY is by giving her a taste of her own medicine! (Runs out of the bush.)

Sonic: … Sure hope it’s strawberry.

Tails: (Grabs Sonic.) And you’re helping too! (Pulls Sonic off.)

Cream gave some money to the owner of the flora stand and was holding a few pretty flowers.

Tails encountered her.

Tails: Hi, Cream!

Cream: !! Tails! How… funny it is seeing you here.

Tails: Darn right it is! I just wanna congratulate you on your perfect one hundred on the exam!

Cream: You heard?

Tails: Of course I did! You must’ve been REALLY smart to get through all of those difficult questions!

Cream: Well, it wasn’t too hard. Especially with you helping me study them! Oh yeah, I wanted to give you-!

Tails: Which is why I’m going to need your help on some certain projects I’m working on. A girl with that much knowledge would be beneficial for a guy like me.

Cream: But… I’m not so sure I can be of much help. You seem better at it than I am.

Tails: Come on, you scored a perfect hundred! That means you must know exactly what to do, right? And no need to worry, I’ll be behind you one-hundred percent!

Sonic: Don’t mean NINETY-FIVE percent? (Chuckles.)

Tails: (Angered, he ignores Sonic’s comment.) Come on, Cream! We’ve got some plotting-! I mean, some work to do! (They begin to leave, with Sonic still amused by his joke.)

Meanwhile, at Eggman’s laboratory…

Eggman: (Looking through his mail.) Alright, let’s see what today’s damage is. Hm… Bills, bills, more bills, expiration of credit card reminder, AH! Here we go! Evil Enterprises’ response!

Orbot: (He and Cubot hover in.) What kind of response, sir?

Eggman: It’s a response to my request on sending in a robotic exoskeleton! (Opens the letter and reads it. He laughs loudly.) And it’s arriving today! I’ve ordered a special robot skeleton beneficial for my latest scheme!

Cubot: But uh… Couldn’t you just MAKE an exoskeleton all on your own? You seem smart enough to do it.

Eggman: Yes, but I didn’t feel like it. It felt like ordering a pizza. Less work, more savory. As soon as my exoskeleton arrives I shall capture one of Sonic’s puny friends and combine him or her with it to destroy that island they call home! That’ll teach Sonic not to mess with the great Eggman!

A doorbell rings.

Eggman: OOH! It’s here! (Zooms off to the large front door. It opens up to reveal a geeky-like teenager dressed as a delivery man.)

Delivery man: I’m here to drop off an order to a Mr… Eggman?

Eggman: Yes, that’s me!

Delivery man: (Gives Eggman a clipboard.) Sign here, please.

Eggman: (Signs the paper with his name and gives it back to the teen.) Done and done.

Delivery man: (Looks up.) Alright, drop it down! (A helicopter from above drops a HUGE box near Eggman’s front door.) Thank you for your patience, sir.

Eggman: Oh I’m patient alright. (Chuckles.)

As the delivery boy climbs up a ladder to get to the helicopter as it flies away, Orbot and Cubot hover in.

Orbot: Is that the homage of destruction you’ve been waiting for, sir?

Eggman: Yes indeed.

Cubot: How are we going to get that inside? It’s gargantuan!

Eggman: You’re right. This could probably take a little brains to solve…

Inside, Orbot and Cubot were struggled to carry the box in Eggman’s lab.

Eggman: Put your robotic backs into it! This machine’s not going to conquer itself! (They put the box down. Some buzzbombers fly in and use their stingers to open the box.) Hah hah hah ha… I can’t wait to see what awesome features this piece of destruction has to offer!

After the box was opened, Styrofoam fills the floor. The robot exoskeleton was revealed… As a rabbit-like feature.

Eggman: What?! My exoskeleton’s the shape of a RABBIT?!

Cubot: Aw don’t be mad, boss! Maybe you can dress it up and make it an Easter Bunny statue!

Eggman: GAH!!! STUPID EVIL ENTERPRISES!! THEY RIPPED ME OFF!! What am I going to DO with this monstrosity?! I can’t even FIT this skeleton into ANY of Sonic’s friends! … Wait a minute…

Eggman looks up on a laptop he conveniently had and it showed some surveillance footage of… Cream.

Eggman: Hm… That skeleton won’t be able to fit Sonic or anyone else… But it sure would do WONDERS on HER. (Chuckles evilly.)

Orbot: Look, boss. (Takes out a small slip of paper from the Styrofoam pile.) Evil Enterprises left a coupon for future purchases.

Near Sonic and Tails’ house, Tails was instructing Cream to do something while Sonic was watching.

Tails: Listen up, Cream. My biplane’s a little rusty, and I’m in need of some assistance to get it working again.

Cream: What’s wrong with it?

Tails: Well… Uh… The… … The oil! Yeah! That’s it! The oil’s a bit low, and I need you to refill it in the engine! You do know EXACTLY where to put the oil, right?

Cream: Um…

Tails: Great! (He gives her an oil container.) Just put this in the right oil tank and you’ll be good to go! (He pushes her to the plane and opens the hood.)

He walks to Sonic, proud of himself.

Tails: (Laughs.) Sometimes I can amuse myself.

Sonic: You really think Cream’s capable of putting oil in your biplane?

Tails: Any minute now she’ll start calling for me to help her! That’ll prove to her that I’m the smartest fox on the island!

Cream’s voice: I’m finished!

Tails: WHAT?! (He zooms up to Cream and the plane.) How-?! How could you be finished so FAST?!

Cream: I saw the oil tanker was empty, so I thought the oil goes there and it does!

Tails: Wait… The oil tank was… empty? … (He grabs her arm.) Never mind. I’m still gonna need your help. (He pulls her off.)

In Tails’ garage, he was instructing Cream to fix what looked like a robot he made before.

Tails: I’m sure you remember one of my past inventions, the Universal Translator.

Sonic: Can’t say I haven’t.

Tails: Cream, I need you to look over some glitch in the robot.

Cream: Why can’t you do it?

Tails: I would like to, but… uh… You know the old saying! Ladies first!

Cream: … Um… Ok. I hope I can get this right. (She gets down on her knees and looks at the robot.)

Tails backs up to Sonic.

Tails: This is gold! No girl on the island can work on a robot better than I can!

Sonic: Tails, you’re taking this smart thing a little too far. Cream doesn’t know ANYTHING about fixing a robot!

Tails: What she DOESN’T know is that I’m actually almost done with last adjustments. But when SHE tries… oh boy, I’ll be savoring EVERY moment rubbing my smartness in Cream’s face!

Cream: I finished!

Tails: What?? That… That can’t be! How were you able to fix it that fast?!

Cream: Oh, (Giggles.) It was easy, actually.

All of a sudden, the UT robot booted up and started talking!


Tails: Blue wires to the… How come I didn’t think of that??


Cream: What’d it say?

Tails: Uh-! (Grabs the robot) Nothing! Nothing at all!


Tails: UT, ZIP IT.

Cream seemed a bit confused.

Tails: Uh… Um… UT must be malfunctioning! (Laughs sheepishly) UT SURE is a hilarious bucket of bolts, am I right?

Cream: Tails, what’s going on?

Tails: N-nothing! I’m just trying to remember that… … !!! One of my toasters is broken and I need you to take a look at it!


Cream: … Um… Alright. (She walks out of the garage.)

Sonic: Well, that went well.


Tails drops the robot.

Tails: UGH… This isn’t part of my plan at all! Cream’s actually doing things that I couldn’t think of! I think I’m starting to lose it! I’m losing IQ points as we speak! I think I’m the urge of insanity!

Sonic: I dunno if I’m sounding smart like you, but… I think you’re a little jealous.


Sonic: … (Smiles smugly through the irony.)

Tails: JEALOUS?! ME?! No way! I’m just ticked at the fact I got five points off! Even worse, five points lower than a GIRL!!


Sonic: Tails, it’s only five points. It’s nothing to be complaining about!


Tails: Oh so now you’re on the SMART girl’s side?!

Sonic: What-? No!

UT: I THINK YOU’RE LOSING YOUR MIND. (Sonic smiles sheepishly after UT talked.)

Tails: So THAT’S how it’s going to be, huh?! FINE! I can try and prove I’m smarter all on my own! (He leaves.)

Sonic: … … … I wasn’t even involved with you and her anyway.



Inside Sonic and Tails’ house, Cream was holding a toaster and waiting for Tails to walk in until he does.

Cream: Hi, Tails! I found out why your toaster’s acting funny!

Tails: (Sarcastic.) Really. What is it?

Cream: It had a missing wire in it, so I glued it back in! (She puts it on the counter.)

Tails: … Cream, we need to talk. It’s about that exam.

Cream: Exam? Oh! You mean the one that you helped me pass? I didn’t think I was going to pass it, but I did! I’m so glad I had a really wonderful tutor like you, Tails! How much did you get?

Tails: Ninety-five.

Cream: Ninety-five? You usually get a straight one hundred. I wonder what happened…

Tails: I’ll tell you what happened! You messed up my train of thinking!

Cream: Huh?

Tails: Studying around YOU must’ve caused me to lose an IQ point! Do you have ANY idea how much they mean to me?!

Cream: I… I don’t understand…

Tails: Don’t lie to me! You KNEW that you were going to ace it because you USED me to your advantage!

Cream: …

Tails: Have the smartest fox on the island be a tutor! How original! Now I’m getting my head AND SMART BRAIN handed to me by a GIRL! A girl who didn’t even know the proper definitions of the periodic table but bested me out of all those broken pieces of JUNK!

Cream: … (She looked as if she was going to cry…)

Tails: So what if you fixed up my plane, or my robot, OR my toaster! It doesn’t even prove that you’re smarter than me! I can do a million smart things that a dumb girl like you CAN’T!

Cream: … … … (She wails and cries as she runs out of the house.)

Tails: … … … Why did I yell at her? Why do I even CARE? … I mean, I care about my hundred score record, but… (Sonic and UT walk in.) Why am I feeling so… different?


Sonic: I heard everything. And I found these in the garbage. (He holds some flowers that Cream bought earlier.)

Tails: … … … Man I’ve been such an idiot… Now what I going to say to her?

All of a sudden, they heard Cream scream!

Tails: CREAM?! (They rush outside to see… Eggman in his eggmobile!)

A robotic arm was holding Cream hostage!!

Tails: Cream!!

Eggman: Hi, boys! How’s it going?

Sonic: Put her down, Eggman!

Eggman: I don’t think so! I’m in need of a specific test subject for my rabbit exoskeleton. And I don’t suppose SHE will make the perfect fit for it, wouldn’t she?

Sonic: A rabbit exoskeleton? Why couldn’t you just MAKE an exoskeleton of your own? And why a RABBIT? Seriously.

Eggman: I’m a complicated scientist! It’s the beauty of scientific experimental stages! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to stick that robotic skeleton in this adorable little bunny rabbit! (To Tails.) Hope you don’t mind me interrupting anything special with your little girlfriend! Toodles!

Cream: Let me go! Let me go right now! (But Eggman takes off.)

Tails: Eggman!! … … … SHE’S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!!!

Sonic: Tails, let’s take the biplane and stop Eggman before… Well, you know.

The two rushed forward and get in the plane to start it up. However, it was starting to make some weird popping and funny noises.

Sonic: … Is it supposed to do that? (BOOM! Black smoke spewed out of the biplane’s engine.)

Tails hops out of the plane and opens the hood.

Tails: Oh NO!

Sonic: (Hops off the plane.) What’s up?

Tails: We’re in a lot of trouble, Sonic! Cream put OLIVE OIL in my biplane!!

Sonic gives Tails a not amused look.

Tails: … … … I mean… I made Cream put olive oil in my biplane.


At Eggman’s laboratory, Cream was in a prison with an unbreakable glass wall holding her in.

Eggman: I hope you’re quite comfortable in your prison cell, little lady.

Cream: To be honest, I’m not really that comfortable.

Eggman: And you WON’T be! (Orbot and Cubot push in the robot exoskeleton.) Right after the skeleton’s inside of you of course! Then, you’ll be in my total control to wreak havoc onto Sonic and his circus troop!

Cream: You’ll be sorry, Eggman! Mr. Sonic would come and rescue me!

Eggman: Oh really? What about your little boyfriend, Tails? I’m sure HE would do ANYTHING to be by your side, wouldn’t he?

Cream: … … … (She felt totally unsure and felt like crying again.)

Eggman: W-what are you doing? (Cream looked as if she was going to cry again.) Oh no no no no, please don’t cry! I can’t STAND to see a girl cry! (Cream wails loudly again…) Was it something I said?

Orbot: Apparently, the boy must’ve broken the poor girl’s heart. Once that shatters, it’s hard to put back together piece by piece.

Eggman: GREAT. I can’t get this robot in this girl when she’s like THIS. This calls for a little heart-to-heart dating therapy.

Outside, the biplane was fixed and Sonic and Tails flew it straight towards Eggman’s base.

Sonic: Don’t worry, Tails. We’ll get Cream back.

Tails: That is if she WANTS me to get her back. (They land the plane on the ground and they hop off, ready to encounter Eggman.) I still can’t believe I made such a big deal just because I got five points off.

UT hops out of the plane.


Sonic: Where did HE come from?


Sonic: (To Tails.) We’ll find her and get her back, Tails. But you seriously got a lot of patching up to do with her.

Tails: Don’t remind me…

In Eggman’s lab, Cream was sitting near Eggman on his couch with a huge pile of tissues on the ground. Orbot handed Cream some more tissue boxes.

Cream: …And then he forced me to fix his stupid toaster, and said he didn’t wanna be with a dumb girl like me! *Sniff…* I only passed that test perfectly because he helped me…

Eggman: That’s awful! To think such a brilliant mind could be brainwashed by your achievement!

Cream: And his stupid robot insulted me too… (Blows her nose in some tissue.)

Eggman: Now don’t you take any of that in, Cream! So Tails is blowing off a little steam, big deal! You have something that HE doesn’t!

Cream: *Sniff…* What is it?

Eggman: Well you have your cute charm, you’re sleek looks and personality, and you seem to know much after what you went through with those things of his. (Gives her a cup of tea.) Here! Have some lukewarm tea to ease the pain. (She sips the tea.) Feeling better?

Cream: … I think so…

Eggman: Perfect! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s jump back to the part where I combine you with that exoskeleton to take over the island with. (Suddenly there was some knocking at Eggman’s door.)

The door opens to reveal Sonic, Tails, and UT.

Sonic: Wait, hold up. (The door closes.)

BAM!!! Sonic breaks down the door.

Eggman: ?!?!?!?!

Sonic: Give Cream back, Eggman, and we’ll go easy on you!

Eggman: This is getting to be a tad bit old. Let’s just jump to the part where my robots attempt to destroy you. (He activates the robots and they swarm in to attack Tails and Sonic.)

Tails: (He pushes a robot off and runs up to Cream.) Cream, thank goodness you’re ok! (But Cream gives him the cold shoulder.) … Oh come on, Cream! I didn’t mean what I said! WHOA!! (He dodges a buzzbomber’s attack.)

Sonic and Tails did their best in fighting off the robots, but there were too many to begin with.

Sonic: There’s too many of them! We hafta leave now!

Tails: Come on, Cream! Now’s our chance! (Cream was still ignoring Tails.) She’s not LISTENING to me! COME ON, THINK TAILS… THINK!!


Tails: Wait a minute… That’s it! (But then, the robots pile up on him and Sonic!) Cream!!

Eggman: She won’t listen you anymore! She’s going along with my scheme! Any last words before I blow you to oblivion?

Tails: … … … Cream… I’M SORRY!!

Cream: …


Cream: ???


Cream: …

Sonic: It’s translating all that just from two words?


BOOM!!! One of the buzzbombers destroys UT!!

Eggman: UGH. FINALLY. I thought that robot would NEVER shut up.

Cream: … Tails…?

Tails: … (Smiles sheepishly…)

Cream: … Eggman, let my friends go!

Eggman: What!? But I thought you didn’t want anything to do with Tails anymore!

Cream: I changed my mind. This is what I also think about your dumb plan! (She takes the cup of tea and dumps it over the exoskeleton.)

It fizzes and stutters before it blows up into pieces.

Eggman: HEY!! That’s playing dirty!

Sonic finds the strength to break free from the pile of robots and bash them off to free Tails!

Sonic: Let’s get outta here before anything else gets broken! (Sonic, Tails, and Cream rush out to escape!)

Eggman was so down after the wreckage of his exoskeleton.

Cubot: Aren’t you going to hunt them down, sir?

Eggman: How can I find the encouragement when she dumped TEA all over my exoskeleton?! Seventy-five bucks down the drain!!

Orbot: Don’t feel too bad, boss. You still have their coupon for future purchases! Half prices!

Eggman: Grr…

Back at their island, they are safe and sound.

Cream: Thank you so much for saving me, Tails. … And Mr. Sonic.

Sonic: Heh. It’s the least we could do for you.

Cream: Um… Tails? That robot that was talking to me. Was… Was that really from you?

Tails: Yeah…?

Cream: Before Eggman blew it up… It was saying something about a confession.

Tails: Confession??? Uh… Well… That seems a bit off even for a robot, don’t you think?

Sonic: Tails’ saying he actually cares and LIKES you.

Tails: SONIC!!

Sonic: I’m just doing UT’s job. He was good robot.

Cream: Tails you… You really DO care for me!

Tails: Uh… L-look, I’m not saying that I DON’T like LIKE you, I mean I do LIKE you but I don’t really think that I… What I meant to say was… How do I put this, uh… (Cream hugs him tightly!) GAH!!

Cream: Oh you’re the sweetest, Tails!

Tails: … Sonic, you mind giving me a hand here?

Sonic: Why don’t YOU take care of it? You’re the smartest fox on the island after all.

Tails: … Thanks for reminding me. (Cream still hugs him tightly.)

         The End.
The Star of the Show by BigDream64
The Star of the Show
That's right my peeps! I'm back to drawing ponies again! :iconkermityayplz::iconkermityayplz::iconkermityayplz::iconkermityayplz::iconkermityayplz::iconkermityayplz::iconkermityayplz:

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My original characters can be drawn but you must notify me if you draw them for fun. I just want to avoid having my work get stolen. iIf you want to use them in a project, please let me know, because I won't tolerate people using my work with my permission, and I won't accept them being used for harassment and mocking on me or anyone else not worth poking fun at. Thank you.

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